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Bliss Magazine Audience Research


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Bliss Magazine Audience Research

  1. 1. Bliss magazine Aimed at teenage girls, mainstreamers and aspirers. Images Appealing to aspirers because of the front cover models used. On the front cover of Bliss they only include the faces of celebrities. This would appeal to the mainstreamers as it is familiar to them, and familiarity is appealing to mainstreamers. The use of female celebrity faces on the front cover is appealing to aspirers as these girls are presented in the media as what young girls should look like. The images of the celebrities on the front cover are usually shots from the waist up, showcasing mostly their face showing that the celebrities themselves are what’s most important, rather than just their bodies or the clothes on them.
  2. 2. Words Slang and abbreviation such as ‘totes emosh’ are used frequently in this magazine. This could relate to the use of social media amongst young girls, typically Mainstreamers. The names of Cheryl Cole and Stoosheare both in all caps and bold to show that these people are supposed to be important. They also don’t use Cheryl’s full name showing the audience is expected to already know who she is. The word ‘prom’ stands out a lot, using a star in the ‘O’ which would appeal to the younger audience as they might be at the sort of age where they are thinking about prom. All the topics not about celebrities or beauty are right at the bottom in the corner showing they are less important. Perhaps they are less important to the reader themselves or the magazine is making the reader think that they are less important.
  3. 3. Colour The colour scheme includes pink and yellow mostly. Pink is traditionally a girls colour. The particular shade used for this issue is very bright, appealing to a younger audience. The colour yellow is continuous throughout every issue, this would appeal to a mainstreamer perhaps because it makes the product seem familiar. Font Some of the font used on the front cover is in a hand writing sort of style. For example ‘celeb’ ‘+ more’ and ‘totes emosh’. This makes it seem more like a diary, which is seen as a young girls type of thing. The words ‘superstylin’ with Stooshe!’ is in a font quite typical the music groups usual style. The fonts they use are usually quite pop arty or cartoony, so this is appropriate to them, but also familiar to the mainstreamer audience.
  4. 4. Layout The layout used for Bliss’ front cover allows the audience full view of the person featured on the front, as all of the text is around the outside of the image. This would be appealing to aspirers as the look of the person on the front would be very important. In some issues of Bliss they have the person on the front in front of the magazine title, showing the reader that this person is more important than the magazine. Highlighting the celebrity showing their importance this is good for attracting your audience as the audience will perhaps love the celebrities more than the magazine itself. Anchorage and Captions On this double page spread showing a story about a glamour model mother and her daughters relationship, the first line you see is “mum made me miss an exam so she could get more plastic surgery”. This instantly changes the image used with the text from a happy smiling girl into probably quite a sad girl. Using dramatic captions is useful for appealing to a younger audience as they need something eye catching and dramatic to grab their attention.
  5. 5. Codes and Conventions A convention they have used is the colour scheme. Pink is a traditional colour used for magazines with a young female audience. Though the shade of pink often changes for different issues. Yellow is a consistent colour throughout each issue. Something quite conventional for these types of girly gossip magazines is that the front page is packed revealing a lot of the content. Depending on the issue, sometimes the person on the front cover is placed in front of the title, sometimes behind. This shows the importance of the person in relation to the magazine.
  6. 6. Audience Feedback There are a few methods allowing the publisher to find out what the audience thinks of their product. 1. Focus Group- Organising for a group of people to come in and discuss what their opinions are of the magazine. 2. Audience Pannals 3. Trailing- Releasing the product, perhaps in only a few selected shops or regions, and seeing how it sells 4. Complaints- Listening to peoples complaints (if there are any) allows for producers to know what to change and improve.