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  • Below is link to a recent Inset given to my staff.
  • This is the introduction to our Greek Project which we studied in depth.
  • Please note this presentation has been made for the SMART board and is interactive. The chidren are required to hang the correct fruits on the tree for example chocolate does not grow on trees.
  • These pictures were drawn by my students and used on the IWB as the backdrop for their play on exodus.
  • C.Rubens 2010.

    1. 1. Table of Content • My mission statement • About me • Qualifications • Experience • Samples of my work • The sharing of wisdom • I have worked in many different areas and I hope these are reflected in my portfolio. I am a quick learner, conscientious and would love to be given the opportunity to develop and share my skills globally . I have worked in many different types of schools and institutions and would be a great asset to you.
    2. 2. My Mission StatementMy Mission Statement To make a difference inTo make a difference in someone’s life.someone’s life. Life is an ongoing learningLife is an ongoing learning experience.experience. New doors open for us all theNew doors open for us all the time and we just have to betime and we just have to be able to see them.able to see them. We are all on a journey of lifeWe are all on a journey of life and Hashem is there guidingand Hashem is there guiding us every step of the way!us every step of the way! My Mission StatementMy Mission Statement
    3. 3. Mitzvah Day 2009 at my Cheder
    4. 4. Why I use Interactive whiteboardsWhy I use Interactive whiteboards Interactive whiteboards affect learning in severalInteractive whiteboards affect learning in several ways, including raising the level of studentways, including raising the level of student engagement in a classroom.engagement in a classroom. I motivate my students and promote enthusiasm forI motivate my students and promote enthusiasm for learning.learning. Interactive whiteboards support many differentInteractive whiteboards support many different learning styles and can be used in a variety oflearning styles and can be used in a variety of learning environments, including those catering tolearning environments, including those catering to students with hearing and visual impairments.students with hearing and visual impairments. Research also indicates that notes taken on anResearch also indicates that notes taken on an interactive whiteboard can play a key role in theinteractive whiteboard can play a key role in the student review process, leading to higher levels ofstudent review process, leading to higher levels of student attendance.student attendance.
    5. 5. Chaya Rubens 62 Monarch Court Lyttelton Road N2 0RB Home:0208 458 6279 Mobile:07974700348 email: chayarubens1@ gmail.com Every child and every adult can reach their full potential…
    6. 6. Qualifications Currently studying Bachelor of Education at University of London, I am completing a Masters degree in Jewish Studies . I am a Head Teacher, Director of Education and Curriculum Coordinator at Elementary and High schools. I have worked in the field of Education for over 25 years. U.S Degree of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I am presently in London teaching Limmudei Kodesh and the L.K ICT Coordinator of Hasmonean Primary School. I am also the Headtacher of Woodside Park Cheder I design new programs for the SMART Interactive white board.
    7. 7. Experience • 1977-1980 Teacher, North West London Jewish Day School • 1980-2001 Director and Teacher, Yeshivah College, Melbourne, Australia • Experience in teaching all levels, creating programs, writing curriculum for both Secular and Judaic studies, presented workshops to the staff and community on various educational aspects, organised assemblies, supported staff, organised fundraising activities for the school, used technological skills to enhance level of school. • 1993-1995 ICT, Graphic designing courses • In addition to my administrative and teaching position took courses in Graphic design to be up to date with technology, and to facilitate ICT usage.
    8. 8. Continued… • 2001-2002 Teacher, Seattle Hebrew Academy • 2003 – Present • Hasmonean Primary School, London, U.K. • Full time teacher of all subjects i.e.. Multiculturalism, General Knowledge, Prayer, Bible studies, History for all grades, as well as teacher, mentor and ICT Coordinator. • Private tutoring, one to one, to students with a variety of needs, all levels and subjects. Film scripting and directing; development of educational DVD’s and programmes for TV and screen. • Presenting workshops to staff on various aspects of the curriculum using the Interactive white board. • Attending Educational Management Courses. • Studying at University of London Undergraduate degree and Masters in Jewish Education.
    9. 9. Welcome toWelcome to Greece!Greece! C.Rubens 2008.C.Rubens 2008.
    11. 11. Our Daily Blessings!Our Daily Blessings!
    12. 12. Let’s take a trip to IsraelLet’s take a trip to Israel Good afternoon!Good afternoon! This is your pilot speaking!This is your pilot speaking! Have you fastened your seatbelts?Have you fastened your seatbelts? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Take OffTake Off Sit back comfortablySit back comfortably and enjoy the flightand enjoy the flight
    13. 13. Hasmo Melava Malka 2009 Our presentation: Year 5 at the Shuk A dramatisation written by myself. Each stall was a different Festival with songs and dance.
    14. 14.  THE TEN COMMANDMENTS © C. Rubens 2010.
    15. 15. The Sharing of WisdomThe Sharing of Wisdom They realized that education wasThey realized that education was not a thing of one’s own to do withnot a thing of one’s own to do with what one pleases that it was not awhat one pleases that it was not a personal privilege to be merelypersonal privilege to be merely enjoyed by the possessor – but aenjoyed by the possessor – but a precious treasure transmitted; aprecious treasure transmitted; a sacred trust to be held, used andsacred trust to be held, used and enjoyed, and if possible,enjoyed, and if possible, strengthened – then passed ontostrengthened – then passed onto others the same trust.others the same trust. Louis Brandies.