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New distributor ma


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New distributor ma

  1. 1. 1. New Distributor Training (NDT)2. Training Instruction This training is in a PowerPoint format. It can be viewed as a slide show in PowerPoint. You may also print the slides as Note pages format to view the training notes at the bottom of some slides. (Trainers copies) You may also print the slides as handouts with 3 slides per page and an area for notes, Make the order of print as horizontal . (Student copies) Please review TRAINER’S NOTES prior to teaching this class.3. Three Required Trainings New Distributor Training (NDT) 3-4 hours Who are we? Terminology Requirements Basic Five (B5) 3-4 hours The fundamentals of building an UnFranchise  Business. Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT) 6-8 hours Demonstrated knowledge of the above content. Demonstrated knowledge of policy and procedures.4. Business Support Tools & Training5. Founded in 1992, m a is a Product Brokerage and Internet Marketing company that specializes in One-to-One Marketing .6. A Product Brokerage Company market america Identifies the latest market-driven products Eliminates the burden of manufacturing Moves with the marketplace Does not rely solely on the sales of any one product or service 2,500 exclusive products and services Access to multibillion-dollar markets Market America’s Mall Without Walls ® ®7. Multibillion-Dollar Markets market america Health & Nutrition Anti-Aging Cosmetics Personal Care Weight Management Home & Garden Pet Care Telecommunications Internet Auto Care ®8. Exclusive m a Brands9. Customize a business based on your interests and goals University concept10. An Internet Marketing Company market america The Web Portal combined with Market America ’ s people power provides the most efficient and friendliest experience found anywhere on the Internet. ®11. The Web Portal • Unlimited Shopping • Hundreds of Exclusive m a Brands and Products • Custom Nutrition Services • Travel • Gift Cards & Certificates • Program • E-mail, Blogs, Video, m a TV, m a Newsstand • News, Weather, Sports • Entertainment • Social Networking • Thousands of Partner Stores • Quick, Accurate Product & Content Search12. Millions of products and services…13. Get Paid to Shop Earn up to 25 percent cash back for purchasing Market America branded products and those from our Partner Stores where you see the m a Cashback logo. Earn .5 percent on referral purchases forever14. One-to-One Marketing market america New paradigm People hate to be sold, but love to buy Building share of customer: providing a greater variety of products to a small portfolio of customers Match people to products and products to people High-tech & high-touch Giving customers exactly what they want Creating the Economy of the Future m a will be to One-to-One Marketing what McDonalds is to franchising and what Microsoft is to computerization. ®15. The following information provides fundamental knowledge required to ensure Qualified Individuals can successfully attain Financial Independence by implementing The UnFranchise ® Business Development System16. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina Market America ’ s mission is to provide a system for entrepreneurs to create an ongoing income, while providing consumers
  2. 2. worldwide with a better way to shop. Through revolutionary technology and the power of people, we are creating the economy of the future.17. Approximately every 10-20 years, a new marketing system emerges as a better way of distributing products to the end consumer. market america ®18. The UnFranchise ® Business Key Terms and Definitions19. Apply UnFranchise Owner (Independent Distributor) Subscription Fee Buy product at Distributor Cost and earn gross retail profit Participate in the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP) and earn commissions Sales Representative No Cost Buy product at Distributor Cost and earn gross retail profit20. Apply Business Development Center (BDC) Your place of business in the computer system at Market America. Identified by your nine digit Distributor I.D. followed by a three digit extension. Example: 123456789-001 The banks for BV and IBV are located here.21. Single Entry (1 BDC) – Created by submitting an application with the subscription fee. No initial order is required An upgrade to a Master UnFranchise Owner Entry (3 BDCs) is not permitted Master UnFranchise ® Owner Entry (3 BDCs) – Created by submitting an application with the subscription fee and an accompanying order for at least 300 BV of product or services. 200 BV placed in extension 001, A minimum of 50 BV placed in extension 002, and a minimum of 50 BV placed in extension 003.22. Master UnFranchise ® Owner Entry Enables you to leverage your efforts by opening multiple BDCs from the beginning Single Entry23. Create Business Volume (BV) and Incentive Business Volume (IBV) Business Volume (BV) is the unit value (points) assigned to exclusive m a -branded products Incentive Business Volume (IBV) is the unit value (points) assigned to any of our Partner Store brands BV and IBV are used to calculate commissions24. Create Personal Use Retail Sales Merchandising Systems Web Portal Catalogs Product Cards Ways to create BV and IBV: Transfer Buying/AutoShip One-to-One Marketing Building Share of Customer25. Personal Business Volume (PBV) All BV is PBV for the BDC it is placed in. PBV does not accrue in the banks of the BDC in which it is placed Initially used to qualify a BDC Used for quarterly PBV requirements Used to exercise the Monthly Accrual Option Group Business Volume (GBV) All PBV flows up and counts as GBV in the banks of all Qualified BDCs it flows through. GBV is used to calculate Commissions and bonuses26. Distributor Cost – What you pay for products and services. Suggested Retail Price – What the company suggests for retailing products, goods, and services based on fair market value. A Distributor may charge more or less than Suggested Retail Price The Company will charge the Distributor sales tax based on suggested retail if the Distributor is not registered for sales tax27. Qualify Accumulate 200 BV to qualify your Business Development Center (BDC) which opens both your left and right BV and IBV banks Once your Business Development Center has been qualified it will begin to accrue Business Volume (BV) and Incentive Business Volume (IBV) The sooner you qualify, the sooner you will be eligible to earn commissions and bonuses!28. Start Date The date when an application is entered at Market America and an Independent Distributor is created in the database. Used to determine if an Annual Renewal is required in the first year or not Acts as the Q-Date for Sales Representatives Qualification Date (Q-Date) A Distributor’s Q-date is the Friday of the week in which the Distributor’s
  3. 3. initial BDC became Qualified. This is the date for which both monthly and quarterly requirements are based This date will never change as long as a Distributor remains Active29. Quarter For Qualified Distributors Based on the Distributors Q-date; also called a “three-Q- date period.” For Sales Representatives And Unqualified Distributors Based on the Start date; also called a “three-start-date period.” Periods: Begins on the Saturday following an anniversary date Ends on the Friday following an anniversary date three months later The next quarter begins the next day (Saturday)30.31. Activate Personally sponsor and place one qualified Independent Distributor in your left organization and one qualified Independent Distributor in your right organization32. Active Independent Distributor There are three requirements to remain “ Active ”: Have a current Quarterly Sales Report (Form 1000) on file Must submit a Form 1000 each quarter At least two retail receipts totaling $200 in sales must accompany the Form 1000 Have placed minimum quarterly PBV amounts 150 PBV in any of your BDCs Have a current subscription (Annual Renewal Form) Renewal of your subscription is required each year If your Start Date is July 31 or earlier of the current year, must renew by December 31 of that year If your Start Date is August 1 or later of the current year, no need to renew until December 31 of the following year.33. MPCP Management / Supervisory Responsibilities Distributors are paid commissions for managing, training, supplying, supporting, and motivating their organizations to produce retail sales volume. Management / Supervisory responsibilities under the MPCP guidelines are listed in Chapter 12 Sec 1. Failure to perform the management responsibilities is grounds for corrective action by the company.34. Sponsor The Independent Distributor who introduced you to the business as indicated on your application. Placement Where a BDC is located in the Market America genealogy. Specified on the application by the new Distributor’s Sponsor Also referred to as linkage A BDC may only be placed on the left or right side of another BDC where no BDC currently exists (open placement).35. Sponsorship vs. Placement Example: You personally sponsored Tom, Sue and Dr. Jones. Although Dr. Jones is personally sponsored by You, notice her placement is on the left side of Chris’s Business Development Center36. Caused by incorrect placement information on the application. To correct linkage, use the “Placement Linkage Correction” Form found in the ‘Downloads’ area under ‘Administration’ Q-Date is not determined until the linkage is corrected Unlinked Distributors and Business Volume37. Teach, Manage & Support Others Teaching your newly sponsored Distributors to do what you are doing multiplies your efforts Teach them how to Apply, Create, Qualify and Activate People lead to people People lead to more people BV & IBV are generated as your organization expands Managing your organization increases your potential for income and growth38. The system searches for BV & IBV to infinity System Search System Search39. Commission Dollars earned for accrued GBV & GIBV totals in Activated BDCs. Management Performance Compensation Program (MPCP) A Distributor must be Qualified, Active, and Activated to be eligible to earn commissions. If a given GBV level is reached on the left and right of a BDC which is not Activated, that Commission is
  4. 4. forfeited40. Incentive Business Volume Compensation Program (IBVCP) A Distributor must be Qualified, Active, and Activated to be eligible to earn commissions. The Distributor must have at least 1 Preferred Customer ordering at least 1 BV-product per quarter through the Distributor’s Web Portal, AutoShip, or other Market America sites (for example, maMyWorld, Mini Websites) by the Distributor’s 3-month Q-date. Each of the Distributor’s Preferred Customers may satisfy this requirement one time only. If this requirement is not met when commissions are earned, then the Distributor will receive a courtesy letter from Market America informing the Distributor that the Distributor’s commission check will be held for four consecutive weekly commission cycles from the week the check would have otherwise been mailed, and if the requirement has still not been met by the end of this hold period, the check will be forfeited. If the requirement is met by this time, the Distributor will be deemed to have satisfied the requirement for the prior quarter only. If a given GBV level is reached on the left and right of a BDC which is not Activated, that Commission is forfeited41. Monthly BV Accrual Option Gives Distributors the ability to continue to accrue GBV month to month (12-month rolling accrual) Must maintain a subscription to the UFMS Must assign a minimum amount of PBV to their BDC-001 each month Distributor – 50 PBV Coordinator – 100 PBV Executive Coordinator and Higher – 150 PBV42. Monthly IBV Accrual Option Gives Distributors the ability to continue to accrue GIBV month to month (24-month rolling accrual) Completion of Getting Started Wizard (one time only). Set up maChatterbox Account. Sign up for maBlog, FashionCents, and maMyWorld to receive latest email updates. Set your Web Portal as your Home Page. Must maintain a subscription to the UFMS43. Monthly IBV Accrual Option (cont.) Gives Distributors the ability to continue to accrue GIBV month to month (24-month rolling accrual) Must assign a minimum amount of PIBV to their BDC-001 each month to accrue GIBV Level 1 (Distributor who has not received any IBV commission check) – 10 IBV Level 2 (Distributor who has received $300 IBV commission check) – 20 IBV Level 3 (Distributor who has completed one commission cycle and received $600 [5000/5000] IBV commission check) – 30 IBV Must PERSONALLY purchase $50, per month by your Q-Date, from Partner Stores on your Web Portal and/or maMyWorld using your Distributorship’s Personal PC ID #. Must generate a minimum of 50 BV of maBranded product sales to PC’s through your Web Portal and/or AutoShip monthly by your Q-Date.44. How Commissions are earned 1,200 total BV from your left and right = $300 | 1,200 total IBV from your left and right = $300 2,400 total BV from your left and right = $300 | 2,400 total IBV from your left and right = $300 3,600 total BV from your left and right = $300 | 3,600 total IBV from your left and right = $300 5,000 total BV from your left and right = $600 | 5,000 total IBV from your left and right = $600 1,200 2,400 3,600 5,000 1,200 2,400 3,600 5,000 System Search System Search45. Management Bonus $600 bonus paid for demonstrating management and growth. In the same week that a BDC earns a Commission check for reaching the 5000/5000 GBV pay out criteria, a BDC on the left side and a BDC on the right side each earn Commission checks for reaching the 5000/5000 GBV pay out criteria. Also called a “Triple Flush”46. How Bonuses are earned Every time you and any BDC in your left sales organization plus any BDC in your right sales organization completes the BV commission cycle in the
  5. 5. same week, you receive a management bonus of $600!47. Gives a Distributor the ability to place another BDC in their organization. Earned when a BDC earns the check for reaching the 5000/5000 pay level the first time Only awarded once per BDC Must be placed according to policy Re-Entry48. Re-Entry Open additional Business Development Centers to increase your commissions49. Selling more products to fewer people is more efficient and more profitable than the time- honored mass marketing rules of pitching products to the greatest number of people. Establishing, sustaining, and maintaining dialogue and obtaining feedback with and from these customers. Concentrating on building unique relationships with individual customers on a 1 to 1 basis. Building Share of Customer50. Building Share of Customer Offer existing customers more products/services through the Mall Without Walls TM and Web Portal Match products to people, and people to products program allows customers to get paid for shopping 10-15 Customers shopping regularly51. Principle #1: Selling more products to fewer people is easier Within the Product Line Within the Store Within the Mall Within the Partner Stores Customer of Customer Building Share of Customer52. Principle #2: Sustaining dialogue and obtaining feedback What do your customers really want? What does this individual customer really want? What would they purchase from you, if you had it? Building Share of Customer53. Principle #3: Building unique relationships with these customers Demonstrate an active interest in customers as individuals. Communicate on a periodic and frequent basis – Not Just The Sale. Utilize mail, faxes, telephone, voicemail, email, and website. Building Share of Customer54. Survey, collect, warehouse, data mine, and analyze information to identify products goods and services Preferred Customers would purchase, if it were made available! Find those products, goods, and services and bring them to the customer…instead of the customer to the product! Building Share of Customer55. Millions of products and services…56. Pin Levels and Requirements Coordinator A Distributor who is qualified, activated, and has earned at least their first Commission check. Must submit Form 1001 - Executive Coordinator Qualification and Application Form Agreement to accept responsibility of Executive Coordinator Must submit Form 925 - Executive Coordinator Acknowledgement & Agreement Agreement to certify your attending all three required trainings and complied with the 70% rule proving a Form 1000 (Distributor Sales Report) with at least $200 in retail sales. Both of these forms are part of the Online Sign-Up Wizard and have probably already been done.57. Pin Levels and Requirements Executive Coordinator A Distributor who has accrued a minimum of 5000 GBV on both the left and right sides of a BDC and has earned that $600.00 Commission check. Must attend an Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT) – within 28 days of earning the $600 commission check Prerequisites for the ECCT are attendance/completion of a NDT and a Basic Five UFMS is a requirement for Executive Coordinator and above58. Pin Levels and Requirements Master Coordinator A Distributor who has Triple Flushed (earned the $600 Management Bonus)59. Pin Levels and Requirements All Pin Levels beyond Master Coordinator are based on commissions and bonuses received from the MPCP in a four week pay cycle. We are not
  6. 6. employees of Market America. We are Independent Distributors. Our income should not be advertised. Recognition statement of Income earned: “ has earned in excess of ________ in a 4 week pay cycle”60. Pin Levels and Requirements Professional Coordinator – earned ≥ $4,500 in a 4 week pay cycle Supervising Coordinator – earned ≥ $7,500 in a 4 week pay cycle National Supervising Coordinator – earned ≥ $10,000 in a 4 week pay cycle Executive Supervising Coordinator – earned ≥ $15,000 in a 4 week pay cycle Director – earned ≥ $18,000 in a 4 week pay cycle Executive Director – earned ≥ $25,000 in a 4 week pay cycle61. Field Vice-President – earned ≥ $36,000 in a 4 week pay cycle Executive Field Vice- President – earned ≥ $45,000 in a 4 week pay cycle Senior Executive Field Vice- President – earned ≥ $63,000 in a 4 week pay cycle Field President – earned ≥ $80,000 in a 4 week pay cycle International Field President – earned ≥ $100,000 in a 4 week pay cycle Pin Levels and Requirements62. Tools and Requirements UnFranchise Management System (UFMS) A system of management services and tools designed to help manage your sales organizations, maximize your time, and grow your UnFranchise  business. * Monthly Subscription Charge for UFMS $20. Features of UFMS UFMS – Management Reports Credit Card ordering services Management training CD’s MARVIN – Market America Responsive Voice Information Network. Powerline Voice Link (PVL) PATLive Messaging System63. Tools MARVIN - Market America Responsive Voice Information Network Designed to answer your basic inquiries pertaining to your Distributorship Voice response system Q- date, Annual Renewal date, the date that your Form 1000 was received, etc. Simply call 336-605-5556 to experience the ease and convenience of MARVIN64. Tools PowerLine Voice Link (PVL) A telephone service that enables a Distributor to access weekly sales volume and commissions earned information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 336-605-5556 (Same as MARVIN) PATLive Messaging System Market America’s voicemail system provider. Enroll by calling 800-775-7790 or by logging on to the UnFranchise  Business Account (“Back Office”). You receive 30 days of free PatLive Messaging system when you purchase UFMS at the Sign-in process.65. Tools Transfer Buying – A standing order that is shipped monthly automatically. Paid for by bank draft or credit card. Set-up two weeks prior to Q-date. Can be changed as needed Designed to satisfy the minimum PBV/IBV and UFMS requirements. Maintains the Monthly Accrual Option.66. Forfeit This means you have enough volume on the left and right of a BDC to meet a given pay out criteria but you do not get the check.. Terms & Conditions67. Reasons for Forfeit You do not have your 2 personally sponsored Distributors (one on the left and one on the right) when you reach a payout increment. Example: Reaching 1200 BV on the left and 1200 BV on the right before becoming activated. You have not had one PC place a BV product order through your Web Portal, AutoShip program or other ma affiliated websites each quarter based on your 3 month Q-date period (IBV commissions only) Terms & Conditions68. Reasons for Forfeit (cont.) You have not sent in the required forms 925, 1001. They both must be completed after you earn your first $300 BV commission check. You have not completed the three required trainings NDT, B5 and ECCT, All three must be completed after you complete the BV pay cycle the first time (5000 BV/5000 BV). Terms &
  7. 7. Conditions69. Flush Flushing resets your GBV (or GIBV) banks to zero (0). Good (Green) Flush – Your banks reset because you accumulated 5000 GBV (or GIBV) in the left and right banks of that BDC and received the $600 Commission check. Bad (Red) Flush – All of your banks reset because you choose to not exercise the Monthly Accrual Option (BV or IBV). Reasons for Red (bad) Flush You did not meet your Monthly BV Accrual Option . You did not meet your UFMS subscription requirement . You did not meet your Monthly IBV Accrual Option. * Only your IBV (not your BV) totals will be effected if you do not meet your monthly IBV requirements. Terms & Conditions70. Purge Your BV and IBV totals on the left and right reset to zero in all BDC’s. The Distributor becomes Inactive Must re-qualify BDCs with 200 PBV before they will begin to accrue GBV again. All PBV disappears from upline GBV banks. NOTE: This affects everyone upline who has not been paid on your volumes as this purge volume flushes out of their GBV totals. Reasons for Purge You did not meet your Minimum Activity Requirements of at least 150BV for the quarter . You did not submit your Form 1000 (quarterly sales report) in a timely manner. You did not submit your Annual Renewal in a timely manner. Terms & Conditions71. Terms & Conditions Sales Tax To avoid having Market America charge sales tax on an order, the paying distributor must have appropriate sales tax documentation on file with Market America for the state/territory to which the product is being shipped. Distributors are completely responsible for collecting, remitting and reporting their own sales tax . Market America Sales Tax Agreement: This form must be mailed / faxed to Market America along with a copy of your sales tax license and certificate. It may be printed via UnFranchise  Business Account > Downloads > Administration72. Record Keeping - Expenses Advertising & promotional materials Automobile expenses (mileage) Travel expenses (airfare) Lodging and meals Entertainment of prospects and downline Trainings and admission fees (tickets) Freight, Administrative, shipping costs Postal charges Business equipment (computer, fax, furniture) Office supplies (paper, ink) Professional fees (tax preparation etc.) Terms & Conditions73. Record Keeping - Income Profit from retail sales of products Commissions and bonuses received from the Management Performance Compensation Program. (Tax Form 1099) TERMS & CONDITIONS74. Building a Solid Foundation for Profitability and Stability75. The Objective For Every New Distributor Create a cash flow through building a repeat customer base. Base 10 Seven Strong Create distribution through other Distributors – earn $300 monthly in commission Short-term goal – Personally sponsor 2 who sponsor 2 each and attain Base 1076. Business Goals Begin with Base 10 Personally purchase and use > 100 BV per month Establish 10 Repeat Customers – Base of > 10 purchasing a minimum of 30 BV monthly within 90 days (2 per week, first 12 weeks)77. Earn > $300/Monthly after Three-Six Months Business Goal – Base 10, Seven Strong 400 BV 400 BV 400 BV 400 BV 400 BV 400 BV 400 BV78. Market America Online Training79. The UnFranchise  Business Account (“Back Office”) It is the Distributor-only Web site that provides you with all of the tools necessary to measure, monitor, adjust and control
  8. 8. your business. Your Profile, Company Information, Customer Data, Order History, Forms, Reports, Marketing Tools, and much more are found on the UnFranchise  Business Account. Your Rep ID or Email and password are required to login to the UnFranchise  Business Account at your Web Portal80. To Access the UnFranchise ® Business Account (“Back Office”): There is a link in the lower left corner of your Web Portal - “ UnFranchise  Business Login ”81. The UnFranchise Business Account (Back Office”) Login Enter your Rep ID (7 digit) or the E-mail address that is on file with market America Enter your password Click “Go!”82. TRAINING MODULES Log into: username: distributor password: gonow CT = Certified Trainer CTLC = Certified Transitions Lifestyle Coach CWT = Certified WebCenter Trainer MCT = Motives Certified Trainer83. TRAINING MODULES 1 - Introduction and Overview 2 - Navigating and Using Basic Functions 3 - Web Portal Setup and Administration 4 - Preferred Customers 5 - Ordering Services 6 - Form 1000 7 - NMTSS 8 - Signup Wizard 9 - Using Reports84. #1 Introduction and Overview85. #2 Navigating and Using Basic Functions86. #3 Web Portal Set Up & Administration87. #4 Preferred Customers88. #5 Ordering Services89. #6 Online Form 100090. #7 NMTSS91. # 8 The Sign Up Wizard and Online Forms92. # 9 Management Reports93. Online Website Tools WebCenter – / Transitions – Profiles of success – Product information – www.nutrametrix.com94. NDT Review Questions What are the three required trainings? What is the difference between a Single entry & Master UnFranchise Owner entry? How do you Qualify your BDC? What does the term BV mean? What is your start date? What is your Q-Date? What are your Q-Date Quarter periods? What does it mean to Activate?95. NDT Review Questions What do you need to do to remain “Active”? What is MPCP? How do you earn a Management Bonus? When do you earn a Re-entry? Where do you find the training modules? What do you need to login to the UnFranchise  Business Account (“Back Office”)? Why did you start your UnFranchise  Business? What is Market America?96. Your Next Step Develop your “What is it?” Develop your 2 minute commercial. Develop you Goal Statement. Purchase products for personal use. Develop a customer base of 10 Preferred Customers. Attend all three required trainings.97. New Distributor Training (NDT)