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Citrix/Intel Brochure salon Hit


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Citrix/Intel Brochure salon Hit

  1. 1. Citrix and Intel are collaborating to create application delivery solutions that provide the bestexperience for both IT managers and end users – true “no compromise” solutions.Streaming technologies from Citrix and Intel support a powerful, flexible, fully mobile computeexperience, enabling higher levels of productivity for knowledge workers, while addressing the keychallenges facing IT – manageability , security, and cost containment.Citrix Presentation Server and Citrix Provisioning Server offer centralized image management andapplication delivery which execute locally on high-performance Intel Core 2 processor desktops andIntel Centrino laptops with Intel vPro technology, satisfying both IT and end users.Citrix Provisioning Server software and Intel vPro technology hardware bring a broad array ofcomplementary capabilities that centralize management, strengthen security and reduce TCO.Intel vpro and cpro platforms provide you with the best solutions to:-Total system image management with Citrix streaming products to deliver centrally administred OS edaka 24/4/08 10:34and application images to keep software well-managed. The same IT manager uses Intel vPro Commentaire: vProtechnology to keep hardware and software information up-to-date in the configuration database, even edaka 24/4/08 10:34if systems are off or down. Commentaire: cProExample: full capability to remote install DLL or certificates (for example for CPS smartcard reading), edaka 24/4/08 10:35remote upgrade of the ICA client-Reduced deskside visits – If a user calls the help desk with problem, IT can use Intel vPro Commentaire: administeredtechnology to remotely diagnose and likely fix the problem, even if the application or OS is hung. Ifthe system needs to be re-imaged, Citrix streaming software can quickly re-provision the system’ssoftware load with a simple re-boot.-Layered security – Viruses and spyware are always attempting to infect systems and steal data.Application virtualization with Citrix solutions can reduce the threat of attack by isolating streamedsoftware in a virtual container. But if an attack slips through, or attacks unvirtualized software,hardware-based protections in Intel vPro technology can isolate the infected system from the networkand prevent the virus from spreading.Example: gain boot time with 802.1x support NAC and NAP-Centrally-managed, high-performance applications – IT desires centralized application management,but server-based computing provides a poor experience for high-performance applications, 3D ormotion graphics. Citrix streaming solutions allow IT to centrally license, monitor and update theapplication, but allow it to execute locally on the PC. PCs with Intel vPro technology contain the IntelCore 2 processor and high-performance Intel graphics that deliver a great user experience.Example: have best user experience for 3D, PACS, local database, speech recognition-same console management (Microsoft, Landesk, Altiris) to remote manage all your PCs-Accelerate Vista and Office Migrations – A single Vista disc image file can be instantaneouslydelivered from a central file server to hundreds of desktops—enabling rapid-fire migration to Vistaand/or Office 2007. Plus, Provisioning Server can just as quickly roll back the Vista infrastructure,virtually eliminating risk with a simple desktop reboot.
  2. 2. Mobility technologies developed by Intel increase the end user experience.In 2007 Intel introduced the Mobile Clinical Assistant, aimed to be used by doctors and nurses, withmany optimized features (barcode and RFID reader, embedded camera, cleanable device, dockingstation with swappable battery).Intel developed a SDK to help ISV to use devices thru the Citrix Virtual Channels.Citrix technologies allow full session roaming and optimize the user connectivity in your wifiinfrastructure on this kind of device.Mobile Clinical Assistant devices with Intel Health logo can run a SW on Citrix XenApp (PresentationServer 4.5).MCA are already tested and used in French hospitals with Citrix PS4.5 and McKesson Crossway,Pharma by CEngineering, Siemens Clinicom.CPS cards can be read thru Btooth reader or USB reader connected on docking station.
  3. 3. BACKUP ILLUSTRATIONS Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure Any Any User App© 2007 Citrix Systems, Inc. Tous droits réservés. Citrix®, Citrix Presentation Server™,Citrix Access Gateway™, Citrix WANScaler™, Citrix NetScaler™, CitrixXenDesktop™, Citrix EdgeSight™, SpeedScreen™ et SmoothRoaming™ sont des marquescommerciales de Citrix Systems, Inc. et/ou de l’une ou plusieurs deses fi liales, et peuvent être déposées aux Etats-Unis ou dans d’autres pays. Microsoft® etWindows® sont des marques déposées de Microsoft Corporationaux Etats-Unis et dans d’autres pays. UNIX® est une marque déposée de The Open Groupaux E tats-Unis et dans d‘autres pays. Toutes les autres marquescommerciales et marques déposées appartiennent à leurs propriétaires respectifs.EM-F19919 11/07