Selling LIFE INSURANCE Got Easier for Agents


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Insurance agents can connect with local people who want to Buy Life Insurance Plans & Policies

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Selling LIFE INSURANCE Got Easier for Agents

  1. 1. Selling LIFE INSURANCEGot Easier for AgentsSurjeet SinghCEO at AgentsBids.com
  2. 2. Save Time. Save Money.Insurance agents can connect withlocal people who want to Buy LifeInsurance Plans & Polices.
  3. 3. Save Time. Save Money.Are you one of those agents whospend lot of time calling or visitingpeople through referrals for sellingyour Life Insurance Plans?
  4. 4. Save Time. Save Money.Unfortunately you just target 10percent of the users in your area, asremaining 90 percent of the usersare using online media to search LifeInsurance Agents in their areaand buy from them.
  5. 5. Save Time. Save Money.Worried?
  6. 6. Save Time. Save Money.We at AgentsBids are dedicatedto help you overcome all yourchallenges by providing you withthousands of local customersright from your neighborhood whoactually want to buy from you.
  7. 7. Save Time. Save Money.So stop worryingand start selling byRegistering yourself for free.
  8. 8. Save Time. Save Money.Get startedhere tosee how it works.
  9. 9. Save Time. Save Money.AgentsBidsFeatures
  10. 10. Save Time. Save Money.100% Valid LeadsNo spam, bogus or stale leads. Youcan view your lead details beforepurchase
  11. 11. Save Time. Save Money.Lead DistributionOne Lead, One Agent - Valid lead canbe purchased single time
  12. 12. Save Time. Save Money.Create Your Own DealsAgentsBids lets you create and sell shareable local dealsthat are good for customers and growing your business.We give you the tools you need to make your deal asuccess. With AgentsBids you reward customer loyaltyand attract new customers while remaining in control ofthe deal the whole time
  13. 13. Save Time. Save Money.Advanced CRMVery comprehensive & easy-to-use CRM.With the help of AgentsBids CRM you canmanage your leads, deals, and interactionswith current and future customers in a singlesystem.
  14. 14. Save Time. Save Money.See more features
  15. 15. Save Time. Save Money.tThanks Website: www.agentsbids.comEmail: info@agentsbids.com © 2013 AgentsBids. All rights reserved.