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Mabaya 2 page solutions overview online retailers and marketplaces brochure


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Mabaya helps Online Retailers and Marketplaces generate new revenue streams through sponsored product promotions. Just like in the physical world, where brands which are already selling at the retailer or marketplace have the opportunity to bid for the opportunity to showcase and ensure their products are at the right shelf at the right store, our platform enables Internet Retailers and Marketplaces to open their store to the brands or merchants that are already selling on their sites and let them bid for prime placement in promoting their products within relevant pages and search results. The e-tailer generates new revenues from sponsored promotions without cannibalizing his sales and the brands expose and drive traffic and conversion to sales to their products. We never redirect the shopper away from our clients' sites, only optimized to drive sales of the brands who promoted their products in premium locations to highly relevant shoppers and if clicked takes the shopper to the product detail page in an effort to aid in converting to a sale...never redirect like other 3rd party ads.

Our system engages your shoppers with the most effective promotions, and you get paid twice – for clicks on promoted products and for the actual sale.

We create a natural synergy between sales revenues and native advertisement. Why should you risk losing a $100 sale for a $0.5 click, which in many cases makes your prospects abandon your site for your competitor? Monetize your traffic and real estate without taking customers outside your site. Enable merchants promote their offers and enjoy increased sales while generating new revenues

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Mabaya 2 page solutions overview online retailers and marketplaces brochure

  1. 1. mobouo Earn more with Sponsored Product Promotions Allow brands and merchants already selling on your site to pay you for promoting their products on your digital shelves and other consumer touch-points JOIN THE WORLD'S TOP ONLINE RETAILERS amazon. com ‘,7 What we do Mabaya generates a new incremental revenue stream that until today was available only to the top 1% of online retailers _. _. _. .._ __ 0 . Sponsored Shelf Placement TRONlCS. COM : l‘; :‘. {O , ' Allow brands and merchants to bid for promoting products already selling on yourshe CPC Native Advertisement Promotions are: + Native and non-intrusive + Relevant and targeted to shopper + Performance based This is how we OPTIMIZE CTR and ENSURE ZERO CANNIBALIZATION! A unique and innovative technology /1 Bidding Platform Smart Targeting _ — The brands and merchants bid on Our algorithm considers the bids 5, Cpc or CpM basis, set their as much as the sales potential to budget and define their goals. ensure maximum "e'eVa“Cy- §D Omni-Channel (3 Automation Our platform supports Desktops, On Define a budget, the bid value, Smartphones and Tablets to follow products to promote and Mabaya consumers throughout their journey. does the rest. Full transparency + Detailed reporting: Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Earnings, Performance by brand and product, Invoicing and much more + Full accounting of campaigns, CPC’s, budgets and revenue share Your brands will love it + Helps build brand awareness + Facilitates product discovery + Increases sales (up to 45% uplift! ) Because we know they love it Mabaya also offers to on-board the brands and advertising budgets for you. our commitments Implementing Mabaya requires no . upfront investment and minimal A new source for incremental I resources on your end, allowing you revenues to tap into a new revenue stream that _ _ _ . was reserved to only the top 1% of 0% ean”'ba"Zat'°n ensurmg your online retailers with zero risk! revenues only go up I Easy integration and full automation How does it work? 16¢} 2&1 3°/ €93 Copy paste our snippet and Let your vendors Enjoy your new submit you product feed promote their products revenues Interested? Contact us at chance@mabaya. com for a free trial