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Open sea


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report on open sea

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Open sea

  1. 1. Open SeaChez Nicole DullanoAlexandria Rabanes
  2. 2. The world ocean covers over 360 million km2 of the earth’s surface and consists of one continuous, interconnected mass of water.This water is spread among three major ocean basins: Pacific Atlantic Indian
  3. 3. Distinguishing Characteristics:Salinity WavesTides DepthVastness
  4. 4. Benthic PelagicHabitats on These arethe bottom those found of the on theocean, and bottom, regar other dless of the aquatic depth.organisms.
  5. 5. Structure The oceans can be divided into several vertical and•Littoral or horizontal zones.intertidal zone •Neritic zone•Oceanic zone
  6. 6. The ocean is generally divided vertically into Bathypelagic several depth zones Zone Mesopelagic ZoneEpipelagic Zone
  7. 7. Abyssal Hadal Zone Zone This is It is thelayer from where the deepest 4,000 to parts of the 6,000 m. ocean belongs.
  8. 8. Abiotic Factors• Temperature• Light• Pressure• Oxygen• Salinity• Water movement• Visibility
  9. 9. Phytoplanktons
  10. 10. Zooplanktons
  11. 11. Nanoplanktons
  12. 12. Nekton
  13. 13. Benthic organisms
  14. 14. Oil spills
  15. 15. Chronic pollution
  16. 16. Human occupancy and recreational useof the shores
  17. 17. Over fishing
  18. 18. Dumping grounds