ESI LAND ASSESSMENTSPhase 1 land quality assessmentsESI’s Phase 1 contaminated land assessments are part of a range of ser...
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Esi Phase 1 Land Quality Assessments


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Esi Phase 1 Land Quality Assessments

  1. 1. ESI LAND ASSESSMENTSPhase 1 land quality assessmentsESI’s Phase 1 contaminated land assessments are part of a range of services designed specifically tohelp identify and manage environmental risk. Our Phase 1 report is a literature based review designed toprovide clear & pragmatic advice regarding the nature & potential significance of any land quality hazardswhich may be present at a study site.Features of our Phase 1 land quality assessments • Collates all relevant • Presents a robust conceptual site environmental data, historical understanding and a considered land use mapping, geological assessment of land quality risks records and other documentary • Provides clear judgement on and online information relating to both the level of risk likely to be the site setting present and also the degree of • Through targeted consultation, uncertainty relating to these risks clarifies the position of key • Our ‘Phase 1 Plus’ service can regulators offer targeted site investigation • Reviews all risk components data (by selected low-cost using a visual, easy to read, sampling and insitu testing) ‘traffic light’ reporting system to enable a more robust risk evaluation at an early stageBenefits of ESI’s land quality assessments• Clear, well structured, and easy ESI are dedicated to providing to understand reports. Key expert interpretation & opinion information immediately visible as derived from undertaking• Concise presentation of hundreds of land quality regulator requirements & assessments across the UK associated actions/implications • We respond to all queries within• Provides real clarification of 24 hours, and deliver reports whether a site has potential land within 1 - 3 days or groundwater contamination • We have specialists who are issues and the likely scale of any perfectly placed to undertake such risks quantitative Phase 2 land• Whilst many Phase 1 products investigation and assessment, are essentially data reports, should this be requiredDedicated points of contact: “It is without hesitation that I can strongly recommend ESI Ltd” Paul Lawrie, London Borough of SuttonAndy SingletonTechnical Director “Our experience of ESI is one of professionalism, care and Works were carried out on time and on budget to our satisfaction” Iain Wheeler, Telford and Wrekin CouncilLisa MurrayProject Consultant “We cannot speak too highly of the work From a householders point of view this was excellent work” Letter received from a private home owner in Stroud01743 276100 Cost From £495 + vat Subject to site area & setting Shrewsbury Reading London Delivery Typically 1-3 working days