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Sahana Eden GSoC Social Media Integration

This is for students interested in working on our Google Summer of Code Project designing and implementing social media into emergency operations.

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Sahana Eden GSoC Social Media Integration

  1. 1. SM Prototype for SE● A number of social media sites are available● Each has a way of toggling so they are on or off- could be check boxes● Then wizard takes information from user andputs into proper SMEM format for distribution.
  2. 2. Data Flow DiagramOfficial EMpullSocial MediapushInformationToTrustedOnline SourcesOfficial UnOfficialFromPeopleGroupsOrganizationsusingBlogsBigSmallPicsVideoSoundBlogswikichat
  3. 3. User Case● There has been an unexpected flood andpeople are stuck on a mountain surrounded bywater. SE User is an Official EM Agency, firedepartment and Swift Water Rescue arepractitioners.● The agency is using its Official Twitter account● It Tweets from its account – SWR and fire arefollowers – can be private account● Notification that people are stranded, action isneeded, along with a response.
  4. 4. Link to map/data included
  5. 5. Link to map included and geotaged automatically
  6. 6. Print
  7. 7. Requirement● How and what information is sent?● The contents of the information already existing● New information from sender● Where a lot of SM will simply go to theorganizations FB (or sm) site and post, this givesthe ability for multiple SM networking sites fromwhich to chose -● Each bubble of information has account info that isspecific to the needs of that group whereinformation is sent only to those networked. Can beopen, closed, secret groups.
  8. 8. Any number of socialsites can be selected.Then, multipledistributions can bemade.There can be multipleTwitter sites ordifferent Social Mediasites.This allows Officials tocater information tomultiple user groupsand multiple socialmedia sites.
  9. 9. Right ClickAccessingAdd new AcctPer icon