[Challenge:Future] Removing Youth Unemployment with Govermental Institution


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[Challenge:Future] Removing Youth Unemployment with Govermental Institution

  1. 1. Team Leader : Seruni Eka NSTeam Member : Tiara Mahardika INDONESIA
  2. 2. High youth unemployment in Indonesia Total young unemployed in 2009 (22.2 %) This young unemployed lives in poverty. Mostly the age of this young unemployed are about 15- Young employed of 24 years old, and do not Indonesia in 2009 complete the primary school. (77.8 %)Source: International Labour Organization database
  3. 3.  Indonesia is located in the  Furthermore, the youth South-East of Asia. unemployment is a serious In social sector, this country is problem in Indonesia and to the catagorized and ranked in the government and its civilians. four place of its higest  From the data taken from the population. Ministry of Indonesian Labour, This high population leads to this country is noted to be the unemployment and the lack of higgest rank of Unemployment education. in all the Asia Pasific region. Total number of poverty in Indonesia is still high that  Effect and Consequences of makes its citizen have lack of Youth Unemployment: education. Without no good  Decreasing the economic and understanding, the people tend labour productivity, to believe that the more children  Low capacity utilization will make the more prosperity. company, In fact, they just tend to have  Low quality of labour force , many children but do not have  Slowing the competitiveness enough cost of education. of Indonesia in the global This lack of education leads to level. unskilled youth unemployment .
  4. 4. There are two kinds of youth unemployment:  The youth unskilled unemployment is caused by low level of education and poverty.  The youth skilled unemployment is caused by the lack of their own human resources, proper job opportunity and or the low GPA that cannot reach the minimum standart of the companies.
  5. 5. Youth unemployment is a problem that needs a responsibility from the government, especially the Ministry of Labour to provide the solution for this phenomena.This project needs govermental initiatives to make a new social system that arranges unemployment in Indonesia.
  6. 6. 1) Young unskilled unemployment  Why? Indonesian unemployment dominated by the lower class society who has no skill and good education. That is why they need help from the government at least to provide them jobs to run their life properly.1) Young skilled unemployment  Why? Most of graduated youth still having trouble in searching for jobs because of their unconsciousness to increase their own human resources. Thus, resulted the unable to reach the high requirement of the companies for those who have no enough GPA and even to those who are not come from the subject study that company wants.
  7. 7. Making institution which is moved in Non- Govermental Organization (NGO) to be the place for the unskilled unemployment can be gathered under this organization.This NGO will be supported by supporting documents and properties to gain more success by taking this institution to the capital government to make this as the important concern for the nation so that this institution can coorperate and work under the Ministry of Labour, which will automatically crown this institution as a Governmental Organization.
  8. 8.  This project will take about 3 years to start and ruling NGO before it turns to Governmental Org. The first three years also includes the proposal submission to the capital government, and process of winning the agreements from the government. The target next four up to six years is to make a new arrangements which require the young skilled unemployment to join this project. Through this solution, the young skilled unemployment automatically can get a job and can use their unused skills to teach and educate the young unskilled unemployment with practices. This institution is unlike school, because the target operation will not get theories as the subject study, but practices which directly educate them to certain job and career such as : enterpreneurship.
  9. 9. The success of this solution can happen if :  There is anthusiasm from the member s of institution itself  There are anthusiasm and good interaction and feed back from the government especially the ministry of labour.  There are anthusiasm from the young skilled unemployment to cooperate and to employed themselves by joining this governmental concern.
  10. 10.  In the first three year, there will be 100 young people each month involved. In the next three year, after the organization become the govermental organization, there will be 1000 young people involved each month. The total young unemployed are both young people and young unemployed.I. 100 young people x 12 (months) x 3 (years) = 3600 young peopleII. 1000 young people x 12 (months ) x 3 (years) = 36000 young people.Thus, youth unemployment will be decreasing years by years, and finally removed from this social system. Patience and anthusiasm are the keys to success.