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Blair r8


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Blair r8

  1. 1. By Blair west
  2. 2. LOCATION• Indian ocean• Atlantic ocean• Arctic ocean• Southern ocean• Pacific ocean
  3. 3. Weather The wind on the water is 17kt near the land and 36kt in the PELAGIC zone. But every day it does change, it normally changes to 13kt near the land and 32kt in the pelagic. At night it goes down 10kt so that means every night it is 7kt at land and 22kt in the pelagic zone
  4. 4. • The ocean contains 99% of living space planet. fact #1• Life in the sea began 3.1billion years ago that’s a long time ago. The land dwellers appeared 400 million years ago.• The first proper fish ever alive is called a Coelacanth and it is known to still be alive. It is described as the biggest fish, bigger then a tuna smaller then a shark.
  5. 5. Fact #2The marine is divided into four separate zones. The firstone is called the PELAGIC zone also known as the openocean. The second one is called the BENTHIC zoneknown as the deepest part of the ocean. The third oneis called the ABYSSAL zone also known as the oxygenarea it is full of plants so it gives oxygen to the wholeocean. The fourth one is the INTERTIDAL zone it is alayer where the land meats the ocean
  6. 6. Fact #3• There are over hundreds of species of animals through out the whole ocean, and there are hundreds of plant as well.• The kelp and phytoplankton makes about 50% of our oxygen in the whole world
  7. 7. Plants in the Marine
  8. 8. Plants in the marine
  9. 9. Plant in the Marine
  10. 10. Clown FishClown fish have very special scales on themwhich makes it not get eaten by the seaanemone. The colours on
  11. 11. Puffer Fish
  12. 12. Leafy Sea Dragon• The leafy sea dragon has clear leaves that can make the sea dragon blend in with the sea weed.
  13. 13. Food chain whale tunaseal penguin squid Small fish