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Keynote - Information Literacy in a changed world

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Keynote - Information Literacy in a changed world

  1. 1. Information Literacy in a changed world @LornaDodd Familiar challenges and new opportunities
  2. 2. What does a post pandemic world mean for us?
  3. 3. Libraries Matter
  4. 4.
  5. 5. UCD ‘Values in Action’ Award
  6. 6. Creative Ireland
  7. 7. Change is here…
  8. 8. Irish Examiner, September 22, 2022
  9. 9. Irish Times, August 31, 2022
  10. 10. RTE September 4, 2022
  11. 11. We know that Libraries aren’t afraid to lead the way on social justice issues
  12. 12. What about literacies?
  13. 13. Information Literacy is a social justice issue…
  14. 14. Libraries’ response….
  15. 15. But is that enough? How can we do more?
  16. 16. We know that when grades are at stake students will perform
  17. 17. Because the problem has not gone away….
  18. 18. Nature, August 2022
  19. 19. Euronews August 24, 2022
  20. 20. Teen Vogue, March 17, 2022
  21. 21. Forbes, June 29, 2022
  22. 22. Track changes in how students search for and use information, manage technologies, engage with news and have concerns about algorithms
  23. 23. There are obvious changes in student behaviour, and obvious changes in information…..
  24. 24. But is there a change in our behaviour? Are we using old ways of working to fix new problems?
  25. 25. Print Collections Online Catalogue Online Journals Google Web 2.0 Social Media Fake News
  26. 26. Print Collections User Education Information Skills Online Catalogue Online Journals Google Web 2.0 Social Media Information Literacy Digital Literacy Fake News
  27. 27. When information is no longer ‘controllable’ is there a right way to do it?
  28. 28. User Education Information Skills Subject /Liaison Whole Discipline Approach Information/Digital Literacies Dedicated Functional Roles
  29. 29. Academic Skills Librarian Learning & Engagement Librarian Academic Success Librarian Teaching & Learning Librarian Digital Learning Specialist Digital Learning Librarian
  30. 30. Do changing roles = changing approach?
  31. 31. Are we showing students how to use specific products?
  32. 32. Are we guiding them in a way that helps them to navigate future information worlds?
  33. 33. Are we responding to requests with compliance or are we challenging the concepts and understanding of what we can do?
  34. 34. We need a hook
  35. 35. What about literacies? Digital
  36. 36. “We will search for, discover, and introduce new ways to advance the digital literacy of our students” “Provide an inclusive educational experience that defines international best practice and prepares our graduates to thrive in present and future societies”
  37. 37. We spoke to students, researchers, faculty, management, external stakeholders…….
  38. 38. Ambition to create ‘Global Citizens’ Impact of covid 19 and assumptions about digital skills Challenges understanding personal impact in a digital environment Limited understanding of what digital literacy is No home for digital literacy within the university
  39. 39. “A recognized set of skills, competencies and attitudes that encompass communication, collaboration, creation, social awareness and ethical practices in the digital environment. Moving beyond the ability to use individual digital tools.” 1. Define Digital Literacy
  40. 40. 2. Connect to Digital Transformation A fundamental cornerstone to enhancing the digital capacity of our staff and students and directly impact students’ ability to successfully navigate their academic, professional and personal lives.
  41. 41. No one part of the University is responsible for supporting the development of these skills in our staff and students. As a set of skills inherently connected to the discovery, use and creation of information, library staff have professional expertise in digital literacies. Therefore, as a service that supports the whole university community, we are well placed to lead the development of services and resources that enable digital literacy skills. 3. Take ownership of Digital Literacies
  42. 42. Moment of Serendipity
  43. 43. Pitched for a new role… ‘Digital Learning Librarian’ Lead library digital strategies and activities in alignment with the university’s digital transformation agenda in advancing the digital literacy of students and supporting teaching, learning research activities
  44. 44. Funding to support development of skills in Science & Engineering
  45. 45. Digital Identities Understanding how their online behaviour impacts on how they are perceived by their family, peers, academic mentors, future employers and clients.
  46. 46. Next Steps?
  47. 47. How do we have an impact on our community in the same way as we do with services, access and spaces?
  48. 48. How do we support students develop skills they will need to navigate and understand new information landscapes in relation to issues that impact their lives?
  49. 49. Time for us to show leadership from the bottom up and the top down
  50. 50. Remember… Libraries Matter
  51. 51. Lorna Dodd Deputy University Librarian Director of Operations UCD Library @LornaDodd |