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Computer project work


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This one is my best project on COMPUTER SCIENCE. Must watch ,,, thank you..!!!

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Computer project work

  2. 2. CONTENTS• Introduction• Getting the tools• Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Expressfor Windows Phone• Windows Phone 7 Emulator• Expression Blend for Windows Phone• Reviews ( taken from official site )
  3. 3. New direction
  4. 4. INTRODUCER OF WINDOWS PHONE7Steve BallmerCEOMicrosoft
  5. 5. TEAM MEMBERS OF WINDOWSPHONE 7Clockwise from top left: RicardoEspinoza, Sue Loh, Joshua Phillipsand James Drage work on theWindows Phone Shell Team, whichmakes Windows Phones intuitiveand engaging to use. The teamrecently finished work on thefeature-rich Windows Phone 7.5“Mango” update.
  6. 6. SMART DESIGNworks the way you wantSTART• Customizable, at aglance – view.• Continuous updateyou at your socialnetworks.
  7. 7. SEARCH• Powered by Microsoft owned –Bing• Location aware• One click easy and fast search
  8. 8. INTERNET EXPLORER• Fast opening pages• Auto - predictive text• Easily clickable links
  9. 9. Integrated Experiences
  10. 10. Commitment to InfrastructureInvestmentsBusiness Productivity Online Suite
  11. 11. Hardware FoundationCapacitive touch4 or more contact pointsSensorsA-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, ProximityCamera5 mega pixels or moreMultimediaCommon detailed specs, Codec accelerationMemory256MB RAM or more, 8GB Flash or moreGPUDirectX 9 accelerationCPUARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion or better800or480480 or 320Hardware buttons | Back, Start, Search
  12. 12. CLOUDSCREENPhone EmulatorSamples DocumentationGuides CommunityPackaging and Verification ToolsNotificationsLocation Identity FeedsMapsSocialApp Deployment RegistrationValidationCertificationPublishingMarketplaceMO and CC BillingBusiness IntelligenceUpdate ManagementToolsPortal ServicesCloud ServicesSensors Media DataXbox LIVE Notifications.NET Framework managed code sandboxLocationPhoneRuntime – On “Screen”ELEMENTS OF THE APPLICATIONPLATFORM
  13. 13. Location ServiceWindows PhoneLocation client serviceSystem.Device.LocationMicrosoft ServicesLocation Service
  14. 14. Cloud ServicesWindows PhoneCloud integration client servicesFrameworksWindowsPhoneApplicationYour Web ServiceCustom Web ServiceExisting Web ServicesMicrosoft ServicesNotificationServiceLocation Service
  15. 15. IntroductionGreat News, not only for End-Users but also for Developers andthe beginners– End-User experiences are very important– Windows Phone 7 Developers will use the latest Development Tools– The potential Windows Phone 7 Developer Community is large– Developing applications for Windows Phone 7 is fun– Free versions of the Development Tools for everybody
  16. 16. IntroductionWho can develop applications for WindowsPhone 7?– The Windows Phone 7 Application Model isfamiliar to Silverlight Developers• Windows Phone 7 Applications can beSilverlight based– Keep in mind that you are developing for a phone– The Windows Phone 7 Application Model isfamiliar to Game Developers• Windows Phone 7 Applications can be XNAbased– Keep in mind that you are developing for a smalldevice– The Windows Phone 7 Application Model isfamiliar to WM Developers• The life of managed application developersbecomes easier– No P/Invoke, limited number of form factors
  17. 17. Getting StartedYour one stop shop to– Get all the development / design tools you need• One single download gets you all the tools• Integrate nicely with already installed ‘paid’ SKU’s of thetools– Get inspired by blog entries, white papers, events andother resources– Get assistance from our daily growing DeveloperCommunity through Forums– Submit your applications for verification and deployment
  18. 18. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Express for Windows PhoneFree version of Visual Studio 2010 to developWindows Phone Applications– Develop Silverlight Applications for WindowsPhone• Combination of XAML and C# code• Code execution inside a protected environment– Develop XNA Framework based Applications forWindows Phone• Combination of content (art) and C# code• Code execution inside a protected environment– Runs side-by-side with Microsoft Visual Studio2005 / 2008• Allows ongoing development for Windows Mobile6.x
  19. 19. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Express for Windows Phone
  20. 20. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Express for Windows PhoneUsing the Windows Phone 7 Emulator– Your first Windows Phone 7 target device for new applications– Application behavior on the emulator identical to a physicaldevice– Great device to initially test your applications• Easy application deployment– Direct deployment from within Visual Studio 2010• One emulator can host applications from multiple Visual Studio2010 instances– Performance behavior and user experience will be (slightly)different
  21. 21. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Express for Windows PhoneOf course you don’t have bugs in your applications, buthow to find mine?– Adequate debugging experience to find ‘day-to-day’ bugs• Setting breakpoints• Inspecting variables• Setting variables• Executing individual methods– Using the Output Window for Trace / Debug information
  22. 22. Developing and Debugging aWindows Phone Application
  23. 23. Windows Phone Application Anatomy– Everything can be done in code, but not always the easy road• XAML defines what you see on the phone• Code behind defines the behavior of your application– Software developers will meet XAML during applicationdevelopment• Developer and Designer roles combined• Making simple changes by modifying XAML code immediately• Creating static UI layouts from within Visual Studio 2010– Designer support good enough to create the UI– No Support for dynamic behavior
  24. 24. Microsoft Expression Blend forWindows PhoneExpression Blend is used to design User InterfaceExperiences– You can build amazing experiences relatively easy– Has a learning curve, especially for developers• The tool is powerful but use it ‘wisely’ for Windows Phone UIdesign• The tool of choice for transitions / animations• Has great support for showing / testing data driven UIelements– Can be used in combination with Visual Studio 2010• Uses the same Windows Phone Emulator to test experiences
  25. 25. Microsoft Expression Blend forWindows Phone
  26. 26. Adding a Cool UI to a WindowsPhone 7 Application
  27. 27. Moving Beyond Visual Studio2010 ExpressAll Windows Phone 7 tools integrate in other Visual Studio2010 SKU’s– You will get additional tools that can partly be used for phonedevelopment• Code Analysis, Code Metrics, (Profiling using a different targetplatform)– Better Debugging Experience• Great control over breakpoints• Additional tracing functionality– Team Collaboration– Targeting multiple platforms in multiple programminglanguages• XNA Studio supports creating project copies
  28. 28. Moving Beyond Visual Studio2010 ExpressNot all Visual Studio 2010 Tools can be usedfor Windows Phone 7– Can use tools that work directly on your source code– Cannot use tools that collect runtime information• No Edit and Continue support• No profiling on the device / emulator• No ‘standard’ Visual Studio 2010 unit testing support– Unit Testing through Silverlight Unit Test Framework• Ships as part of the Silverlight Toolkit(– Device Performance Measurement• Enable Frame Rate Counter on device• Enable Redraw Regions on the device
  29. 29. REVIEWSIn the same way that the Windows 7 desktop OS wasnearly everything people hoped it would be, WindowsPhone 7 is almost everything anyone could’ve dreamed ofin a phone, let alone a Microsoft phone. It changeseverything. Why? Now that Microsoft has filled in itsgaping chasm of suck with a meaningful phone effort, thethree most significant companies in desktop computing—Apple, Google and Microsoft—now stand to occupy thesame positions in mobile. Phones are officially computersthat happen to fit in your pocket.
  30. 30. This really is a completely new OS — and not justMicrosoft’s new OS, it’s a new smartphone OS, likewebOS new, like iPhone OS new. You haven’t usedan interface like this before (well, okay, if you’veused a Zune HD then you’ve kind of used aninterface like this). Still, 7 Series goes wider anddeeper than the Zune by a longshot, and it’s gotsome pretty intense ideas about how you’resupposed to be interacting with a mobile device.
  31. 31. What Microsoft has shown of its new mobile operatingsystem looks nothing like the tired Windows interface ofold; instead it looks like the much more enjoyable ZuneHD. The idea of putting people and photos in one placewhere one can do multiple things is a good one. Theconnection to Xbox Live could help Microsoft appeal to awhole new area, while a pervasive connection to socialnetworks like Facebook is also a key advance.
  32. 32. The user interface looks absolutely nothing like previousversions. If you’ve used a Zune HD, you’re halfway there.There’s a lot of big, pretty text, lists, and swiping up, down,left and right. The animation between screens is very nice.Only what’s absolutely necessary and relevant is shown onthe screen. Forget about status bars, menu bars, or any ofthe usual “chrome”, as Microsoft calls it. Instead, all you seeis the content you’re working with at the moment, andabsolutely minimalist icons. Well, there is a very minimalstatus bar on some screens, but it’s much more minimal thanyou’re probably used to.
  33. 33. …if it actually performs properly, WP7 has theintangibles that Microsoft phones have lacked for years.It’s fun to explore. The interface makes sense. It’s easyto find the things you need. Nothing is buried. It usesthe power of a mobile computer to put importantinformation at the fore – possibly even moreimmediately than the iPhone.
  34. 34. We had a chance to try out some of the prototypes –though not take photos or video yet – earlier on today,and first impressions are reasonably positive.Microsoft were at pains to point out that it’s still an in-development build, and indeed we saw various bugsand slow-downs. Often these would take place whenopening an app, with data being pulled in but no on-screen indication of that taking place nor its progress.The touchscreen on the development device seemedresponsive, as was the onscreen keyboard, and theanimations are smooth. The browser supports pinch-zoom and will eventually reflow text on a double-tap.
  35. 35. Conclusions– Windows Phone 7 is a new kind of phone• User Experience is completely different– Develop applications using the latest family of tools• Windows Phone Application Developers are First ClassCitizens• Your applications are managed code (C#) only• Application deployment will be through Market Place– The paid SKU’s of Visual Studio have additional tools toincrease your productivity and quality of code– Developing for Windows Phone 7 is FUN!
  36. 36. REFERENCESQuestions? Demos? The Latest phones?Visit the Windows Phone Technical Learning Centerfor demos and more…Business IT Resourcesdeveloper.windowsphone.comWindows Phonewww.windowsphone.com more:
  37. 37. Special Thanks To –Ghanshyam Chitara Sir, for giving agreat help that leads to completionof this project