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Praises from my clients
Eloges de mes clients

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  1. 1. Praises for translation work« Merci encore pour votre réactivité et la qualité de votre travail » (17.07.09) Véronique Cavatz, Rose Noire Communication Company website :“It is just such pleasure working with you! Thank you so much!” (17.04.09) Gennaro Cavalucci, Intel GermanyTranslated website: Intel® Business Exchange Software Store« C’est super, j’ai juste fait quelques modifs mineures. » (26.02.09)“That’s great! I only a few made minor changes” Isabelle Flory, Intel France Translated website: BITKOM download area (English | French)“Another beautiful piece of work, many thanks.” (15.04.09)“Christian, not too many people impress me. Your attention to details trulyimpresses me. I appreciate all your hard work.” (17.03.09)“Great job as always.” (09.02.09)“Thanks again, Christian. You do amazing work.” (20.11.08) Ashley C. Chang Project/Program Manager,IT Flex Services, Intel CorporationTranslated website: Syndicated Resource Center“Thank you, Christian, for always being quick in responding and the greatquality.” (12.11.08) Simon J. Choi, IT Flex Services, Intel CorporationTranslated website: Intel Corporate Products“Please find attached the Radio Classique ads that you translated for us as well asthe Tales of IT Utopia films. I thought that you would like to see the fruits of yourlabour! They have both come out really well and everyone is very happy withthem. We are so happy in fact with the Tales of IT Utopia that we have foundsome additional money that we would like to give you as a bonus for doingsuch a good job on the translations. The translated scripts were really wellreceived and highly praised by the actors and I’m sure you’ll agree that they cameout very well.” Sam Lewis, 22.09.08 Account Manager, McCann Erickson« J’avoue que vos tarifs sont assez élevés, mais ils sont justifiés par la qualitéde vos traductions. Je suis impressionnée. » Elena Akborisova, 19.09.08 Open2Europe – Translation ServicesAbout the Intel French Press Room