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Coqtail presentatie januari

Businesspresentation of Coqtail a online development agency.

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Coqtail presentatie januari

  1. 1. a creative marketing and technology agency
  2. 2. ABOUT US COQTAIL Do we work in advertising? Are we in the business of building apps? Can we be brand advocates? Internationally minded and operating? Do we create movements and develop tools to drive and steer sales? The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. So, we are Coqtail. A digital concept and technology agency in Amsterdam. We create smart solutions with surprising results for the fashion and lifestyle industry. In 2011 Coen en Lukas came with the brilliant idea to join their forces: thought with creation. Et voilà; Coqtail was in the mix. Today we work with a team of 16 talented people, one Japanese dog and consume on average 1150 cups of coffee a month.
  4. 4. L’Oreal   Scotch  &  Soda   Van  Gils   Maybelline   Crocs   LG   Garnier   Kwekkeboom   TVM   Unit4     Pepsi   Gassan   CRAVT   Accor  Hotels   Excuria   JosBles   PostNL   Havas   Mccann  Ericksson   HealthCity   I  Love  Fashion  news   Bjorn  Borg   Edison  &  Ford   TOV   LevaLeva   DeBijenkorf   Steps   Didi   JFK   Jackie   Car2Go   VivOnline   ReadSuch   Tiger  Jay   Alzheimer  STchTng   N=5   Beautyandthe   Walvis   Tessted   UngerHielkema   Leuk  werkt   Appelhoven   Desque   Shoebaloo   Ryanair   Spoorwegmuseum   Welzorg   Sanoma   Gracia   Coltex   Really  Good Groupon   Viralblog   Acht  Amsterdam   Miintoo   House  Of  Sports   Found   DeluxeBox   DNA   COTY  Benelux   Brain-­‐Fit   Heussen  Law   SuperCityTrips   Bijverdienen   NPB   Ma[hew  Harris     Studio  Ceizer     LeBallon   Our latest clients
  5. 5. COQTAIL - Creative Agency Thanks to our customers, we have grown from two guys with an idea to a fast growing company with 16 employees now. We are thankful to them, because they make it possible to develop wonderful projects everyday. The ideas and dreams of our customers contribute significantly to our succes. With CRAVT, JMANGO, Lovestories and the Amsterdam City Swim we haven't build only a website or an app, but also a relationship. That’s how we would like to contribute to your succes. But what have we brought them…? DEVELOPMENT CASES
  6. 6. CRAVT ORIGINAL Meet CRAVT Original, introducing a brand new designers collection that honors tradition and embraces modern techniques. CRAVT’s appreciation for authentic materials, love for craftsmanship and full attention to detail results in tailor- made and eye-catching design. Their design required a new identity matching CRAVT’s vision and style and Coqtail achieved this by developing a brand new media platform.
  7. 7. CRAVT DELIVERABLES Because design is constantly evolving, the formal DKhome felt the need to steer and adapt. Coqtail is responsible for the rebranding of DKhome and developed a complete new media platform including a new name, logo, corporate identity, website and webshop. The basis of this new identity is the brandbook in which we elaborated the story, mission and vision of CRAVT in detail. The brandbook includes CRAVT’S manifest, brand identity, brand design, product design and finally visual integration. Coqtail also developed the CRAVT connector, which enables the integration of all CRAVT applications and keeps this up to date by periodically syncing the information stored in all applications.
 Finally, Coqtail is responsible for the maintenance of CRAVT’s social media channels. To keep keep visitors informed about CRAVT’s collection, events, materials, products and their realisation.
  8. 8. LOGO CRAVT - deliverablesLOGO DESIGN
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA
  13. 13. Building your own app has never been this simple With JMANGO360 it is surprisingly easy to create a high quality app you will be proud to share with you customers. Building a rich mobile application with JMANGO360 is as easy as pointing and clicking through their graphical app editor.
 Choose from a selection of themes and create your own style by picking the colours you like and using your own logo and images to easily extend the features of your application. JMANGO360
  14. 14. LOGO DESIGN
  15. 15. BRANDBOOK
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA
  19. 19. LOVESTORIES Comfortable but luxury lingerie inspired by world travels, filmography and literature.
 Lingerie that can be styled and worn with ease, diminishing the time-consuming complications of trying hundreds of styles in the pursuit of discovering the perfect garment, Love stories eclectic styles, unexpected fabrics and surprising design are easy to mix and combine. “Underwear becomes outerwear” at LoveStories, where striking pieces can also be seen and shown off along with the rest of your outfit.

  21. 21. AMSTERDAM CITY SWIM By organizing an annual swimming event that is unique, social and creates awareness around diseases, the Amsterdam City Swim strives to raise as much funds as possible for research.
 The more research can be done, the more chances there are for people that are affected.
  22. 22. Coqtail proudly developed a new website that can help achieving more people, and in addition a Facebook page and app to inform visitors/ users about the goals, mission, vision and events of Amsterdam City Swim DELIVERABLES ACS
  23. 23. DRUPPEL This app will tell you when it’s safe to go outside without getting wet. At Coqtail we know that after rain comes sunshine or sometimes even more rain. Because Dutch people often travel by bike, we thought it would be nice to be alarmed when it’s going to rain and how much rain is going to drop. Druppel has a 2 hours prediction function and except for that, it alarms you when the rain starts within 10 minutes and when it will stop in 15 minutes.
  24. 24. RO/QETS You never have to miss anything if it’s about fashion. With RO/QETS you’ll stay up to date about all the latest fashion. Just like or dislike with the swap function. Follow your favorite designer, friends or brands. Every item you like you can swipe to the right. We give you the option to add a sale alert or to buy it in the online shop. But there is more, you can even share your wish list with your friends so you can dress like Kate Upton.
  25. 25. VIRATE Another app that makes our lives a bit easier. Virate brings reviewing to the next level. No more searching for reviews while considering if it’s a reasonable one. This video review app allows the user to evaluate and experience a vibe by moving image and review a product or service by filming it and share this self-made video with their smartphone. Instead of reading a review, you can now judge hotels, restaurants, clubs and events by the uploaded video’s
  26. 26. COEN FREDRIKS LUKAS JORISSEN JOCHEM SIEGEL FABIAN OUDHAARLEMCIPRIAN MOCANU STEVEN DE JESUS MICHAEL VERHAAR ROBIN SCHILDMEIJER SILVIE BEEN KARIN DIJKSTRA Management / Sales / Account Management / Sales / Design / Development Lead development DeveloperFront- end developer Web designer/ Front end developer Art director Design Accountancy Junior Designer EVELINE ROODERS Proces Manager IRIS BAVELAARMARTIN VAN BOOM VERNON DE GOEDE New Media InternJunior Designer Developer COQTAIL TEAM KEVIN HUIJSMAM Junior Developer CASPER COMPANJEN Business Development
  27. 27. • Weekly  client  meeTngs  to   discuss  progress  and  
 project  developments.   • SCRUM  development   methodology;  sub  projects  are   being  deliver  in  2  week  sprints.   • All  subprojects  are  planned  in   development  so^ware  Jira  and   Tme  is  tracked.
 • This  development  method   makes  it  possible  for  the  client   to  make  adjustments  during  the   development  process     DEVELOPEMENT
  28. 28. JIRA HARVEST Let’s talk on Slack…. SOFTWARE
  29. 29. +31  (0)20  221  66  56 PHONE ADDRESS Kon.  Wilhelminapln  13-­‐1.16.08,     1062  HH  Amsterdam   The  Netherlands MAIL CONTACT US