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Cloud Foundry, the Open Platform As A Service


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This talk will provide an overview of the PaaS (Platform as a Service) landscape, and will describe the Cloud Foundry open source PaaS, with its multi-framework, multi-service, multi-cloud model.

Cloud Foundry allows developers to provision apps in Java/Spring, Ruby/Rails, Ruby/Sinatra, Javascript/Node, and leverage services like MySQL, MongoDB, Reddis, Postgres and RabbitMQ. It can be used as a public PaaS on and other service providers (ActiveState, AppFog), to create your own private cloud, or on your laptop using the Micro Cloud Foundry VM.

The talk will end with a demo of Cloud Foundry in action, showing the end to end development workflow, from developing locally with Micro Cloud Foundry to deploying on Cloud

If you want to get started with Cloud development, bring your laptops, check the requirements and download pre-requisites at, and we'll help you setup your environment and get started with Cloud Foundry on your local machine.

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Cloud Foundry, the Open Platform As A Service

  1. Cloud Foundry The Open Platform as a ServicePatrick ChanezonSenior DirectorDeveloper Relationschanezonp@vmware.com Cloud Expo Bootcamp, Nov 2011 2Wednesday, November 9, 11
  2. P@ in a nutshell • French, based in San Francisco • Senior Director, Developer Relations,VMware • Software Plumber, API guy, mix of Enterprise and Consumer • 18 years writing software, backend guy with a taste for javascript • 2 y Accenture (Notes guru), 3 y Netscape/AOL (Servers, Portals), 5 y Sun (ecommerce, blogs, Portals, feeds, open source) • 6 years at Google, API guy (first hired, helped start the team) • Adwords, Checkout, Social, HTML5, CloudWednesday, November 9, 11
  3. Predictions “The future is already here — its just not very evenly distributed” William Gibson 3Wednesday, November 9, 11
  4. Architecture Changes: 60’s MainframeWednesday, November 9, 11
  5. Architecture Changes: 80’s Client-ServerWednesday, November 9, 11
  6. Architecture Changes: 90’s WebWednesday, November 9, 11
  7. Architecture Changes: 2010’s Cloud, HTML5, MobileWednesday, November 9, 11
  8. Back to Client Server: Groovy Baby! 8Wednesday, November 9, 11
  9. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud According to my daughter Eliette 9Wednesday, November 9, 11
  10. Cloud Stack - Classic Pyramid Software As A Service Platform As A Service Infrastructure As A Service 10Wednesday, November 9, 11
  11. Cloud Stack - By Number Software As A Service Platform As A Service Infrastructure As A Service 11Wednesday, November 9, 11
  12. Cloud Stack - By Value Software As A Service Platform As A Service Infrastructure As A Service 12Wednesday, November 9, 11
  13. Cloud Stack - Neutral Software As A Service Platform As A Service Infrastructure As A Service 13Wednesday, November 9, 11
  14. Cloud Stack - History § What does cloud mean, 4 main angles • Software 1994 Netscape • Infrastructure 2002 Amazon AWS • Platform 2008 Google • Development now! § Industrialization of hardware and software infrastructure • like electricity beginning of 20th century, cf The Big Switch, Nick Carr § But software development itself is moving towards craftmanship 14Wednesday, November 9, 11
  15. Crossing the Chasm § Build the whole product § Cloud getting mainstream: Apple iCloud § Opportunities and risks § Ecosystems, various platforms Picture from Wikimedia Foundation 15Wednesday, November 9, 11
  16. Cloud started at Consumer websites solving their needs • Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter • Large Data Sets • Storage Capacity growing faster than Moore’s Law • Fast Networks • Horizontal -> Vertical scalability • Open Source Software • Virtualization • Cloud is a productization of these infrastructures • Public Clouds Services: Google, Amazon • Open Source Software: Hadoop, Eucalyptus, Ubuntu, Cloud FoundryWednesday, November 9, 11
  17. Infrastructure 17Wednesday, November 9, 11
  18. IaaS/Virtualization getting mainstream § AWS, Joyent, Rackspace,... § Open Source projects: OpenStack, DeltaCloud, Eucalyptus § Automation: Chef, Juju § Standardization? DMTF § Inside the Firewall, Virtualization: VMware, Microsoft, Xen, KVM § Easy to provision, manage instance...BUT § Still need to manage backups, software stacks, monitor, upgrades 18Wednesday, November 9, 11
  19. With Infrastructure, you still need to build your own platform § Need to build a distributed platform on top of you infrastructure § Story of the AWS meltdown from last summer • • uses.php • • § Twilio, Smugmug, SimpleGeo survived it because they built their own distributed platform on top of IaaS § Enterprise customers want to consider Infrastructure like CDNs • Multi Cloud usage • Based on Open Source de facto standards, or full standards whenever that happens 19Wednesday, November 9, 11
  20. Platforms 20Wednesday, November 9, 11
  21. Platforms § Raise the Unit of currency to be application & services instead of infrastructure § Google App Engine, Cloud Foundry, Joyent, Heroku, Stax (Cloudbees), Amazon elastic beanstalk, Microsoft Azure, AppFog § Single or a few languages, services § Start of Multi language Polyglot platforms § Enabler for Agile Developers -> Create Business value faster § Lack of standards: risk, vendor lock-in § Enterprise needs: • Control, customizability • Private/Hybrid Cloud • Avoid lock-in 21Wednesday, November 9, 11
  22. Agile Development ProcessesWednesday, November 9, 11
  23. Agility as a survival skill § Consumer software is becoming like fashion • Phone apps, social apps, short lifetime, fast lifecycles • Ab testing § Clay shirky situational apps § Kent Beck, Usenix 2011 Talk change in software process when frequency grows § Cloud Platforms enables an Agile culture, driver for innovation • Scalability is built in the platforms • Can iterate faster • Focus on design 23Wednesday, November 9, 11
  24. Main Risk: Lock-In Welcome to the hotel california Such a lovely place Such a lovely face Plenty of room at the hotel california Any time of year, you can find it here Last thing I remember, I was Running for the door I had to find the passage back To the place I was before ’relax,’ said the night man, We are programmed to receive. You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave! 24Wednesday, November 9, 11
  25. Cloud Foundry: The Open PaaS • Open Source: Apache 2 Licensed • multi language/frameworks • multi services • multi cloud Ap ce pli vFabric rfa Postgres Private ca nte Data Services tio Clouds rI n e Se Public vid vFabric RabbitMQTM rvi Cloud ro Msg Services ce dP Micro ou Other Cloud Cl Services 25Wednesday, November 9, 11
  26. Open Source 26Wednesday, November 9, 11
  27. Open Source Advantage § • 27Wednesday, November 9, 11
  28. Multi Cloud 28Wednesday, November 9, 11
  29. CloudFoundry.COM Cloud Foundry Runtimes & Frameworks Services vCenter / vSphere Infrastructure 29Wednesday, November 9, 11
  30. Cloud Foundry.ORG Cloud Foundry The Source Code to Compile & Build Cloud Foundry vCenter / vSphere Download Setup Setup Scripts Deploy Code Environment Behind Firewall 30Wednesday, November 9, 11
  31. Micro Cloud Foundry Micro 31Wednesday, November 9, 11
  32. What is a Micro Cloud? Or Entire Cloud Running inside of a single VM 32Wednesday, November 9, 11
  33. Micro Cloud Foundry… (BETA) A pre-built Micro (Single VM) version of Cloud Foundry… You need a Cloud Account to use Micro Cloud Foundry Signup @ 33Wednesday, November 9, 11
  34. Micro Cloud Foundry… (BETA) A pre-built Micro (Single VM) version of Cloud Foundry… Micro You need a Cloud Account to use Micro Cloud Foundry Signup @ 33Wednesday, November 9, 11
  35. Pre-requisites Resources Minimum 1 GB Minimum 8 GB Internet Connectivity RAM Disk (w/DHCP is ideal) Virtualization Clients VMC STS Command line GUI 34Wednesday, November 9, 11
  36. What is in Micro Cloud Foundry? .COM Dynamic Updating DNS App Instances Services Open source Platform as a Service project 10.04 35Wednesday, November 9, 11
  37. Other Cloud Foundry powered PaaS Private PaaS Added Python and Perl Public PaaS Added PHP 36Wednesday, November 9, 11
  38. Development LifeCycle 37Wednesday, November 9, 11
  39. Traditional App Deploy and Request/Response Web Request/Allocate Web Build/Setup Install/Configure App Deploy/Test App Scale? Upgrade? DB DB Update?Wednesday, November 9, 11
  40. How Apps are Deployed on Cloud Foundry Web Web App “vmc push MyApp” DB App Web Scale? “vmc instances MyApp 5” DB Upgrade? “vmc map MyApp MyApp2” Update? “vmc update MyApp”Wednesday, November 9, 11
  41. How Apps are Deployed on Cloud Foundry Web Web App “vmc push MyApp” DB App Web Scale? “vmc instances MyApp 5” DB Upgrade? “vmc map MyApp MyApp2” Update? “vmc update MyApp”Wednesday, November 9, 11
  42. How Apps are Accessed on Cloud Foundry Request Web Interface Load Balancing Response and Routing Web App App Instance DB “vmc push MyApp” ServiceWednesday, November 9, 11
  43. How Apps are Scaled on Cloud Foundry Request Load Load Load Balancer(s) Balancing Response Balancer(s) and Routing App Instances Web Web Web App App App DB “vmc instances MyApp 3” ServiceWednesday, November 9, 11
  44. How Apps are Updated on Cloud Foundry Previous Instance Updated New Version Stopped Code Version Web Web Web Web App App App App DB DB Service Service “vmc update MyApp”Wednesday, November 9, 11
  45. Services 43Wednesday, November 9, 11
  46. Current Services Available on Cloud Foundry 44Wednesday, November 9, 11
  47. Service Creation and BindingVCAP_SERVICES:{"redis-2.2":[{"name":"redis_sample","label":"redis-2.2","plan":"free","tags":["redis","redis-2.2","key-value","nosql"],"credentials":{"hostname":"","host":"","port":5023,"password":"8e9a901f-987d-4544-9a9e-ab0c143b5142","name":"de82c4bb-bd08-46c0-a850-af6534f71ca3"}}],"mongodb-1.8":[{"name":"mongodb-e7d29","label":"mongodb-1.8","plan":"free","tags”:…………………. 45Wednesday, November 9, 11
  48. Service Creation and Binding App Instance 46Wednesday, November 9, 11
  49. Service Creation and Binding App Instance Redis Service 46Wednesday, November 9, 11
  50. Service Creation and Binding App Instance Redis Service 46Wednesday, November 9, 11
  51. Service Creation and Binding App Instance Redis Service MongoDB Service 46Wednesday, November 9, 11
  52. How it works 47Wednesday, November 9, 11
  53. Logical View Browser VMC client STS plugin (user app access) Routers CloudControllers App App HealthManager Services DEA Pool Messaging 48Wednesday, November 9, 11
  54. Architecture 49Wednesday, November 9, 11
  55. Register today Use Promo Code cloudexpo2011 To avoid approval queue waiting time 50Wednesday, November 9, 11
  56. Cloud for Developers: the true path is PaaS! 51Wednesday, November 9, 11
  57. Cloud Foundry Resources Primary Site : Open Source Site : Twitter : @cloudfoundry , hash tag #cfoundry Blog : FB : Support : • Documentation • Knowledge Base • Q & A / Forums 52Wednesday, November 9, 11
  58. Stackato Troy Topnik, ActiveState 53Wednesday, November 9, 11
  59. Questions 54Wednesday, November 9, 11 ?
  60. Thank You! t @CloudFoundry t @chanezon Website : Blog : Forum : support.cloudfoundry.comWednesday, November 9, 11
  61. Books / Articles § Nick Carr, The Big Switch § Eric Raymond, The Art of Unix Programming § Weinberg, Psychology of Computer Programming § Wes python book § Mark html5 book § Kent Beck XP § Hunt, Thomas, The Pragmatic Programmer § Ade Oshineye, Apprenticeship Patterns § Matt Cutts Ignite Talk IO 2011, Trying different things § Josh Bloch talk about api design § Larry and Sergey, Anatomy of a Search Engine § Rob Pike, The Practice of Programming 56Wednesday, November 9, 11
  62. Papers / Talks § Simon Wardley, Oscon 09 “Cloud - Why IT Matters” § Tim O’Reilly article on internet os § Peter Deutsch’s 8 Fallacies of Distributed Computing § Brewer’s CAP Theorem § Gregor Hohpe’s Starbucks Does Not Use Two-Phase Commit § Stuff I tag § More specifically § My previous Talks § My list of favorite books 57Wednesday, November 9, 11
  63. Acknowledgement § Drawings from my daughters Eliette § Slides from Dave McCrory, Derek Collison 58Wednesday, November 9, 11