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Addressing the Complexity and Risks of M2M Projects - M2M World Congress April 2014


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Addressing the Complexity and Risk of M2M Projects by using essential Field-to-Cloud Technology Building Blocks for the Internet of Things

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Addressing the Complexity and Risks of M2M Projects - M2M World Congress April 2014

  1. 1. by using essential Field-to-Cloud Technology Building Blocks for the Internet of Things. Tim Taberner Addressing the Complexity and Risk of M2M Projects
  2. 2. M2M has been around for a long time So why do we need to do things differently ? RTU SCADA DCS Modbus Edge HART Fieldbus Condition-Monitoring Client-Server DNP3 Zigbee Telemetry M2M telecontrol PLC IoT VPN CLOUD telematics
  3. 3. Lack of interoperability = -$$$ Duplication of functionality = -$$$ Inability to share resources & infrastructure= -$$$ Inability to adapt and modify = -$$$ Old vs. New in M2M SCADA ESD Condition Monitoring HVAC Old methods lead to increased costs
  4. 4. Instead, systems have to collaborate • Better reuse of existing resources and infrastructures = +$$$ • Focus on whole business, not individual processes = +$$$ • Improved ecosystem efficiency from new dependency discovery = +$$$ • More intelligent use of assets = better ROI = +$$$ Process Logistics Supply Chain CRM Old vs. New in M2M
  5. 5. So what about today? Sometimes M2M Solutions look simple … Business Application Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … Service Gateway A single application to communicate with Only one type of Gateway HW & SW, Single or no special application on gateway Limited types of device / sensor No connectivity options required Often, an M2M system is seen as a point in time solution to a point in time problem. No consideration (budget) is given to how and where else the data might be used, or to how future, undefined assets might share the same infrastructure. This project led thinking remains one of the fundamental contributors to the continuing specification and deployment of silos of automation, invariably resulting in significant downstream costs to modify, augment or replace the system to meet emerging requirements.
  6. 6. What are the issues ? … Different devices, addressing different vertical market propositions, and which are geographically dispersed Business Applications Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … Remote Point of Presence ? We need a way to operate across multiple communication architectures that does not introduce significant overhead on expensive media Internet / TCP/IP Ethernet WiFi 3G / LTE Satellite WiMAX Other
  7. 7. What are the issues ? ... or more than one consumer of the device data …or multiple different services needed at the remote site @ Business Applications Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … Remote Point of Presence ? We need to break any dependency between producers and consumers of data
  8. 8. What are the issues ? ... normally all of these requirements together ! @ Business Applications Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … Remote Point of Presence ? …and we need to address security, access control, availability, device management, etc.
  9. 9. Decoupling Producers & Consumers of M2M Device Data – the key to interoperability ! #Stock Level ? #setpoint ? #Flow rate ? #Tanker ETA ? #Demand Forecast ? #batch volume ? #diurnal alarms ? The Internet of Things The “Twitter Paradigm”
  10. 10. M2M Integration Platform With decoupled data, whole ecosystems can be optimized ! Transportation & Logistics Logistics Medical & Healthcare Industrial & Energy Security & Surveillance
  11. 11. Business Applications Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … @ Multi- Service Gateway M2M Integration Platform New M2M / IoT Architectures Integration Platforms & Device Application Frameworks “Enterprise Service Bus for Machines”
  12. 12. Multi-Service Gateway Approach Automation & Integration at the Edge Sensors Actuators Legacy Systems Smart Machines M2M Multi Services Gateway Human / Machine Interfaces Meters • Multiple business relevant tasks are addressed and technically consolidated • Data delivery using a open protocol effectively decoupling data providers and data consumers • IT centric device application development using Software Frameworks to implement business logic in smart edge devices / multi- service gateways • More efficient bandwidth utilization – carrier cost optimization • Off the shelf purpose built devices designed to meet vertical market value propositions – Open Source version available for integration on third party devices
  13. 13. Multi Service Gateway Framework (ESF) Functional Overview Java VM OSGi Application Container Device Abstraction Gateway Basic Services Network Configuration Network Configuration Field Protocols Connectivity and Delivery AdministrationGUI Operation&Management Linux Hardware Multi- Service Gateway App 1 App 2 App n. . . . Applications
  14. 14. Boards & Modules Helios General Purpose Platform DynaCOR 10-00 Rugged Mobile Computer ISIS PC/104 Module ISIS XL PC/104 Module Catalyst CV / Catalyst TC / Catalyst LP / Catalyst Module XL Catalyst EC / Catalyst FX Zypad BR2000 Man-worn Computer DynaVIS Rugged Panel PC & Vehicle Console Multi-Service Gateway Approach Efficient Development & Investment Protection Ready To Use Devices ISIS ICE Industrial Compact Systems Intel M2M Smart Services Gateway Dev Kit Hardware Vantron VT-M2M-TC Multi-Service Gateway & Edge Controller Raspberry Pi
  15. 15. The M2M Stack The M2M Integration Platform Business Applications Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … @ Multi- Service Gateway ‘ESB’ for machines M2M Integration Platform?
  16. 16. M2M Integration Platform • Everyware Cloud is about Device Data, about M2M: It has been built from the ground-up to provide an infrastructure that is optimized for device data communication, collection, analysis and management. • It is an Integration Platform: Everyware Cloud is designed to act as an intermediate system between distributed devices and the applications interacting with them. Communication is bidirectional, allowing applications to control and manage the devices when required, and the system supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one operation. • Everyware Cloud is conceptually like an Operating System for the Internet of Things, enabling the transfer of device data to and from Enterprise applications independently of any other language, platform or OS What is Everyware Cloud?
  17. 17. M2M Integration Platform Architectural Components Business Applications Multi- Service Gateway M2M Integration Platform Communication / Broker Data Management Layer API`s & Integrations Data Store Layer • Real time, event driven messaging to enterprise applications • Database for data storage accessible via standard REST APIs • Database automatically adapts to new devices / message topics – zero configuration • Compatible with web services technology for easy dissemination • Abstracts underlying device details – #topic based subscription • Remote device management and configuration to application level • Rules engine for real time alerts and controls, can send SMS, email, Tweet or interact with devices or database, using both static and dynamic data.
  18. 18. @ Enterprise Service Bus for M2M Device & Data M2M Integration Platform • Data Management • Device Management • Data Storage • Real-Time Data Delivery • Real-Time Analytics • Archive data via REST APIs • Service Abstraction • Rule based event triggers • Publish & Subscribe • Data Agnostic • Secure • Scalable Everyware Software Framework • JAVA based application framework • Standards Based • Device Abstraction • Device Management • Connectivity Management • Application Management • Field data acquisition • Available for third party hardware New M2M / IoT Architectures Eurotech Solution Recap
  19. 19. Everyware Cloud Eurotech End-To-End Solution Transforming Bits of Data at the Edge of the Network into Actionable Information in the Business Users’ Hands @
  20. 20. Toll Stations Traffic Management The Internet of Things M2M Applications are Everywhere … Logistics First Responders Transportation Value Transport Smart Grid Sports Medical Application Vending Reverse Vending Ticketing Farming Green Houses Cool Chain Monitoring Agriculture Automatic Vehicle Location Retail Medical Elderly Living SignagePassenger Information Public Transport Bus Environmental Environmental Monitoring Preventive Maintenance Safety POS Mining Construction Machines Smart City Smart Building Rail Train Research Vessels Green Energy Remote Monitoring Air Conditions Coolers Heating Mainenance Monitoring Mainenance Service Oil & Gas Pump Stations Pipelines Industrial Smart Factory Remote Monitoring Fitness Machines Metering Energy Monitoring Smart Metering
  21. 21. Eurotech M2M Solutions Eurotech Named a Cool Vendor in Gartner 2013 IT/OT Alignment and Integration Report According to the Gartner report recommendations, “Integration managers should look at cloud-based integration platforms supporting vendor neutral-technologies to optimize costs, accelerate time to deployment, and reduce vendor lock-in for integration of OT systems with enterprise applications.” “Integration managers and other IT leaders involved in the definition and planning of IT/OT integration strategies should look at iPaaS-oriented approaches to address the issues of collecting, aggregating, filtering, preprocessing and analyzing OT data, and of integrating OT systems with back-end enterprise applications as a way to optimize costs and time to deployment,” according to the report. Gartner, Inc., Cool Vendors in IT/OT Alignment and Integration, Kristian Steenstrup, Massimo Pezzini, et al, April 23, 2013. Disclaimer Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  22. 22. Eurotech Value Proposition Smart City Building Blocks Field > Cloud > Business Application The M2M Integration Platform Thank You !
  23. 23. Eurotech M2M / IoT • Gartner / Cool Vendors in IT/OT Alignment Report “However, they should also favor providers, such as Eurotech, that offer open-standards- based platforms, and can support on-premises deployment models to minimize vendor lock-in issues and maintain strategic agility.” • Oracle / Peter Utzschneider, Vice President, Java Product Mgmnt “… and within 3 minutes I knew they got it!” • Eclipse Foundation / M. Milinkovich “I just got the full Eclipse Kura demo and I was blown away. Very cool stuff.” • VDC Research Group With two decades of embedded/M2M experience, existing capabilities, and investments, we expect Eurotech to differentiate itself versus other traditional embedded board vendors as the company moves up the value chain. Some Voices….