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Final recount summative


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Final recount summative

  1. 1. ! ! ! ! ! Choleʼs Diary" " " " " " " " " " Heidi Suh" " November, 13 I have decided to write a diary of my life since I have the mostHORRIBLE life on earth! To explain more, I’ve been learning about childrenrights at my school and I was thinking, ‘Hey! My life is exactly like that!’So I just started writing this diary. Um... Until my horrible life finishes and ahappy new one comes... Will it come?... Hope so... :l Also because if I become famous singer/ actress I won’t have to have LONGconferences or have to go to boring talk shows explaining my past like a billiontimes! So... Anyways my name is Chole, Chole Joyce. I’m 10 (by the way, I’min 5th grade). And I’m American. Well to start off the story (of my horriblelife...) So it all started today (first day of school). I was really shy and I didn’tknow what to do. So I just followed this girl that looked pretty nice. Sheseemed to be really confident and she talked to me. “Hi! I’m Alexandra! Its really nice to meet you.” I was really shy and I spoke really small. “Hi. My name is Chole. Its nice to meet you too.” Alexandra was really pretty and I just loved the way she looked. So thenwe just talked and walked around the school. We just practically became bestfriends. At lunch, these boys and girls that kind of looked like gangsters came upto me and held me by the shirt. “Follow us or we will kill you! Now come!” I was like... SO scared I don’t even know how to describe it. So I justfollowed them. Alexandra ran to get the teacher but she was to late. Iscreamed for help in my head but I was to scared to say anything. Everyonejust stared at me and I was gone. The bullies, who named them selfs the BTBs (Black Tough Bulls) pulledme into a dark place. I was guessing it was like their secret meeting place orsomething. So they said, “ Hey, loser! If you tell anyone that we did this then you’redead! Now fetch me a bag of chips!” And they just shoved me to the door. I was so scared to do anything so Ijust ran away and they couldn’t find me. I was like, ‘phew!’ So I was back inmy class. I just hoped they wouldn’t find me. I was safe the whole afternoonbut I was still so scared they would find me. Alexandra came up to me andasked what happened. I just said, “Nothing...” I knew she really wanted to know what happened but she understoodand did not talk about it the whole day. When I came home I didn’t tell momabout it. She asked, “How was school? Did you make any friends?” I just said school was fine and I did make a friend. Then I ran up stairsto my room and said I have a lot of homework to do. When I got up I locked
  2. 2. the door and cried and cried until cried all my tears out. I hugged my cat,Marshmallow. “What am I going to do, Marshmallow?” I can’t just move to another school!” Then I started crying again. It wasthe worst day of my life! Sigh.... Hope this doesn’t last forever... Now I’m inmy bed writing about my HORRIBLE life and the WORST day of my life. Hopethings get better tomorrow. November,14 Today, I went to school all worried and scared. I just wished I didn’tmove to a new school! I mean, even the school name is weird! Seriously!Grand Banana Elementary School! OMG!!! So anyways I was really afraid.When I got to school I was really unfortunate. The BTB came up to me lookinglike they are the coolest and the meanest people on earth. (Which I think istrue!). One of the leaders of the BTB which was wearing all black and lookedthe most toughest said, “Hey, stupid! Why did you run away from us, huh?Because you are a little worried chicken? HAHAHAHA! and they all laughed atme. I was scared but at the same time embarrassed! But then at the sametime the first bell rang so I just walked away from them when they were stillpointing and laughing at me. Alexandra ran up to me because she saw whathappened. “Don’t care about them, Chole! They are just really mean. They teaseeveryone. Even I was treated like that on the first day at GB.” I felt a bitconfident and really thankful to Alexandra for cheering me up. I hugged her and said, “Thanks, Alexandra.” And she smiled back at me.I just wish I was her! OH GOD! WHY IS MY LIFE SO HORRIBLE!!! 1: 27 I was eating lunch, chatting with Alexandra. I just totally forgot aboutthe bullies. Suddenly, they came. I tried to run away but they caught me.Alexandra tried to stop them from taking me and she shouted for help. But noteachers. NO ANYONE! I guess everyone was scared of the BTB but I wasthinking, ‘What kind of school is this?! No one is helping! Not even theteachers!’ I was back in the dark room and this time some of them standguard in front of the door so I could not escape. “Wats yo name?” For some reason, he spoke like he was a kindergardenkid. (Well, to me... I know it is weird...) “Chole.... Joyce,” I said nervously. “Nice name. Now I want ya to go and do somethin fo me. I want ya to goto da girl’s bathroom and clog up all da toilets. Do ya undastand? I really didn’t want to get in trouble on the second day of school but younever know what the BTBs can do to you. I nervously said very quietly, “Okay...” Then he slapped me on the back and said happily, “Good girl! And if yatell anyone I’ll tell da prinsapal!” I came out of the room and I started going to the girl’s washroom. Butsuddenly, I got an idea. I looked for the principal’s office to tell him about thebullies. But I stopped my footsteps. If I tell the principal, the BTB will get madat me and treat me badly. But I kept walking. Then I stopped, thinking. Then Ikept walking. And at last I finished deciding on my final decision. I went to
  3. 3. principal’s office. It was HUGE! I looked for the principal. I went to one of thewoman in the counter and asked if I could go and see the principal. With out aword she pointed to a dark brown painted large door. I knocked and he saidcome in. I sat in the lonely but comfortable chair and looked around the room.It was filled with many medals and trophies. There was also articles of theschool. ”Hello, you must be Ms. Joyce.” he said with a strong voice. “Yes, sir. I came here to talk to you about something,” I saidsoftly,”These bullies are always bullying me and they are making me do badthings like clog up the girls toilet. I don’t no what to do!” My eyes started to fill up with tears and I looked at the ground. “I... Chole.. I’m not sure... You will have to stand up for yourself. A lotof students get bullied on the beginning of school. Its okay. I will talk tothem,” he said as he mumbled. The bell rang. “I think you should get back to class.” “Okay,” I said as I opened the door. I was not just a little unhappy about what the principal said. I had afeeling that he wasn’t actually going to talk to the BTBs. Even in my favoriteperiod, Art I could not concentrate.When I came home I just lied on bedlooking at the ceiling. My life is the worst life ever! Sigh~ I’ve got to dohomework now. November, 19 OMG! Today was just the weirdest day and/or happiest day of my life!Okay, let me calm down first. 1. The bullies treated me like a friend but still made me do bad things. 2.Alexandra got a new puppy and we went to Disney World!!! We had somuch fun and we took a bunch of sticky pics! ;P I just wish this day would last forever but everyone knows that it won’t.Sigh... Still... BEST DAY EVER November, 23 Ugh! I‘m back to my normal and always-bullied days... But I can tell thebullies are up to something. We all (as in me and all of the BTBs) did bad stuff.Ugh! I knew it was a bad thing but what could I do! If I didn’t I would havebeen beaten up and made fun of like before. And I certainly did NOT feel likecrying again because of them. I had to go to the principal’s office. My parentswere there and they talked with the principal for a looooong time. They finallycame out of the room but they didn’t look angry at me. I went home early withmy parents and dad took the day off. I had a long talk with my parents. Iexplained everything that has happened so far. Mom and dad understood andsaid that all of that was not my fault. They hugged me and said that theywould work everything out. At least someone is helping me. Whew! I reallydon’t want to talk about this. I mean, write about it. Too tired... More tocome... someday... later.. December, 4 I know I haven’t written for a long time because the bullies did MOREbad things and I was forced to do them to. So I’ve been called to theprincipal’s offices more than a million times! And through out the whole week Ibarely stayed at school the whole day. But I’ve got like the BEST NEWS
  4. 4. EVER!!! OMG! I was SOOOOOOO surprised! THE BLACK TOUGH BULLS ARE ALLEXPELLED FROM SCHOOL!!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I’M SOHAPPY!!! Too happy to write! I got to go to Alexandra’s to celebrate thisamazingly happy day!!!! More to come later! December, 16 AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! EEEEEEKKKKS!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD ;D;D;D;DOMG! Cancel what I said last time! This MORE BETTER NEWS! I am going tomove schools! I LOVE MOM AND DAD!!! I know it isn’t that big but wait! Iknow what other people would think. They would think, ‘Won’t you missAlexandra?‘ Well, here it is! Alexandra’s dad got a new job where I’m goingand she is going to the same school as me! HA!!!!!! TODAY is the best day ofmy life. I’m SOOOOO HAPPY!!! I need to go now to pack! More to come! (Inthe future!) December, 21 I’ve finally moved! I’m sitting on one of the boxes. My new home is notthat big but its really cozy! :) Also, Alexandra is down the block! Her mothersaid I could always come over to visit anytime I want! Sigh! I totally LOVE mylife now. School is awesome. Alexandra is in the same class as me andeveryone is really nice. My new teacher, Ms. Marcy is totally cool! I love herglamorous simile. Well, since my life is fine now, I don’t see why I can’t stopwriting this diary. But now I see if you never give up and try your best...everything works out good! And now I know the bullies are the people thatdenies my access to my children’s rights! I’m so smart! Hehe! I’ve also learnedto be really brave, never give up and try my best. So long! Chole Joyce! ;D