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08.12.2011 Steve Mahju, “A Conceptual Design For A Geological Disposal Facility For The Uk’S Radioactive Wastes”.Doc


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08.12.2011 Steve Mahju, “A Conceptual Design For A Geological Disposal Facility For The Uk’S Radioactive Wastes”.Doc

  1. 1. North West Regional Group Meeting Thursday 8th December 2011“A Conceptual Design for a Geological DisposalFacility for the UK’s Radioactive Wastes”Steve Majhu - Assistant Director Mining Services, Parsons BrinkerhoffAs one of the pioneers of nuclear technology, the UK Steven Majhu –Parsons Brinckerhoffhas accumulated a substantial legacy of radioactive Steven Majhu is an Assistant Director at Parsonswaste from a variety of different nuclear programmes, Brinckerhoff (PB) and is responsible for businessboth civil and defence-related. Some of this waste is development and project management of work in thealready in storage, but most still forms part of existing field of radioactive waste management. He has beenfacilities and will only become waste over the next involved with work on the geological disposal facilityseveral decades or so as these plants are for the Radioactive Waste Management Directoratedecommissioned and cleaned-up. Demonstrating that (RWMD formerly UK Nirex Ltd) since 2005 and mostthe nuclear industry can satisfactorily deal with the recently was lead author on a NDA published reportradioactive waste that it has produced is crucial in which outlined illustrative designs for a geologicalgaining public confidence that legacy waste can be disposal facility in a number of different geologicalsafely and economically managed as well as waste settings. Steven has worked for Parsons Brinckerhoffarising from any future programme of new build. for the last 3 years and holds a BSc (Hons) Geology and MSc in Micropalaeontology. The development and construction of a GeologicalDisposal Facility for radioactive waste will be amongst Organised by the North West Regional Group of thethe largest engineering programmes ever undertaken in Geological Society of Londonthis country. The nature of geological disposal makes it For further information please visit:a unique and challenging project with first waste currently scheduled for 2040 and with an or email the Group Secretary, Chris Berryman at:operational period of some 100 years. This presentation provides an overview of the processesof waste emplacement and the lifecycle of the geologicaldisposal facility as well as providing a snapshot of whatsuch a facility may look like. Thursday 8th December 2011 Coffee/Tea at 6.00pm for a 6.30pm talk start. The Lecture Theatre, The Centre, Birchwood Park, WA3 6YN. CPD: These events may be considered for contributing to a recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme as part of personal development. Delegates should check their individual scheme requirements.©Image copyright Nuclear Decommissioning Authority The Geological Society of London is a registered charity No 210161