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Windows Phone 7 Trivia


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Windows Phone 7 trivia originally played before the Oct 2010 meeting of the St Louis .NET User Group

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Windows Phone 7 Trivia

  1. 1. windows phone 7 runs a version of silverlight very close to silverlight 3
  2. 2. windows phone 7 will be available in the united states on november 8
  3. 3. download the development tools from
  4. 4. a “launcher” is a way to launch another app from your app
  5. 5. windows phone 7 apps can implement a trial mode
  6. 6. the original name for windows phone 7 was “windows phone 7 series”
  7. 7. the ui design for windows phone 7 was inspired by metro transportation signage
  8. 8. find loads of application videos on youtube by searching for “wp7dev”
  9. 9. launch partners for windows phone 7 include att, t-mobile, samsung, lg, dell, and htc
  10. 10. every windows phone 7 device has at least a 1Ghz processor
  11. 11. a “chooser” lets the user choose a photo, contact, etc. while using your app
  12. 12. the web browser on windows phone 7 has been described as halfway between ie7 and ie8
  13. 13. copy and paste functionality is coming to windows phone early next year
  14. 14. the page and frame navigation model means you get “back” functionality for free
  15. 15. windows phone 7 apps are sandboxed and cannot access data from other apps
  16. 16. launch apps for windows phone 7 include twitter, netflix, seesmic, and a load of xbox live games
  17. 17. bing
  18. 18. all of the development tools for windows phone 7 are available for $0
  19. 19. panorama and pivot controls are included in the development tools for windows phone 7
  20. 20. every windows phone 7 device has at least a 5-megapixel camera
  21. 21. push notifications for windows phone 7 come in two flavors: toast and tile
  22. 22. the model-view-viewmodel pattern works very well for windows phone 7 apps
  23. 23. the hardware back button works across applications
  24. 24. zune
  25. 25. zune
  26. 26. all communication from a windows phone 7 app must be asynchronous
  27. 27. the first ever windows phone 7 device was sold in new zealand
  28. 28. han solo was ranked as the 4th greatest movie character of all time by Empire magazine
  29. 29. windows phone 7 was influenced in many ways by the zune hd
  30. 30. windows phone applications come in two flavors: silverlight and xna
  31. 31. the isolatedstoragesettings class can be used as an easy way to store application settings