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The effect of breast cancer in daily life


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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The effect of breast cancer in daily life

  2. 2. BREAST CANCER RECURRENCE Someone who has previously been diagnosed with and cured of cancer develops cancer again. Recurrences can happen in the same location or an entirely different location and variety of cancer.
  3. 3. CHEMOTHERAPHY SIDE EFFECTS Powerful drug-based treatment that attempts to eradicate the body of cancer cells. The potency of the drugs cause often severe side effects in patients including hair loss, mouth sores and nausea
  4. 4. Some chemotherapy patients report a mild to severe loss in cognitive function informally known as "Chemo Brain". Chemo Brain manifests itself much like dementia or Alzheimer's; patients struggle to remember basic information such as addresses, names and dates. Most patients will eventually recover their cognitive loss.
  5. 5. EMOTIONAL IMPACT Breast cancer takes a significant physical and emotional toll on patients. The physical impact is fairly obvious, but many women will experience severe anxiety, distress and even depression during their treatment process.
  6. 6. MOBILITY ISSUES AND FATIGUE Incessant sleeping, inability to feel rested upon waking up, lack of interest in social and outside activities. Fatigue from breast cancer treatment is exacerbated by other breast cancer treatment side effects such as weight gain, depression and stress.