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Microsoft Techsummit Zurich Docker and Microsoft


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Docker and Microsoft have been collaborating both in open source and through their commercial partnership to bring the benefits of Docker Windows and Linux containers to Azure Enterprise customers. Docker’s container platform, Docker Enterprise Edition, is used to modernize traditioal applications, and move them to Azure, as well as to develop new cloud native applications using microservices architecture, bringing agility to developers and control to IT Pros. This talk will cover the latest developments in Docker’s container platform with planned support for Kubernetes in Docker for Windows, and Docker Enterprise Edition for Azure, Docker for Azure Stack to enable hybrid cloud deployments, Windows containers, Linux containers on Windows.

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Microsoft Techsummit Zurich Docker and Microsoft

  1. 1. #techsummitCH Docker and Microsoft Bringing the benefits of software containers to Windows and Azure Patrick Chanezon Chief Developer Advocate, Docker @chanezon
  2. 2. French Polyglot Platforms Software Plumber San Francisco Developer Relations @chanezon
  3. 3. The Docker Platform
  4. 4. There and back again: a journey to hybrid/multi cloud
  5. 5. Traditional Micro services ISV / COTS IoT Big Data ML AI ...Serverless Cloud VM Bare Metal Edge Device Docker Platform
  6. 6. Docker Momentum Docker Hosts 21.0M Growth in Docker job listings 77K% Container downloads 24B Industry Standards
  7. 7. Enterprise Momentum Portability Agility Security 50% total cost savings
  8. 8. The Docker Container Platform Enabling the Software Supply Chain • Diverse Applications • Disparate Infrastructure • Lifecycle Management • Orchestrate Complex Systems • Secure by Default • Edge / IoT • Serverless Anywhere
  9. 9. DEVELOPERS OPERATORS Applications Infrastructure The Docker Platform in a nutshell
  10. 10. INDEPENDENCE OPENNESS SIMPLICITY Core Principles of the Docker Platform
  11. 11. Docker Enterprise Edition Docker Community Edition containerd 1 2 3 4 The best container development workflow The best enterprise container security and management Native Kubernetes integration provides full ecosystem compatibility Industry-standard container runtime Docker with Swarm and Kubernetes
  12. 12. Docker Community Edition Developers EnterpriseContainer Ecosystem The Docker Innovation Model Docker Enterprise Edition 9,149 Open Source Contributors 8800 PRs/Year
  13. 13. runc Notary Registry LibNetworkVPNKit DataKit HyperKitCompose
  14. 14. Modernizing Traditional Applications
  15. 15. The Innovation Challenge Average IT Spend By Type INNOVATION MAINTENANCE 20% 80% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 0% 1% Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2000 Windows Server 2003 Red Hat, Other Linux, Other OS Server OS Market Share Sources: Bank of America, Spiceworks, SolarWinds 18% 45% 24% 12%
  16. 16. The Modernization Journey App Existing Application Modern Methodologies Convert to a Docker EE Container Modern Infrastructure Ongoing Innovation
  17. 17. The Docker Modernize Traditional Apps POC Program Partner Consulting Services Partner Infrastructure Docker Enterprise Edition Portable Agile Secure Efficient < 5 days + + No Code Changes App Existing Application Convert to a Docker EE container Modern Infrastructure
  18. 18. Reducing total costs by 50% MTA POC Impact Hybrid Cloud-Ready Portability Agility 2x Faster Security Isolation & Integrity
  19. 19. 22 KEY CHALLENGES • Accumulated thousands of apps, 400+ systems of record and 5 infrastructures over 150 years • Difficult to innovate with majority of budget spent on maintenance SOLUTION • Leverage Docker MTA program to modernize the email opt- out app with Docker EE to drive down total costs Docker EE and MTA create self funding model for container adoption -70% VMs -67% Cores 10x Average CPU utilization + + -66% Total Cost of Ownership 593 Applications RESULTS • Modernization of single app completed in 1 day • Applying model to other apps built with same technology • Business case forecasts a 66% cost reduction
  20. 20. Docker and Microsoft
  21. 21. Microsoft is an Open Source champion
  22. 22. Docker & Microsoft: a great Open Source collaboration
  23. 23. Docker for Windows Docker for Azure
  24. 24. Docker for Azure Making things simple for a great user experience Virtual Network VMSS Blob Storage Azure LB ARM AAD
  25. 25. Docker EE on Azure Free 30 Days Test Drive from Docker Store
  26. 26. Docker & Microsoft: collaboration on all fronts • Build • Docker for Windows • Docker EE for Windows Servers • Visual Studio Tools for Docker • Visual Studio Code Docker extension • Ship • Visual Studio Team Services Docker Integration • Azure Container Registry • Run • Docker EE in Azure MarketPlace • Docker on Azure Stack
  27. 27. Docker with Windows Server 1709 • Docker Linux Containers on Windows • Docker ingress mode service publishing on Windows • Named pipes in Windows containers > docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -v .pipedocker_engine:.pipedocker_engine friism/jenkins • Smaller Windows base images: Nanoserver download 70MB
  28. 28. Swarm Windows Roadmap for Docker EE 34 Versions Release Date Highlights Docker EE 2.0.0 GA Q1 2018 ● Only Windows Server 2016 (RS1) Supported ○ Easy Image Compatibility: No ○ Ingress Networking: No Docker EE 2.0.x Patches Q2 2018 ● Add Windows Server 1709 (RS3) support with partial features: ○ Easy Image Compatibility: Yes ○ Ingress Networking: No Docker EE 2.1 Q3 2018 ● Full Support for Windows Server 1709 ○ Easy Image Compatibility: Yes ○ Ingress Networking: Yes ● Tentative Considerations: ○ Windows Server 1803 (RS4) support ○ Possible new Windows LTSC version in Q3
  29. 29. Kube Windows Known Timelines (Still assessing for EE Roadmap) 35 Q4’ 2017 Kube 1.9 Beta support for Windows ● Docker 17.06 engine ● Windows Server 1709 Q1’2018 Kube 1.10 Beta Support for Windows ● Docker 17.06 engine ● Windows Server 1709 Q2’2018 Kube 1.11 GA Support for Windows ● Docker 17.06 engine ● Possibly containerd ● Windows Server 1709 (RS3) ● Windows Server 1803 (RS4) H2’ 2018 Kube 1.x? GA Support for Windows ● Possibly containerd ● Windows Server LTS release
  30. 30. Kubernetes in Docker
  31. 31. Docker Enterprise Edition Docker Community Edition containerd The best container development workflow The best enterprise container security and management Docker: Now Powered by Swarm and Kubernetes Native Kubernetes integration provides full ecosystem compatibility Industry-standard container runtime
  32. 32. Test locally on Swarm and Kubernetes Develop with Docker Community Edition on your workstation Deploy to production in Swarm Deploy to production in Kubernetes Docker Community Edition All in one development for Swarm and Kubernetes
  33. 33. Linuxkit VM Kubernetes CLI Swarm Mode Kubernetes etcd Docker CLI kubeadm Kubernetes in Docker CE (Windows and Mac) Compose CRD Single Docker Engine vpnkitHost fs mounts hyperkit / hyperv
  34. 34. Demo: Kubernetes in Docker Desktop
  35. 35. spring-doge.jar Example: Spring Boot App using MongoDB spring-doge spring-doge-web spring-doge-photo API: Spring Boot, Spring Data UI: AngularJS Business Logic: java.awt java -Dserver.port=8080 -jar spring-doge.jar
  36. 36. Kubernetes in Docker Desktop
  37. 37. Docker EE now includes Kubernetes Docker Enterprise Edition Production Ready Windows and IBM P/Z Support Pods, batch jobs, blue-green deployments, horizontal pod auto-scaling Docker Swarm Swarm-Mode Kubernetes Private Image Registry Secure Access and User Management App and Cluster Management Image Security Scanning Content Trust and Verification Policy Management
  38. 38. GUI Universal Control Plane Trusted Registry Kubernetes CLI Docker Engine Swarm-Mode Docker Swarm Kubernetes etcd CA OIDC Provider Docker CLI Node Agent Reconciler Kubernetes in Docker EE
  39. 39. - Easy High Availability provisioning - Cryptographic node identity Features Swarm Support - Registry - Content Trust - Secure Scanning - Clean upstream integration - Full ecosystem compatibility - Role Based Access Control - Authorization, Authentication - Node Segmentation Secure Cluster Lifecycle Secure Supply Chain 100% Interoperability Secure Multi-tenancy Management Dashboard Supported and Certified on Windows Server and Major Linux Distributions Kubernetes Support Docker Enterprise Edition Management for Swarm and Kubernetes
  40. 40. Demo: Kubernetes in Docker EE 2.0
  41. 41. The Tao of Docker
  42. 42. 之道 Tao, The Way
  43. 43. 之道 Tao
  44. 44. 无为 Wu-wei, Effortless action
  45. 45. 无为 Wu-wei, Effortless action
  46. 46. 自然 Ziran, Naturalness
  47. 47. 自然 Ziran, Naturalness container based No state No couplingbounded context
  48. 48. 无为 Wu-Wei: Modernize traditional applications without coding The Tao (之道) of Docker 自然 Ziran: create microservice applications with the container platform that started the container revolution
  49. 49. Beta signup is open! GENERALLY AVAILABLE Q1 2018 Docker: Now powered by Swarm and Kubernetes Try out EE beta in a browser today
  50. 50. Thank You! chanezon @chanezon
  51. 51. #techsummitCH Don’t miss Pieter de Bruin session tomorrow 11:25
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