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Post i mpressionism


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Post i mpressionism

  1. 1. Name: __________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Post-Impressionism Notes 1. _______ _________ _________ - French expression which means "in the open air," and is particularly used to describe the act of painting ________________. 2. The importance of post impressionism lies in their ______________________ on 20th Century art. 3. _____________ _____________________ wanted to combine immediacy of impressionism with composition of traditional painting. 4. Followed two directions focus on _____________, or focus on ______________. 5. Toulouse-Lautrec elevated the graphic arts with his ________________. 6. One characteristic of his posters is the _________________ of space. 7. Seurat’s compositions were _________________ ______________, not informal like the impressionists. 8. Seurat used _______________________ a style which involves placing tiny dots of color so that the viewers eye creates the color. 9. _____________________ and _____________________ are modern examples of pointillism in our society. 10. And A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte 1884-86 11. Seurat is influenced by Chevreul’s new idea called _______________ ______________ 12. Cezanne used 4 techniques in his paintings, briefly describe each. a. Colored Patches b. Varied Colors c. Multiple Viewpoints d. Underlying Shapes 13. Cezanne’s work would influnce the 20th century art movement ________________. 14. Gaugin left his job as a __________________ _______________ and moved to Tahiti to pursue painting. 15. He considered his style ___________________- synthesized the subject with the artist’s feeling, using line, shape, color, etc. 16. Van Gogh was supported only by his brother who worked as an ________________ _______________. 17. KNOW ABOUT HIS STYLE—vibrant colors, swirling brushstrokes, thick globs of paint 18. Would go on to largely influence this art movement ____________________.
  2. 2. 19. Cezanne------------------- ___________________ 20. Van Gogh -------------------- ____________________ 21. Gaugin ---------------------- _____________________ 22. What movement do you think Seurat had a greater impact on, Cubism or Expressionism? 23. Add Rouen Cathedral Claude Monet to your notes. Over 30 in all. Focus is on painting light, many different lighting examples in the 30 works. 24. Add Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh