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Powerpoint I did for PILMMA Annual Meeting on SEO for Lawyers.

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  • WTF is #1?
  • More about Ubercompetitive –Online reputation should include entire page 1
  • Why would I look at one term?Learn lots of thingsWhat really delivers traffic?Other content you could build out?Misspellings?Term variations?
  • Pilmma seo for lawyers

    1. 1. Smart SEO for LawyersEverything You Need to Know in 60 Minutes
    2. 2. AvvoAbout Avvo Conrad Saam• Largest Legal directory (and now conrad@avvo.com doctors)• 2.5 million monthly visits Twitter.com/conradsaam• 170,000 contacts/month to lawyers• 10% of practicing lawyers have Facebook.com/avvo claimed their profile LinkedIn: Avvo Lawyers Twitter.com/avvo
    3. 3. Outline• The Search Stool – Content – Authority • Links • The New Authority – Technology• Local Search• Avoid• Free Tools• 11 10 Things you can do in 10 minutes
    4. 4. Introduction
    5. 5. Content and Competition• Understand how competitive your space is – Name – Practice area – Geography• In competitive markets, verbal nuance is important – Lawyer vs. Attorney – Name and Attorney – Name nuance – Geography nuance – Practice area nuance
    6. 6. The Search StoolContent Technology Authority (Links & more)
    7. 7. Leg 1: ContentWhat is a webpage about?Key Factors Title Tag• Keyword density• Important Indicators – Title Tag – URL – H1 Tag – Meta description• Uniqueness and freshness of content
    8. 8. Content: Anatomy of a WebpageTitleTag URL H1
    9. 9. Common Mistake #1:A page about nothing
    10. 10. Common Mistake #2:A page about everything
    11. 11. Common Mistake #3: Copying contentInlinks: 121 Inlinks: 68
    12. 12. Common Mistake #4:Firm name as the title tag on every page
    13. 13. Leg 2: Links
    14. 14. Leg 2: LinksHow important is a website?Key Factors• Anchor Text – Click here – Avvo – Rate your Lawyer• Number of links• Quality of links (Authority and Relevance of linking site)• Homepage links• Internal links• Attracting Links
    15. 15. Common mistake #5:Not optimizing anchor text
    16. 16. Common mistake #6:Static Sites aren’t Linkworthy
    17. 17. Common mistake #7: Hosting your blog on a different domainInlinks: 5,072 Inlinks: 151,158
    18. 18. Counting Your Links• www.blekko.com• Open Site Explorer• Majestic SEO• Google Webmaster Tools• Links that Don’t Count: – No Follow Links • Monitor w/(Quirk SearchStatus download) – Firewalled Links
    19. 19. The New Authority: Social
    20. 20. The New Authority: Social Graph
    21. 21. The New Authority:Personalized Search
    22. 22. Leg 3: TechnologyCan the search engines find and read the webpage?Key Factors• Simple URL’s in plain English According to Google, these are different pages:• 1 Page : 1 URL http://avvo.com• Standard links – Avoid: http://www.avvo.com • Flash http://www.avvo.com?pageid=458 • Java • Images http://www.avvo.com&reference=msn• How to surf like a spider – Turn off images – Turn off javascript – Turn off flash
    23. 23. Counting your Indexed pages
    24. 24. Common Mistake #8:Google can’t navigate a site
    25. 25. Common Mistake #9:using a Page ID in the URL
    26. 26. Common Mistake #10:http://website.com vs. http://www.website.com
    27. 27. Local Search
    28. 28. Ranking Report Rant:Local and other Stuff
    29. 29. Ranking Report Rant: Query Variations DUI Attorney in SeattleSeattle DUI Lawyer DUI Lawyer, Seattle WA Drunk driving lawyer in King County Under the influence driving Seattle attorney Seattle DUI Attorney DUI Laywer Seattle DUI Lawyers in Seattle Top Seattle lawyer for DUI Drunk driving attorney Best drunk driving lawyers in Seattle Seattle Lawyers overturn dui verdict Seattle OUI Lawyers Lawyer to expunge DUI from record in Seattle North Seattle DUI Lawyer Avoiding DUI in Seattle Seattle lawyers to beat drunk driving Multiple offense DUI lawyer Driving under the influence lawyer DUI Lawyer Best seattle DUI attorneys Pro bono Seattle DUI lawyer Need a DUI attorney in seattle Best seattle DUI lawyers DUI law firms in WA Attorney in Seattle for DUI Seattle’s best DUI attorney Seattle Drunk Driving Lawyers Need attorney in Seattle to get me off DUI arrest
    30. 30. Ranking Report Rant: The Long Tail
    31. 31. Ranking Report: The Long Tail
    32. 32. “Tattoo Story” SEO Keywordstattoo action tattoo craigs tattoo tattoo chinese symbolstattoo picture life sentence tattoo craigs tattoo tattoo designstattoo pictures loudspeaker tattoo divorce tattoo tattoo for life picture tattooтату hardcore tattoo tattoo fotos speaker tattoostatoo horor tatto tattoo horror stories storyline tattoos horror story tattoo imagegame of life tatoos horror tattoo tattoo of lifeunity tattoo tattoo choose life horror tattoos tattoos for strength andspeaker tattoo tattoo photo image tattoo courage tattoo pictattoo photos images of tattoos tattto tattoxcourage tattoo lawyers with tattoo tatttoo unity tattoos life tattoos the game tatooscourage tattoos anchor tattoo native indian tattoos the game tattoosgame of life tattoo courage tatto photos of tattoo unity tattoo designstattoos game tattos pic of tattoos tattoo libel life gamegame tattoo pic tattoo tattoo#i=2 lifer tattoogambar tattoo pictures of tattoo tattoos pics name tattos pictures tattoo video game tattootattoo images native tattoo pictures tattooscraig tattoo native tattoos pix of tattoos question mark tattoosthe tattoo sentence tattoo -tattoo strength courage tattootatto streangth tattoos ^tattoo strength tattoostattoo pics strength strength tattos strength and couragetattoos photos tatto speker tattoopics of tattoos chinese characters tattoo strength courage tattoospictures of tattoos chinese symbols tattoo strength tattoo courage and strengthquestion mark tattoo strenth tatoos tattoosvideo game tattoos tato horror strength and courage tatoo hororchinese character tattoo tattoos tatoootattoo#i=51 lawyer tattoo tattoo about life tattoos pictures tattoo action
    33. 33. 11 Things you can do in 10 MinutesCompetition1. Benchmark where you rank on Google for: • Your name • Your geo/specialty2. Understand your website’s authority • PageRank • # of inlinksContent3. Ensure your geo/specialty is the focus of your homepage. • URL • H1 Tag • Title Tag • Content4. Optimize your bio page for your name. • URL (www.website.com/bill-smith) • H1 Tag • Title Tag • Content5. Remove your firm name from every title tag and rewrite them to focus on the specific page’s content.6. Add you phone number and address to local directories like Avvo
    34. 34. 11 Things you can do in 10 MinutesLinkbuilding7. Add your website to Avvo.8. Make sure the links on your website are descriptive.Technology9. Are all of your pages indexed?10. Type in yourwebsite.com into the browser toolbar. Does it automatically redirect to http://www.yourwebsite.com?11. Review all of your URLs for a ?, #, =, %. If you find any, they can probably be optimized.
    35. 35. Beginner’s Toolkit (free)• Page Rank• Google Analytics• Counting Links: Google Webmaster Tools (your own site only) www.blekko.com; www.majesticseo.com; www.opensiteexplorer.com;• Google to check indexed page count (site:www.website.com)• Google Adwords Keyword Tool for keyword research• Right click any webpage, view source, search for “meta” or “H1”• Webmaster Tools – Google – MSN – Yahoo
    36. 36. SEO Consultants I Personally Endorse• Dale Tinsher – ConsultWebs, legal focused, great websites built on a solid SEO platform. www.consultwebs.com• Ian Lurie - Well regarded, do a paid, high quality audit. http://www.portentinteractive.com/landers/get-10-things-to-improve- your.htm ian@portent.com• Will Scott, Search Influence (Drop my name for this guy). wscott@searchinfluence.com• Will Critchlow – Distilled Media (Will knows me. UK based, but I think they have a seattle office now.) http://www.distilled.co.uk/company/media.html• Mike Belasco – Search Overflow – I know these guys only very loosely, but they are well regarded mike@seoverflow.com
    37. 37. Thank YouAvvocating Conference Conrad Saam• Advanced Online conrad@avvo.com Marketing Training for Twitter.com/conradsaam Lawyers• May 19-20• In Orlando Facebook.com/avvo• $100 Discount Code: LinkedIn: Avvo Lawyers PILMMA Twitter.com/avvo