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The Successful Product Manager

Traits and abilities of the Successful Product Manager -- viewed through a pop culture lens. It's Product Management Meets Pop Culture in slide form!

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The Successful Product Manager

  1. The Successful Product Manager presented by Christopher Cummings
  2. The successful Product Manager...
  3. Understands the big picture
  4. Assesses the market
  5. Boldly goes where no one has gone before.
  6. Gets inside customers’ heads
  7. Seeks effective elegant customer-oriented solutions
  8. Understands the problem... ...before proposing the solution
  9. Rejects product narcissism
  10. Searches for anomalies... ...that could lead to new opportunities
  11. Relies on knowledge and experience...
  12. but trusts their gut
  13. Makes hard choices
  14. takes calculated risks
  15. Strikes. Decisively.
  16. Knows when to get a bigger boat
  17. Positions first. Develops second.
  18. Assembles the right team for the job
  19. Provides context
  20. Balances competing interests
  21. Doesn’t discuss business at the dinner table
  22. Gives thanks. Often, and with feeling.
  23. Celebrates success
  24. Learns from mistakes
  25. Leads
  26. Empowers
  27. Inspires.
  28. Manages Conflict
  29. Shields the team from harm
  30. Holds people accountable Self included
  31. Negotiates to a point
  32. Creates credible, fact-based status reports
  33. Tells a compelling story
  34. Is politically savvy
  35. Promotes Transparency
  36. searches for truth Strikes. Decisively.
  37. Has The Touch
  38. Analyzes wins and losses Strikes. Decisively.
  39. Fights for the future fights for the future
  40. Manages the backlog
  41. Manages the brand
  42. is sales friendly
  43. Prices effectively
  44. Doesn’t give up
  45. Maintains their sense of humor
  46. Stays open to possibilities
  47. Has the heart of a champion
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