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Media & Music Success


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Using Social and Traditional Media to share music and grow a fan base. Types of social media, how to use social media, best types of social media for music artists, types of traditional media (print, radio, tv, internet), and how to develop story angles, outside of music, to create media placements.

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Media & Music Success

  1. 1. Media & Music Success
  2. 2. Who Cares About The Blues?
  3. 3. They Do…
  4. 4. But How Do You Connect With Them?! Yep…Social & Traditional Media!
  5. 5. There Are So Many Sites To Choose From But, lets narrow it down because…
  6. 6. …I Don’t Want To Bore You.
  7. 7. First Things First • You MUST develop your BRAND! – Who Are You? – What Makes You Tick? – Why Do You Do What You Do? • Without A Solid BRAND, You Can’t Send The Right Message About Who You REALLY Are Now...
  8. 8. Let’s Talk Traditional Media Radio | Print | TV
  9. 9. Radio • Radio is more than hearing your music played. • There are interviews that can be made from many “angles” • Business, Hobbies, Regional, Local • He who finds the angle, gets the publicity. • Radio is live, quick, fast. • Be prepared- practice not saying “um” and “you know” • Have clear thoughts • Great way to reach diverse, captive audiences , at all times of day
  10. 10. Print • Again, great for attracting niche followers, regional, or local. • Can get a lot of coverage from multiple angles. • Be prepared with what you say. – Print hangs around for a LONG time! • Great for music reviews
  11. 11. Television • Local, Regional, National Shows – News, Music, Niche/Hobby • Work on gestures and appearance • Send questions ahead to try and get most important facts out • GREAT avenue!
  12. 12. Whatever You Choose…. • Know Your Audience • Research the Journalist, How They Write, and Deadlines To Effectively Pitch A Story
  13. 13. Social Media • My Top Suggestions For Musicians:
  14. 14. A Bit About Each • Fan pages- engage with fans; give updates • Let fans into your world with tour pics, contests, updates • Use more Pics than Words • Real bits of yourself in 140 characters • Connect with fans around the world, in real time • Fast paced and highly engaged • Need clear message and voice • Post pics- personal, tour, merchandise • Engage fans with questions or caption contests for pics • Now, with video, they’re great competition for YouTube
  15. 15. A Couple of More • Videos of performances • Impromptu performances • Create a Channel page and create a community of fans for your music • It’s called the music BUSINESS • Connect with investors, Publicists, Booking Agents, Media, etc. • Post thought provoking info and updates • Be professional- imagine you’re in the bank asking for a loan! **NOTE: Don’t forget about Blogs! Pitch bloggers smart, real stories about you and your music. DO NOT just spam them with music and expect the best!
  16. 16. We’ve Discussed A lot… Let’s Wrap it up
  17. 17. Create A Blended Media Plan • Develop Your Brand • Create a Blended Media Plan – Social- which sites will you use and how often? – Traditional- where will you start- local, regional, national? • Remember, whatever you choose- YOU ARE YOUR BRAND…WATCH WHAT YOU SAY! • Get to work!
  18. 18. Thank-you! Questions? Contact Me: Dominique Anderson VIDA PR & Marketing Group (901) 236-5298 Twitter: @vidapr | @dompanderson Facebook: vidapr Linkedin: Dominique Anderson