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KM Singapore Graphic Facilitation Workshop Artifacts


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Visual artifacts from our one day graphic facilitation workshop at KM Singapore, September 2012. Twelve great people, willing to let it all go and write on the walls!

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KM Singapore Graphic Facilitation Workshop Artifacts

  1. 1. Graphic Facilitation Workshop @ KM Singapore 2012by Nancy White and all the great participants! http:/ @NancyWhite
  2. 2. Materials are ready!
  3. 3. Freshly papered walls…
  4. 4. Visual agenda
  5. 5. Visual Introductions
  6. 6. “I Can DRAW” exercise
  7. 7. “I Can DRAW” exercise
  8. 8. “I Can DRAW” exercise
  9. 9. “I Can DRAW” exercise
  10. 10. Learning from masters…
  11. 11. Easy people options…
  12. 12. Learning from masters…
  13. 13. Sketchnoting…
  14. 14. Graphic recording of a TED talk
  15. 15. River of Life template
  16. 16. Doing workshop evaluations using the River ofLife template
  17. 17. Thanks to all the great participants. You wereWONDERFUL!Workshop reference materials can be found at