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10.11.2011 John Reynolds, The Role Of Engineering Geophysics During Economic Austerity


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10.11.2011 John Reynolds, The Role Of Engineering Geophysics During Economic Austerity

  1. 1. North West Regional Group Meeting Thursday 10th November 2011“The role of engineering geophysics during economic austerity”Prof. John M. Reynolds, Managing Director, Reynolds International LtdFinancial cuts, budget squeezes, reduced spending - Prof. John M. Reynolds,none of us needs reminding of the prevailing difficult Managing Director,economic conditions. Where project finances are under Reynolds Internationalincreasing scrutiny there is pressure to reduce costs and Ltd – John Reynolds is aone, arguably incorrect, way is to reduce the funding for Chartered Geologist andground investigations. European Geologist, and has worked in appliedThe presentation will start with a description of the geophysics since 1977.range of benefits of using engineering geophysical He spent five yearstechniques in ground investigations through a number working with the Britishof case histories. The combined use of geophysical Antarctic Survey inmethods with traditional intrusive testing is Cambridge, where hedemonstrably more effective than either approach completed his PhD,without the other. followed by 18 months as a Groundwater Geophysicist in West Africa. He taught near-surface geophysics andThe integration of increasingly powerful modern environmental management at Plymouth for seventechnology in both data acquisition and analysis have years. He returned to consultancy in 1991 andrevolutionised engineering geophysics over the last established his own geophysical consultancy practicedecade. It is now possible to produce integrated 3D in 1994. He is the author of the internationallyground models that can be exported in a wide variety of acclaimed textbook “An introduction to applied andsoftware formats. This allows engineers to import the environmental geophysics” (2nd edition, April 2011)geophysical results directly into their own software and is an internationally-sought after speaker atdomains so streamlining the flow of information, international conferences. He was appointed to anincreasing efficiency and reducing the scope for data Honorary Professorship at Aberystwyth University intransmittal errors, and ultimately reducing costs. 2005.Several examples will also be presented of where He has been involved in managing geophysicalgeophysical techniques have not been used as well as projects for some of the UK’s largest infrastructurethey might in order to highlight key points. Most projects and for a growing number of major offshoregeophysical surveys are designed the wrong way wind farm projects around UK waters as well as for aaround and guidance will be provided as to how to wide range of other projects throughout the UK andremedy this. Inadequate and ineffective use of geophysics is an ongoing issue especially,but not exclusively, within the offshore wind farm Thursday 10th November 2011 6.30pmindustry. Examples will be presented of what has gone Venue: The University of Manchester, Williamsonwrong, why and how more effective use of geophysics Building, Lecture Theatre. The Williamson Building isresults in financial benefits that can exceed the cost of located on Oxford Road at the corner with Brunswickthe geophysical surveys many times over. Street, postcode M13 9PL.The presentation will conclude with case histories of Organised by the North West Regional Group of thehow geophysical methods have been used to inform Geological Society of Londonmajor tunnel construction strategies that have been vital the ultimate success of the projects. CPD: These events may be considered for contributing to a recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme as part of personal development. Delegates should check their individual scheme requirements The Geological Society of London is a registered charity No 210161