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The Receipt Card


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The Receipt Card

  1. 1. the receipt card by: Anne-Marie Coors
  2. 2. receipt card Problems we face today: - Build up of receipts - Lost receipts result in not being able to return items to store - Credit card numbers on lost receipts - Unorganized - Can’t find receipt when you need it - Half the time people just throw their receipts away and it wastes paper by: Anne-Marie Coors
  3. 3. receipt receipt card card 21453667786543 Solution caitlin t singer - A card that puts all of your receipts into one database online o Can organize receipts by date, store, type of store, alphabetically, amount spent - When you checkout at the store, the screen will ask you if you want a receipt printed or if you want it put on your receipt card or both. - If you choose the card option, then you will swipe your card and the screen will tell you if the card verified - Once verified, your receipt will go onto your online database by: Anne-Marie Coors
  4. 4. receipt receipt card card 21453667786543 caitlin t singer All you have to do is swipe your card and your receipt will go to your online files by: Anne-Marie Coors
  5. 5. receipt card Online database - Sign in with email and password - Database will come up with all of your receipts on default organized by date o However, you can personalize it to be organized by date, store, type of store, location, alphabetically or amount spent Folders Recept Amount Type Location all Target 215.22 Department Cincinnati, OH grocery BP 28.75 Gas Station Oxford, OH Kroger 51.34 Grocery Oxford, OH clothes gas vacation car important by: Anne-Marie Coors
  6. 6. receipt card -If you ever need to, you can print the receipt online -If you need to take something back, you can just take your card to the store and when the cashier swipes your card and then scans the item you are returning, the receipt will pop up on their screen. by: Anne-Marie Coors
  7. 7. the receipt card THE END by: Anne-Marie Coors