Esi Focus On The South East


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Esi Focus On The South East

  1. 1. Focus onthe Southeast
  2. 2. ESI has been providing services to clients in South East England for over 15years. In December 2011 ESI increased the support provided to clients in theregion with the opening of a new office in Reading. The addition of an office andcloser proximity to key clients enables ESI to further increase the level and scopeof services we provide in the region.ESI is the UK’s leading independent scientific and environmental consultancyspecialising in water management, land quality, landfill and waste management,and ground source energy. As a technical specialist advisor to business clients ofall sizes (corporate and SME) and governmental clients ESI is respected for itspragmatism, sound science and clear commercial understanding.This brochure provides an opportunity to summarise some of the main services weprovide from the new Reading office, and also present a few examples of our workin the region by way of case study summaries to further illustrate our capabilities.Water ResourcesESI is a specialist consultancy dealing with all aspectsof groundwater science and water resourcemanagement and has one of the largest and mosttechnically capable groundwater teams in the UK. Witha detailed in-depth understanding and experience ofthe key issues involved in field investigation, monitoring,conceptualisation, groundwater surface waterinteractions, and groundwater flow and transportmodelling ESI is recognised as the leading independentprovider of water resource services.Groundwater support is provided to a diverse group ofclients who need to understand, assess, map and plan,including: Utility companies, developers, extractive,mining and tunnelling companies, local authorities and the Environment Agency.Land Quality Investigation, Risk Assessmentand ManagementESI provides solutions as a technical specialist advisor to the land issues facing bothcorporate and governmental clients; from simple Phase 1 assessments to complex,Phase 2 quantitative investigations or on-the-ground support. ESI has a reputation forpragmatism, sound science and a strong, clear commercial focus. Their Clients benefitfrom their experience and knowledge of the fast changing landscape of regulatoryguidance and best practice.Specialist services include site investigation to support Brownfield development,environmental monitoring, data management, contaminant transport modelling, riskassessment and remedial design: all delivered by experienced Project Managers andqualified technical teams.
  3. 3. Landfill and Waste Management ESI delivers a leading capability in landfill management in the UK and Europe and has extensive experience across all types of waste disposal sites, including hazardous, non-hazardous and inert landfills. Support is provided throughout the landfill life cycle from concept with the environmental risk assessment for the environmental permit application, to work in support of a landfill surrender application. In addition, expert waste classification advice is provided which links contaminatedland assessment with pragmatic waste management solutions. With a detailed technicalunderstanding, coupled with the experience of the key issues involved in regulation,data management, and ongoing monitoring and risk assessment ESI is the consultancyof choice for these services.Renewable Energy - Ground Source EnergyESI is a leading consultancy for the design of Ground Source Energy solutions and hasdelivered successful projects in the UK and other European regions. With a technicalunderstanding of the issues faced in both open and closed loop designs, ESI is theideal consultancy to select when considering Ground Source Energy as a low carbonenergy option.Each project is handled by a project manager from start to finish drawing on theexpertise of fellow consultants to meet the requirements of individual clients. Servicesare provided to Owner Occupiers, Architects and Building Designers, Ground SourceEnergy System Installers and Mechanical and Engineering Contractors.Expert WitnessESI has a highly experienced team of senior consultants, experienced in deliveringExpert Witness support in groundwater, groundwater flooding, land contamination,ground source energy and in relevant sub-specialisms.ESIs Expert Witness structure provides services to suit a wide range of projects fromsmall, site specific court cases to some of the largest and most complex planningapplications, waste management and contaminated land issues in the country. Bylistening carefully to clients and understanding the critical aspects of each case from alegal perspective, ESI is able to offer effective solutions to difficult problems. Wellwritten evidence that clearly distinguishes fact from opinion is recognised as a keyrequirement, all senior staff having appropriate training in the role of the Expert Witness.
  4. 4. Case StudiesInvestigation of the London chalk aquiferThe chalk aquifer beneath London is subject to a considerable number of stressesincluding rising groundwater levels, abstraction sustainability, artificial recharge, salineintrusion, groundwater flooding, and the growth of ground source energy. ESI hasrecently undertaken two key projects for the Environment Agency to aid themanagement of these pressures in a sustainable and cost effective manner. Followingconsolidation and analysis of the available data and a comprehensive literature review,ESI has formulated a detailed conceptual understanding of the key hydrogeologicalprocesses which occur within the London Basin aquifer.Using the most up-to-date interpretation of the geology beneath London, ESI furtheredcurrent understanding of geological controls on groundwater flow, most notably faultingand structure within the basin and the influence of the Chalk stratigraphy on aquiferproperties. The robust and quantified conceptual model has formed the basis for theconstruction of a numerical MODFLOW model. The conceptual and numerical modelswill aid the Environment Agency manage water resources.Groundwater monitoring during tunnel construction, CroydonNational Grid commissioned Morgan Est to construct a 10 km tunnel to house a new400kV line through South Croydon. The tunnel needed to be built carefully through thechalk aquifer, passing within afew hundred metres of severalof Thames Water’s criticalsupply boreholes. ESI wasinvolved in finding pragmaticways of mitigating the potentialrisks to water supplies andsupporting discussions withthe Environment Agency andThames Water.The risks to the sources wereminimised by changes to thedesign of the tunnel and anongoing groundwater level andquality monitoring programme,detailed contingency measures were designed. The tunnel was completed on time andto budget with no significant adverse impacts on the environment.Groundwater dewatering - Channel Tunnel Rail LinkESI provided expertise in groundwater modelling to optimise the installation of boreholesused for dewatering whilst the tunnel was being driven. Due to access constraints ESI’s
  5. 5. expertise was invaluable in the location and effectiveness of the boreholes. The modelwas comprehensive and included actual time series data for groundwater levels prior toand during dewatering; it also simulated actual and predicted future drawdown andrecovery over a six year period.Saline Intrusion Modelling, Southern EnglandESI has carried out a thorough review of the hydrogeology of a block of Chalk aquiferthat suffers from saline intrusion. Careful review of hydrograph and water quality dataallowed convincing correlations to be developed. A scoping model was constructed inFEFLOW to simulate the development of the saline wedge with time. This providedstrong numerical support for the conclusion that levels of salinity observed in boreholeswas more strongly controlled by antecedent rainfall than by actual abstraction rates.Environmental impact assessment – Beckton sewagetreatment works,East LondonThames Water Utilities wereundertaking the wholesaleredevelopment of theBeckton sewage treatmentworks situated on the banksof the River Thames. Thework was designed to bothmodernise the facility andaccommodate the end pointof the Lee Tunnel sewagepipeline. ESI was tasked toprovide risk assessmentservices to supportrequirements for a planning application to protect human health or controlled watersunder continued site use. Additional advice was provided as to the suitability of site-wonmaterials for subsequent re-use in other parts of the site.Hydrogeological Risk Assessment for an active landfill,CambridgeIn order to comply with the PPC permit issued for a large, active landfill located inCambridgeshire the client was required to submit to the Environment Agency a four-year review of the Hydrogeological Risk Assessment for the site. ESI was asked tocomplete this assessment to determine whether the conceptual model thatunderpinned the original study was still applicable, and to assess the potential impactsof the landfill on the Lower Greensand major aquifer. ESI reviewed the data andappropriate changes to the leachate levels and concentrations in the risk assessmentmodel were made. The results of the additional modelling continued to support theoriginal HRA conclusions and showed that there was no additional impact to controlled
  6. 6. waters as a result of the changes.Low river flowassessments, KentESI was appointed bySouthern Water Services toinvestigate the hydrogeology ofthe catchment of the LittleStour river in Kent. The studywas focussed on the flowregime in the lower reach ofthe river where, in the past, theoriginal channel had beenmodified and rerouted tosupply water to a group ofmills. The artificial channelsuffered from significantleakage to the underlyinggravel and chalk aquifers, with adverse results on the river ecology and amenity value.The Environment Agency (EA) was concerned that groundwater abstraction wasreducing the flow into the affected reach. ESI compiled extensive data, and a literaturereview exercise was undertaken in cooperation with the Environment Agency and thewater companies in the area from which ESI was able to make recommendations toresolve the issues.Quarry extension - hydrogeological impact assessment,Reading, BerkshireCEMEX intended to apply for planning permission to extend an existing quarry, locatedin gravel deposits that form a locally important minor aquifer. ESI was instructed toprovide specialist hydrogeological services, to assess the potential hydrogeologicalimpacts associated with the scheme, on part of an adjacent hydrologically sensitiveSight of Special Scientific Interest and related watercourses. The Planning permissionwas subsequently approved.Ground Source Energy (GSE) - Groundwater modelling tosupport “Cooling the Tube”,LondonESI has developed a coupled groundwaterflow-heat transport FEFLOW model ofcentral London, building on recent workundertaken on the ‘Cooling the Tube’ projectfor the London Underground. The aim of themodel was to provide a tool to aid the
  7. 7. Environment Agency effectively manage and make regulatory decisions regarding open-loop ground source energy schemes.Groundwater Risk Assessments, Abbey Mills, LondonThe Lee Tunnel will be London’s deepest-ever tunnel, the first of two which willcollectively capture an average of 39 million tonnes of sewage a year, the four-miletunnel will run beneath the London Borough of Newham. ESI undertook a quantitativerisk assessment (DQRA) for dewatering activities to investigate concerns thatgroundwater contamination present within the lower groundwater system might bedrawn into the relatively clean aquifer at the shaft site. ESI also conducted the humanhealth risk assessment in relation to piling and a proposed culvert construction at theAbbey Mills site.Ground Source Energy(GSE) - Modelling ofan open loop design –Tate Modern, LondonThe geology at the Tate Modernsite comprises made ground, driftand river terrace gravels overlyinga substantial thickness of Londonclay. FEFLOW (hydrogeologicalfinite element modelling software)was used to develop a singlelayer model of the open loopscheme. A steady state modelwas used to assess themaximum abstraction ratesachievable and the likely impacton local groundwater levels. Italso assessed the sensitivity ofthe GSE scheme performance tothe borehole locations anduncertain hydrogeological parameters. The scheme is now being installed, and willmake a renewable and efficient contribution to the building’s energy use.Source Protection Zone (SPZ) review, Thames RegionThe Environment Agency Thames Region required a review of some SPZs, anddelineation of a new set of SPZs for recently licensed abstractions. ESI developed somenew groundwater models, for others, original two-dimensional Flowpath models wereconverted into MODFLOW models. Abstraction rates were updated appropriately andparticle tracks were developed for the required travel times. GIS was used to trace SPZsaround the particle tracks, and at this step expert hydrogeological judgment was used tomake small adjustments with regard to topography and river networks. A total of 100
  8. 8. Phil Aldous Director, ESI Ltd.Phil is respected in the water industry asan experienced environmental manager,and project director who understands theissues facing water companies and thebroader environment. His expertisecovers water resource management,pollution issues and regulatory andcompliance management. Originally ahydrogeologist at the UK Water ResearchCentre, Phil’s extensive water industryexperience was gained at Thames Water,where he held a variety of environmentalroles supporting their water andwastewater business and thedevelopment of commercial andinternational operations.He has represented the water industryboth nationally and internationally throughWater UK, negotiating the structure ofregulatory compliance legislation anddefending legal challenges. Phil also contributed to industry research programmesthrough UKWIR. His experience is supported by degrees in environmental science,hydrogeology, environmental law and a diploma in management studies. He has alsoserved as a member of the Geological Society’s hydrogeological group editorial board.Phil joined ESI in December 2011 as a Board Director to support the continued growthof the business and to lead the development of a regional, south east office in Reading. ESI Davidson House Forbury Square Reading Offices in RG1 3EU Shrewsbury T: +44 (0) 118 9000829 Reading E: London