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Style presents hanoi vietnam

  1. 1. "Style" presents Hanoi VietnamHanoi is the integration of food all over the country, but the integration here is to gothrough the filter of people hard capital, then make a very personal style, a Ha Noi, aHanoi Vietnam things gifts.Autumn in 1010, when King Ly Cong Uan moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Dai La,named the new capital of Thang Long, then this is probably the time of birth to a newculinary style of people living on land located between three major rivers: Nhi Ha, Lich,Taurus.The ancients have a saying: First sighted, sensitive to talk about the need to explain thefavorable habitat, and Thang Long, Dong Do, Dong Kinh was old - is the name of theking set, also the name of the folk is called Ke Cho. Located by the river Ke Cho Yee, ToLich river, the river Taurus always bustling wharf boat, with so many specialties iscarried on here to make good food place periods, Ke Cho gifts.
  2. 2. According to historians, from the Ly, outside the four-door Citadel had four majormarkets, markets of the East, South Market, North Market and West Market store, butoutside the cell door, then there are many market, many shops selling gifts, where theinteraction between inner city and peri-urban areas, suburban areas.In general, the X century to century XVIII - XIX, the imperial dynasty Great Vietnameseare not developing foreign trade, more or less the same reason social security, so gifts tothe capital city of the country is mainly home gifts, gifts inland native areas, "Tu Tran,"the northern delta and beyond, from the country ... And then, do not know ever since,where folk Ke Cho also had the proverb : Part MIT East, selling roses for West ...According to Le Quy Don (in terms of Van Dai) is meeting in the winter as Gia LamThang Long, Dong Ngan with Loa is very tasty, and White Crane rose in the west ofThang Long (Vietnam area Tri) seedless, eating don, just not so sweet ... but from myyouth that Hanoi had fishing ranges:Try the nuggets round pick and householdsPink hearts White Crane pick em happyThus, we can understand that Hanoi is the concentration, crystallization, and then bloomagain spillovers, and food culture of Hanoi, with other familiar place has turned into giftshome Hanoi.Thang Long - Ke Cho, which has been urbanized, trading in goods, with one or moreways of preparing the exquisite gifts for any home, which creates gastronomic identity ofHanoi, and they also become the venue of the delicious dishes of what objects the essenceof cultural life, including food, where the folk classification: the first trading period, thesecond City Charter.As mentioned above, the original gift not from Hanoi, or other urban areas, which isderived from agricultural villages. And also so that the text presents here is not limited toliterally left wheel, which means fruit snacks, food tasting, snack, which is not reinforcedenough food to eat delicious, strange taste ; and so, in this land, to enjoy a very personaland processing, the gifts are made with exquisite views of this season, now he doesdishes.Hanoian as well as most of today (except for a small part of the province looking forwork) have not eaten floodgates, not omnivores.The gourmet capital of Hanoi, we can say is fine, to form a personal style in the culinaryarts. The chef in this land periods always impressed that has made many dishes, nativecountry of origin, where it received and became famous.
  3. 3. You can get noodle dishes such as crab; this is the gift of Wildlife, characterized thecountrys northern plain, so that was eating noodles cooked crab of Hanoi, who still feelsubtle the superior, that is by matching the characteristic shiny yellow crab with crabspecial bricks into pieces, eating soft, medium soft, radiate the smell of fresh crab andham when chan on white noodle bowl fibers to smooth over a slightly higher thannormal, while the disc is served with raw vegetables are indispensable banana flowers,shiso, chopped lettuce ...As a writer To Hoai has commented: "What to Hanoi Hanoi is also obtained as a third ofHanoi, was Hanoi." On a certain occasion, if there is a chance to see who presentsprocessed Hanoi, we will feel the difference, because even a normal meal, not a specialtyhigh-end, but they still handle them carefully, for the period with a special flair, so that acrab noodle dish familiar Delta region will be other guests enjoy gourmet food through a"comprehensive" is the reward of both senses: color light yellow crab fat, multi-coloreddiscs fresh vegetables, vinegar smell the flowers and the smell of fragrance, medium softfoam blocks both crab and vegetables served in the cool fragrance. All, all that harmonydoes not have any dominant position.As mentioned above, the Ha Noi very picky in eating and choose items, so food gifts artof Hanoi seems to rule, that the people of the land of thousand years of civilization israrely wrong.In one day, they ate also present in a certain way and not eat these things go, for example,chicken noodle, beef noodle soup, noodle sauce food wine as gifts in the morning.Noodle stir fry, sauté noodles are eaten in the evening. Sticky rice, sticky slanted, stickysesame ... only sold in the morning, and afternoon is the time of the noodle dishes, rolls,noodles and fake candles. The evening meal is usually easily digested snacks such asheart liver porridge, noodles Van Than ... - for the evening sedentary people.Thanh Tri cakes famous book gift with ball thin cinnamon rolls pork, chicken eggs, themedium is both a gift too bright at night, then a chestnut cake song Employer Employersale until streets have been turn off the lights.The fruit was in Hanoi to fit with nature, heaven and earth, the climate, to balance the yinand yang, and not eat anything and to always be. With elegant lifestyle to life, they eatvery selective and has created a difference in comparison with other localities in the wayof enjoying food and drinks.And also by eating how and when they that have helped us to identify the pair ofcharacters, the stylish, sophisticated in the enjoyment of everyone, also by eating theirreflected in every detail: nuggets wrapped in lotus leaves have, just keep moist plasticflake, just to save the fragrance of cereal, just to add a gentle scent of the lotus leaf.
  4. 4. Hanoi people do not eat cereal pour hot summer of fire, or when the bitter winter prices,which they collect to eat cereal on cold weather with fresh eggs, bananas hoe. The longcurved bananas, gold speckled brown nursery, next to the lotus leaf wrapping with blueflake, have forced a few strands of straw yellow, presented on white porcelain plates, thefruit is not eaten, but also feel the fragrance , sweet, supple, fleshy on the date of the giftof Hanoi.Autumn is not only eating cereal with bananas eggs round picks, fall is the season ofbuilding the duck ...: to fatness, and now is the time that Hanoi to enjoy a bowl of noodlesbuildings, Tay Ho. Water boiled snails, the life of this ancient capital is still light as thebuilding which once through the skillful hands of the chefs country eat in periods whenthe show has dark, medium sweet, medium tomatoes, blended medium spicy . In themorning eat a bun selling real estate not only to help hungry but also to enjoy the taste,the color of the dish was so-so-smart human resources present ...Then the fall of the snail noodle dishes, noodle and duck back over the winter nights inHanoi with grilled corn fruit, hot roasted chestnuts, knee or back wheel browning sauceand eat with sour enough , spicy, salty, sweet, add a few slices of crunchy green papaya,otherwise enjoy hot chicken soup with little extra sprinkle of pepper, chili powder.In the noodle dishes, soup or sauce in the gift of Hanoi are generally often enough, butthe smart option here is seasonal, depending on processing items that increase or decreaseaccordingly. For example, cold wet winter weather, can not be reconciled with the moreacidic type of food, the food seller or the extra heat, just to taste the hot broth to justsweat. But of course the heat of Hanoi is only a moderately spicy, so just be very specificas they own such behavior.
  5. 5. Hanoi is the integration of food all over the country, but the integration here is to gothrough the filter of people hard capital, then make a very personal style, a Ha Noi, aHanoi things gifts. I tried again referred to a long gift, but simple and familiar of Hanoi todemonstrate: Xoi - a very popular dish.From early morning, Hanoi has sold so many away, but this would only mention a fewspecific types away in this land that people like, its corn sticky, sticky you, slanted away... Xoi you eat to dig and stir until the beans are ripe, take it and chop, chicken fat in alittle more flesh to seed ball away, even if it is slanted away, the particles away to havemore of a bright yellow beans green, straw yellow color of the phi, mingled with the fatof fat. Flung away almost like corn also slanted, only instead peeled white corn extract,soft fragrance.The traditional gift is fruit in Hanoi The numerous and difficult to tell anything, but if itcomes to gifts without talking to Hanoi pho is really flawed.Hanoi pho always be full of spices: minced green onion and cilantro, basil smooth, thenthe re-quilted, pepper, fresh chilli. Not acceptable noodle basil flavor, much less eat forlife. Hanoi noodle coated thin not thick. Boiled beef sliced fish out of cooled horizontalgrain, medium soft, medium sweet, just fragrant but not long, ragged.Pho is the soul of water used, the security from beef bones, pork bones, a little driedshrimp, sá devotees, but its scent is an invitation so far. A pot of pho of Hanoi familiarcrystallization process is introduced between the coastal, plains and mountains. Wheneating pho is fragrant in the streets of Hanoi, the separation is less certain is definitely theflavor of ginger in the delta, cardamom, anise of mountainous, dry ink, sá devotees fromthe coastal region.Pho beef noodle soup is like chicken, only with chicken instead of beef, pork bones andsecurity, and herbs on the pho brief lime leaves add a few strands to move only specificaroma. Hanoi has dishes require more than the number of spices, such as scale noodledish, this dish to the dried shrimp, shrimp sauce, fragrant knotweed, belostomatid oil ...then dissipated to the full flavor of Hanoi gift.In the gift of Hanoi also need to talk to tea, because it is a great gift is our people,especially women and children. Hanoi Tea is a product of the countryside, but its styleand off periods of the earth, both elegant, medium-rich, just proud flowers with subtlefragrance of nature.Tea is tea Hanoi Vietnam, but has been refined, improved and reductions; such as tea,cereal dishes, with ingredients on cereal ring diameter, cassava flour, grapefruit perfume.Bung cereal bowl of tea in hand, outside the elegant sweetness, the food was sometimesseen as well these days in March where flowers bloom white grapefruit orchards, cereal
  6. 6. aroma of autumn rice fields pull away in the old home place.In these families have several generations of residence in Hanoi, the principle of usingspices for each dish, each situation ... has always been the previous generation taught thenext generation, creating a unique cultural patterns of economic into. Cold cooked withginger and conceal the remains of sugar heated to keep the body warm, summer tea bowlsdotted commercial longan flowers sometimes grapefruit, jasmine. Just a little spice aswould, but contains the full subtlety of human behavior in harmony with heaven andearth.Hanoi, like all humanity is to drink water daily, except a little something to drink, drink,drink when and with whom?Presents under the category of drinking Hanoi also plentiful, but the most common andpopular is probably drinking tea (please call to distinguish food tea tea). Previously inHanoi also pretty much the same shops in the countryside. Hanoi people like to drinkfresh tea (also known as green tea). Water to drink green tea hot and yellow to match thewave there is delicious.The Hanoi less water use, although most people here still bears little village roots place,where countries with very familiar. But sometimes there are people with, and theybrewed a tea lady with the hot area, sometimes spending chrysanthemum incense smell.The shop in Hanoi selling dry tea is mainly (formerly known as the first tea ship).Drinking tea in Hanoi is like pieces of betel is the story of old, to meet the drinking, thirstis not drinking, and drinking fun, sad and drinking, parting and drinking, eating anddrinking to discuss, waiting for someone drinking water as well ... so things dry tea hasbecome a popular beverage.If the tea has a long life, the new coffee from the French in Hanoi. Ha people drink coffeein French - in filter (the filter), and the other with the customary tea noisy, cheerful,coffee shops Hanoi usually calm, quiet. Guests sat pensive drink a coffee waiting for fall,or see the advantage of a newspaper, or talk softly to the person you go along. Enteringthe cafe in Hanoi, it looked like life had stopped here, by all that noise and it was excitingto be left outside. Is it also a kind gift enjoy Hanoi.Hanoi entered the XXI century, along with the development of market economy and wayof life rush rush of the industrial age, the list of Hanoi presents the appearance of fastfoods (fast food) European and American style, but not so that the gift be forgottenHanoi, followed by a rule of nature: the more modern, more people prefer to return toprimitive life, and also because traditional food Vietnam has taken fully the concept ofbalance between man and heaven and earth; that when people are sticking with thetraditional nature of seasonal food of Hanoi is forever. The Thang Long - Hanoi
  7. 7. charming soul who not only proud air and scenery, but also by the habits of small butelegant food culture.One lane floral grapefruit in a bowl of tea, bit hard to describe the flavor of pho in themorning, the executive branch, dotted shiso soup bowls night ... the little things that havecontributed to a taste of Thang Long, a taste of giftsHa Noi, who once had to make this place will be remembered forever.