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Docker 之道 Modernize Traditional Applications with 无为 Create New Cloud Native Micro-services Applications with 自然


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Docker之道 Modernize Traditional Applications with 无为 Create New Cloud Native Micro-services Applications with 自然

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Docker 之道 Modernize Traditional Applications with 无为 Create New Cloud Native Micro-services Applications with 自然

  1. 1. Docker之道 Modernize Traditional Applications with 无为 Create New Cloud Native Micro-services Applications with 自然 Docker公司首席布道师,“特欢乐的法国码农” The Docker Way: Modernize Traditional Applications without Action and Create New Cloud Native Micro-services Applications with Naturalness Patrick Chanezon @chanezon
  2. 2. French Polyglot Platforms Software Plumber San Francisco Developer Relations @chanezon
  3. 3. 1995 2015
  4. 4. Trends
  5. 5. Trend: Agile MTBIAMSH (Mean Time Between Idea And Making Stuff Happen) Low MTBIAMSH Adrian Cockcroft (Netflix, AWS)
  6. 6. Trend: Devops • Cultural movement • Inspired by agile methods • People, Processes & Tools • Continuous delivery • Infrastructure as code • Cross silo collaboration • Small iterations • Feedback loop, measurement Image from Patrick Debois
  7. 7. 28 Server/Sysadmin 1999: 5(Windows) - 50 (Linux) 2015: 10k-20k x2000
  8. 8. 28 Henk Kolk, ING, DockerCon EU 2014 People, Processes, Products deployment time: 9 months -> 15 min 1500 deployments/week
  9. 9. Trend: Microservices Loosely Coupled Services Many Small Servers or Devices Big, Single Servers Rapidly Updated Monolithic Slow Changing ~2000 Today 10
  10. 10. Docker Platform
  11. 11. The world needs tools of mass innovation
  12. 12. A programmable Internet would be the ultimate tool of mass innovation
  13. 13. Docker is building a stack to program the Internet CE EEA commercial product, built on a development platform, built on infrastructure, built on standards.
  14. 14. Orchestration Container Runtime OS Infrastructure Management Container Platform Layers Application Services
  15. 15. Docker is a platform made of components Raft Store Node Identity Secrets Routing Mesh Overlay Networking Swarm Orchestration Engine Application Services
  16. 16. Moby and Docker
  17. 17. enterprise edition Ubuntu Fedora Mac Azure CentOS Windows 10 AWS Debian community edition Ubuntu Windows Server Azure CentOS Suse Red Hat AWS Oracle Linux
  18. 18. The Docker 之道 The Docker Way
  19. 19. 1. Get out of the way The best tools… 2. Adapt to you 3. Make the powerful simple
  20. 20. 之道 Tao, The Way
  21. 21. 之道 Tao
  22. 22. 无为 Wu-wei, Effortless action
  23. 23. 无为 Wu-wei, Effortless action
  24. 24. 自然 Ziran, Naturalness
  25. 25. 自然 Ziran, Naturalness container based No state No couplingbounded context
  26. 26. 无为 Modernize traditional applications without coding The Docker 之道 自然 Create microservice applications with the container platform that started the container revolution
  27. 27. Modernize Traditional Application with 无为 Modernize Traditional Applications without action
  28. 28. become too complex, difficult, and/or costly to implement 80% IT Budget Why Enterprise adopt Devops: Modernize to free resources Application Changes Stuck Keeping the Lights on Spent on maintenance & upkeep Making it difficult to keep up with accelerating standards
  29. 29. Methodology: Docker EE Modernizes Apps and Infrastructure Existing Application Modern Methodologies Integrate to CI/CD and automation system Convert to a container with Docker EE The quickest way to cut into that 80% Modern Infrastructure Built on premise, in the cloud, or as part of a hybrid environment. Modern Microservices Add new services or start peeling off services from monolith code base App
  30. 30. Image Registry CI/CD Security scan & sign Traditional Third Party Microservices docker store DEVELOPERS IT OPERATIONS Control Plane Docker EE Platform to Modernize Traditional Apps And Beyond
  31. 31. Example: Savings at MetLife with MTA + Consolidate VMs 70% Move workloads easily to Cloud Massive operational leverage +
  32. 32. Create New Cloud Native Micro-services Applications with 自然 Create New Cloud Native Micro-services Applications with Naturalness
  33. 33. Microservice architecture pattern Chris Richardson
  34. 34. Worker Nodes Docker: a natural platform for microservices Node Manager Node Worker Node Manager Node Manager Node Worker Node Worker Node Worker docker universal control plane trusted registry
  35. 35. Enterprise Customer Use Cases Traditional & microservices apps, cloud Traditional app modernization Big data, genomic sequencing Microservices appsMicroservices apps Big data, genomic sequencing DevOps, CI for traditional & microservices apps, cloud Traditional & microservices apps, cloud Automated dev pipelines Traditional & microservices apps
  36. 36. The Docker 之道
  37. 37. Docker in China
  38. 38. Docker in China • China is advanced in its adoption of Docker: #3 worldwide • Alibaba is impressive power user of Docker, implementing and managing large deployments of the Docker technology for “Double 11” day • Alibaba - the best partner to come to China • Partnership announced in this conference last year • Partnership officially launched in April this year • Alibaba resell Docker products exclusively in China
  39. 39. 41 strong partnership that will modernize IT for Chinese enterprises
  40. 40. • Docker • • • Slides • • • Questions • @chanezon • Code for demos • • Resources
  41. 41. • Visit us at our booth in this conference: D3-T401  Talks: Oct. 11-14 every day at the booth @10:30: Introduction to Docker Enterprise Edition @14:30: Modernize Traditional Applications with Docker Enterprise Edition  Gifts: Docker T-shirts, Docker bags, Docker stickers • Visit us at DockerCon Europe: Oct.16-19 (next week!), Copenhagen, Denmark  Visit Us: Docker Booth & DockerCon Europe
  42. 42. • Introducing Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification  Launching at DockerCon Europe – first exams  Global registration will open in late October 2017  Docker Professional Certification • Benefits  Recognition for your Docker skills with an industry recognized credential  Use of the Docker Certified Associate logo and badge  Online verification of Docker Certified status by potential employers  Exclusive access to the Docker Certified professional network on LinkedIn • Exam Details  55 multiple choice questions in 80 minutes  Designed to validate professionals with 6 to 12 months of Docker experience  Remotely proctored on your Windows or Mac computer  Available globally in English  USD $195 or Euro €175 purchased online  Results delivered immediately