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Destino ing


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Destino ing

  1. 1. IDEAL DESTINATIONCartagena De IndiasFor Meetings Tourism
  2. 2. Cartagena, a UNESCO WorldHeritage Site, boast sampleexperience and excellent locationsfor hosting congresses, conventions, andbusiness events, along with unique venuesfor every kind of meeting and ceremony,incluiding convention centers, fortressesand historic plazas, all framed byexuberant landscapes that lend a specialtouch to your event.conditions for bussinestourism.The Cartagena de Indias Conventions& Visitor Bureau is at your disposal tofacilitate links between your event, andthe relevant organizations in Cartagena,helping you to forge productiverelationships with the variety of reliablesuppliers that are part of our association,guaranteeing high quality services andIDEAL DESTINATIONFor Meetings TourismCartagena de IndiasFRANCISCOVERGARAPIÑERESDirector EjecutivoCartagena de IndiasConvention & VisitorsBureaubetter conditions for business tourims.The city of Cartagena has beenhosting events for 30 years. Over thistime, the entities that have held theirmeetings here have found that attendanceto their expectations, a fact wich hascontributed to the succes of these eventsand helped to frame Cartagena as arepeat destination.Our city enjoys national andinternational recognition for itscomprehensive hotel infrastructure,convention centers with state-of-the-arttechnologu, professional congress touroperators, exquisite gastronomy, warmatmosphere, culture of service and theCaribbean’s rich history and culture.What is more, it is our humancapital--charming citizens who love theircity and are committed to its care anddevelopment - that make Cartagenaa truly special place. Our people arehardworking and proud of their city andwhat it represents to the world. For allthese reasons. I can guarantee the successof your event and that your saty in TheHeroicCitywillbeyourbestexperienceyet.
  3. 3. CONTENTA PerfectPartnerOur Experience inBusiness TourimGeneralInformationWorld Class FestivalsUnique VenuesConnectivity64036105056201632 HotelInfrastructureConvention CentersInfrastructureCelebrities inCartagena24Security
  4. 4. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauA PERFECT PARTNERCartagena De Indias Convention &Visitors Bureau promotes Cartagenade Indias on an International levelas ideal headquarters for business tourism(congresses, conventions, fairs and incentivetravel).What is its objective?Attract more events to Cartagena de Indias.How do we do it?We collaborate with associations, corporationsand the government to suggest Colombia andCartagena de Indias as the perfect venue forevents.Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau6 7
  5. 5. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau8 9Congreso Grace - Foto cortesía de CONTACTOSEvent promotion on our website.Support for sponsorship negotiation with our associates.Destination material for promotional event stands. An institutionalstand with information on the destinations, tourist plans and associatedestablishments.We help you promote your event!We help you design your event!General InformationVIAJES CONGRESOS INCENTIVOSThe organization and logistics to present the city’s candidacy.Development of specialized material for event recruitment.Contact and collaboration with Proexport for country-wide presence.Support throughout inspection visits. Advisory for the event market segment.Advisory for the selection of infrastructure and services.Initial contact with local suppliers associated to the Bureau and their rates.
  6. 6. 6 7Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauINFORMATIONGeneral
  7. 7. 12 13Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauFoto Cortesía CTCI Calle de CartagenaGeneral InformationPopulation:1.030.149Weather:Húmedo TropicalTemperature:28°C / 82°FCurrency:Colombian Peso COPCartagena de Indias is a largeCaribbean city on the northerncoast of Colombia in the CaribbeanCoast Region and capital of BolívarDepartment. The city had a populationof 892,545 as of the 2005 census, makingit the fifth-largest city in Colombia andgiving the Cartagena urban area the statusof fifth-largest urban area in Colombia.Cartagena is an important center of economicactivity in the Caribbean, as well a populartourist destination.CARTAGENA
  8. 8. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauNorth ZonaAnillo VialCentro de ConvenciónesHotel Las Americas ResortAeropuerto InternacionalRafel NuñezHistoric ZoneCentroTorre del RelojHistoric ZoneCentroCentro de ConvenciónesJulio Cesar Turbay AyalaTuristic ZoneBocagrandeCentro de ConvenciónesHotel Hilton1. de Indias is located in Colombia,in South America, near the Caribbean Sea.The city enjoys a strategic location, idealfor tourism development, industrial andcommercial.General Information14 15
  9. 9. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauCONECTIVITY
  10. 10. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau18 19TOTAL 32Recently international connectivityincreased with more frequency of Panamaand the new route York-CartagenaThe Rafael Núñez International Airportis located only 10 minutes from themeeting facilities and hotel sector. Itreceives more than 220 national direct flightsevery week and more than 700 internationalAeropuerto Rafael NúñezInternational AirportRAFAEL NÚÑEZConectivityCartagena´s InternationalDirect Conectivity
  11. 11. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauSECURITYFUENTE : CTCI
  12. 12. 22 23Cartagena de Indias, in conjunction withthe Colombian Government has developed aSecurity ring surrounding the city, which inturn provides 100% coverage and satisfactionfor all Tourists arriving in the city:Enhanced economic performance has come hand in hand with improved security:Personal Safety and Private Property Protection, 2000-2010The security gains are reflected in international rankings. While in 2001, Colombiareceived a score of 1.08 in 2011, IMD called the country with 4.98SecurityFUENTE - IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2011DANE, Cuentas Nacionales; ANDI, Encuesta de Opinión Industrial Conjunta.Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau
  13. 13. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauCONVENTION CENTERSInfrastructureVIAJES CONGRESOS INCENTIVOS
  14. 14. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau26 27Fachada Hotel HiltonConvention CentersConventionCenterHOTEL HILTONHilton Cartagena Hotel, idyllicallylocated on El Laguito Peninsula.This Colombia beach hotel issurrounded by the Caribbean Sea on threesides, offering picturesque views and a tranquilatmosphere. Enjoy an oceanfront position justten minutes from the ancient walled city andthe Cartagena de Indias Convention Center.Rafael Nuñez International Airport is only 15minutes away.2.300PAXCAPACITY
  15. 15. Entrada Centro de ConvencionesConvention CentersLAS AMÉRICAS RESORT& CONVENTION CENTERLocated in the north of Cartagena de Indias,beachfront. Only 10 minutes from the historicdowntown. From Caribbean and tropicalarchitectural style, is a 5 star resort with all the services tomeet the needs of rest and work.4.000PAXCAPACITYCartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau28 29
  16. 16. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau30 31Vista lateral Centro de Convenciones Julio Cesar Turbay AyalaCentro de convvencionesCentro de ConvencionesCARTAGENA DE INDIASJULIO CESAR TURBAY AYALAA30 year history today positions us as one ofthe convention centers and congress in SouthAmerica. Staff and facilities strive every dayfor the successful development of all events for our clientsrepresenting a myriad of business and contacts nationallyand internationally.5.000PAXCAPACITY
  17. 17. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauINFRASTRUCTUREHotel
  18. 18. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau34 35Hotel InfrastructureIn Cartagena you have the opportunityof staying in exclusive, stylish hotelswithin the old city’s walls in what usedto be convents, cloisters and colonial housespreviously owned by dukes, counts and viceroys.Cartagena has a total of 290establishments, 9.757 rooms and18.120 bedsNombre Zona Inaguración Numero de EstadohabitacionesRadisson Ocean Pavillion Sector los Morros-Zona Norte 1er trim 2013 233 En construcciónHampton by Hilton Bocagrande 2013 132 En construcciónConfenalco- Cafam Crespo 2013 250 En construcciónIntercontinental- Complejo Nao Fun & shopping Bocagrande 2014 250 En construcciónSheraton- Complejo Ocean Towers Bocagrande 2014 250 En construcciónHyatt Regency- Complejo Bocagrande Plaza Bocagrande 2015 260 En construcciónEstelar Bocagrande Bocagrande 2015 260 No ha iniciado construcciónHolliday Inn Express and Suites Bocagrande 2016* 200 En construcciónIberostar Bocagrande 2016* 368 No ha iniciado ContrucciónHotel en Proyecto Karibana Manzanillo del Mar-Zona Norte 2016* 320 No ha iniciado contrucciónCurrent Projects in Cartagena de IndiasFuente: Corporación Turismo Cartagena de Indias según proyectos identificados a diciembre 2012.No incluye hoteles boutique. *Fecha EstimadaBocagrandeFuente: RNTin the necxts 3 years2.523Cartagena will havenew rooms
  19. 19. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauCARTAGENA DE INDIASCelebrities inPLACIDO DOMINGO - 2012
  20. 20. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau38 39Barack Obama Presidente USA- Fuente : in Our CityBill Gates, Fuente :broscience.orgMario Vargas Llosa - Fuente: http//:www.Presnatrujillo.comCarlos Slim, Fuente:
  21. 21. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauBID Banco Internacional de Desarollo - 1991EXPERIENCEIN TURISM MEETINGCartagena de Indias
  22. 22. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau42 432009ALTA Leaders ForumOur Experience in Business TurismCentro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias Julio Cesar TurbayVIAJES CONGRESOS INCENTIVOS
  23. 23. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau44 452010World Economic ForumOur Experience in Business TurismAlvaro Uribe and Graham Mackay - World Economic Fourm 2010.
  24. 24. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau46 472011Basel ConventionOur Experience in Business Turism
  25. 25. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau48 492012VI Cumbre de las AméricasCentro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias Julio Cesar TurbayM2012VIAJES CONGRESOS INCENTIVOSOur Experience in Business Turism
  26. 26. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauCortesía CTCIWorld-ClassFESTIVALS
  27. 27. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau52 53World Class FestivalsHAY FESTIVALThe Cartagena Hay Festival, Is definedby the diffusion of culture and socialcommitment. Literature, visualarts, film, music, geopolitics, journalism,environment ... mingle in an atmosphere ofdialogue and celebration. After several years,during which the festival has become oneof the most important literary events of theHispanic world.Imagen Oficial Hay FestivalCartagena de IndiasINTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALCartel FICCI 2013 Cartel FICCI 2012Cartel FICCI 2011
  28. 28. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau54 55World Class FestivalsInternational FestivalCLASSICAL MUSICClassical music event that has becomeone of the most important festivalsof the country. It takes place in theWalled City for 10 days, in which classesare held, conference and has the presence ofnational and international artists.
  29. 29. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors BureauUNIQUE VENUESVIAJES CONGRESOS INCENTIVOS
  30. 30. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau58 59Unique VenuesAdolfo MejiaTHEATER400PAXCAPACITYVIAJES CONGRESOS INCENTIVOS
  31. 31. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau60 61WALLSCartagena is the perfect placeto celebrate all kinds of socialgatherings. It has 13 km /8 milesof walls, 21 bulwarks, 7 fortresses, 5museums, and 2 galleons.Unique Venues
  32. 32. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau62 63San FelipeCASTLE800PAXCAPACITYUnique VenuesFachada Castilo Sanfelipe de NocheVIAJES CONGRESOS INCENTIVOS
  34. 34. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau66 67Museums and Cultural CentersGold museumMuseo de Ar te Moderno de CartagenaRafael Nunez Museum HouseMuseum of theCaribbean NavySan Pedro Claver MusseumBolívar House MuseumCasa Cultural Colombo AlemanaHouse of SpainCultural Center for Spanish Cooperation CartagenaCentro Colombo AmericanoValdehoyos Marquis HousePalace of the InquisitionFine Ar ts School of Cartagena, CartagenaAlliance Française de ColomboInternational Film Festivalheadquarters, Cultural Hall “Domingo López Escauriaza”Bartolomé Calvo Library.Activities and places of interest to visitIN CARTAGENA DE INDIASChurchesCatedral Basílica Metropolitana De SantaCatalina De AlejandríaIglesia Ermita Del Cabrero.Iglesia Santo TomásIglesia y Monasterio San Pedro ClaverIglesia De La TrinidadIglesia De San FranciscoIglesia De Santo ToribioLa Iglesia De La Tercera OrdenIglesia De San RoqueUnique Venues
  35. 35. Activities and places of interest to visit in Cartagena de IndiasCartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau68 69Unique VenuesCortesía de Fotos CTCI
  36. 36. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau70 71BEACHESCartagena has a large area of beachesstretching along 19 kilometers and rangingfrom the beaches of Castillo Grande, ElLaguito and Bocagrande to the beachesof Marbella, Crespo, La Boquilla andManzanillo del Mar. In addition to theirsunbath, visitors can practice nautical sportslike kite surfing, jet ski, kayak or sailboat.ISLAS DEL ROSARIO50 minutes away from Cartagena are the Islasdel Rosario, an archipelago consistent of 30 islandsand islets, which was considered as one of the mostexotic places in the world in 2009.ISLAND OF TIERRA BOMBAis made up of the communities of TierraBomba, Punta Arena, Caño del Oro andBocachica. Its best beaches are in PuntaArenas, where you get a privileged view ofthe city.BARU ISLANDBaru Island is an area of 7,000 hectares full ofmarine flora and fauna. The island can be reachedby land or by sea. In the most famous beach onthe island, Playa Blanca, named after the color ofits sand, you can enjoy popular dishes prepared byfishermen from the nearby villages. You can alsodo snorkeling in a sea of many colors.SAN BERNARDO ARCHIPIELAGOFifty kilometers southwest of Cartagena,in the Gulf of Morrosquillo, is thearchipelago of San Bernardo, which is madeup of ten islands. Beautiful beaches, warmwater, strong sunlight and reefs full ofnatural marine paradise prevail.Islas del Rosario http://comopiensasves.blogspot.comIsla de Barú http://polviajero.comUnique Venues
  37. 37. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau72 73LA BOQUILLAThrough a journey of 45 minutes by thenozzle can see a variety of red mangroves,black and white typical of this area.CIÉNAGAS DELA VIRGEN Y JUAN POLOA walk through the swamp of Juan Pololets see different types of migratory birdsas thongs, ducks, gulls and gannets. Just asin the Cienaga de la Virgen are mangrovesand birds like kingfisher, white heron, nightheron, blue heron, osprey, roseate spoonbilland a variety of crustaceans, molluscs,hummingbirds and iguanas.BOTANICAL GARDENGUILLERMO PIÑERESLocated in the municipality of Turbaco,from where the indigenous inhabitants of theregion, is the botanical garden GuillermoPiiieres, equipped with a variety of orchidsand a variety of treescuenta con más de12.600 especies conservadas y clasificadas.Volcan del totumo Fuente : http://colombiafotogenica.blogspot.comPlaya de Cartagena Fuente : http://www.el universal.com Boquilla, Fuente :El universal.comUnique Venues
  38. 38. Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau73 74TOTUMO VOLCANOOn the way to the ocean, between the cities of Cartagena andBarranquilla, near the town of Galerazamba, known for its saltmines and archaeological finds, is the mud volcano or Volcan delTotumo, recommended for its many medicinal propertiesYou can get to know the historic centerin a traditional horse-drawn coach thattakes the visitors to the colonial era, inorder to discover different scenarios thatrepresent the city’s history and culture.RIDE A HORSE-DRAWNCARRIAGEA must visit during your stay inCartagena is the Castillo de San Felipede Barajas, the most prominent Spanishmilitary structure in South America. Built in1,536 and enlarged successively until 1,657.This fortress was a faithful defender of thecity during the massive attack by AdmiralVernon in 1741.CASTILLO SANFELIPE DE BARAJASVolcán del Totumo, Fuente :Elminubo.comEspacios Únicos para Eventos