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  1. 1. We have used contour on it’s own to define objects and create a composition. Todaywe will insert a small amount of value into our drawing to add a focal point to ourdrawing.
  2. 2. By using both detailedshading and contour lineswith attention to line weightyou can build a fullcomposition, but also focusthe viewer’s attention on thearea you find mostinteresting or important.This drawing focuses ourattention on the portraitface by using value, but stillgives backgroundinformation with detailedcontour observations.
  3. 3. This image focuses our eye on the arm and the shadow it casts.
  4. 4. Obviously our attention in this drawing is focused on the draped robes of the figure rather than on the figure as a portrait. Notice the contour detail that is still present in the portions of the drawing that have no value.
  5. 5. Once again our gaze is focused on the face of the figure, but again this drawing provides interesting information drawnwith contour and attention to line weight.
  6. 6. The two figure have been shaded in this drawing, but all the contour information in the background adds depth and provides information about their surroundings.
  7. 7. Here are four variations on thesame contour drawing. Three ofthem are using value in a smallarea to draw focus to the detailsin that area.
  8. 8. In class today you will use pencil to draw one of thestill life options I have provided for you. Use contourline to add all of the details in your drawing and createa composition that uses the entire page. Once thecontour drawing is finished, you will select one smallarea to add value and emphasis. In the area whereyou add value, be sure that the edges of things nolonger rely on contour, but use value to show shifts inedges.