Lecture 1


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Lecture 1

  2. 2. ICE-BREAKER • We will do a different way of how we introduce ourselves today. • Please join a group of 4-6 people (even numbers) and asks questions about your friends – Their nicknames? – What year are your friends studying? – What do they like to eat? – What do they usually do on Saturday? – Do they know anything about this class? – Do they use facebook? – Do they know the lecturer name? – If you were a lecturer how would you like to run this course? – Also important question ---------> Next page
  3. 3. BEFORE WE START.  I would like you to think about the word “research” to yourself. What image does this word conjure up for you??  A lab with scientists ?  An Einstein-like Character writing a complex subject?  Someone collecting data to study the impact of the global warming?
  4. 4. RESEARCH • Simply process of thoroughly studying and analyzing the problems to seeks out solutions. • The following questions will give you some interesting ideas of how this course is going to explore. – Do you know what is good or bad research? – Can you identify where exactly problem lies? – Do you recognize the relevant factors in the situation needing investigation? – Do you know what type of information are to be gathered and how? – Importantly, Do you know how to use the information and implement the result of this process to answer the problem?
  5. 5. WHY SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT RESEARCH?  If you don’t then you can never be sure whether your decision is the right one  You would be able to discuss with the researcher who conducts a research for you  Ability to detect Good and Junk on the internet information  Common Sense VS. Systematic inquiry
  6. 6. BUSINESS RESEARCH • Why you need to conduct a research…. One example is – A customer complaint • This can be seen as opportunity to increase your market share • This shows that the first step in research is …? – To know where the problem or opportunity exist and to identify as clearly and specifically as possible. – Importantly, this problem or opportunity is needed to be studied. – We called this “Define the problem”
  7. 7. BUSINESS RESEARCH  Following steps are:  Gather information  Analyse data  Define the factors that associate with the problems  Take actions to solve the problem or secure the opportunity  We called this process “Research”
  8. 8. DEFINITION OF RESEARCH • We can now define research as – Organised, Systematic, Data-based, Critical, Objective, Scientific inquiry or investigation into a specific problem or issue with the purpose of finding solutions to it or clarifying it. • In research world, there are 2 types of data – Data can be quantitative • Specific question with structured – Data as qualitative • Broad answers with specific questions in interviews • Open-ended questions • Observation • Ethnography
  9. 9. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING RESEARCH • Marketing Research • Focus on products • Advertising • Sales promotion • Packaging • Pricing • Customer preferences • Other marketing aspect • So what is Management Research ? • Business research is the study of the organization, people, environment. – Study of employee attitudes and behaviours – The impact of changing demographics on management practices – Strategy formulation – Study of international students achievement in Thailand
  10. 10. EXAMPLES OF MANAGEMENT RESEARCH • Study about Employee behaviours. – So we can know about their performance, absenteeism and turnover • Study on Employee attitudes. – So we know about job satisfaction, loyalty and commitment • Study on cultural differences. • Research on differences in leadership positions, salaries and leadership styles.
  11. 11. NEXT WEEK  We will explore about your beliefs or a basic set of philosophical beliefs about the nature of the world.  There are 3 types of basic philosophical beliefs. Do you know what they are ?  Find out next week !!!
  12. 12. EXERCISE  A group of 5-6  List out as many questions as you think its worth to do the research on.  Give the reasons why? And what is actually the opportunity or problem of the question.  For example, Would students prefer short answer or multiple choices ?  Opportunity: Most effective way in learning.
  13. 13. FACEBOOK: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RESEARCH, SIAM UNIVERSITY  We will use Facebook as our communication tools  Add as a fan page: International Business research, Siam University  I will post a link on articles here  My tips on your assignments  Your discussion can be posted here  Interesting and productive discussion will be counted as part of participation points That is all for today !!! See you next week.