Internet Success – Desperation Serves No Purpose


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I’ve gotta tell you, I know first hand that being desperate impairs your chances of internet success.

When first getting started in online business, I was totally clueless.

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Internet Success – Desperation Serves No Purpose

  1. 1. Internet Success – Desperation Serves No PurposeI’ve gotta tell you, I know first hand that being desperate impairs yourchances of internet success When first getting started in online business, I was totally clueless. When I was a single mom in my 30′s I was too busy raising my daughter all alone and working 2 jobs to survive to really take notice when Al Gore (smirk) invented the internet. Of course I knew of the internet, but it didn’t enter into my life until much later. So I was at a disadvantage when I decided to give this work at home online thing a try. I knew how to use my email and surf the web a little, that was it. Oh yeah, I was pretty skilled at buying stuff on eBay too, But that was the extent. Maybe some of you can relate? I was recovering from a very serious illness, and needed to work from home. I had to be able to work when I felt up to it and rest when I was too weak. During my recovery Ispent most of my time researching online home business opportunities. Yikes, did thattake me down some rabbit holes!One free teleseminar led me to another, then another, from freebie to freebie. Again,you’re relating, right? Finally, I found someone I could resonate with. A guru whopromised to teach me everything I needed to know about building an online business if Isigned up for the 12 month deluxe program – paid in full up front, no paymentsplease.Well, by this time I was getting a little worried about finances, but after talkingwith Mr. Happy, we decided to take this guru at her word and went for it.I paid $1000.00 up front…
  2. 2. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn how to build the business of my dreams. After about 3months the program fizzled out. I got a monthly cheer leading session via teleseminar,but not the mechanics of how an internet business worked. What I did learn was theprocess in which to build an internet business. I do appreciate that. That should be thefirst training all new internet entrepreneurs receive, so you understand the flow. Onceyou learn how to do step one, this is the next step.For instance, first you need a keyword rich domain name, next you need web hosting,then you will need to install WordPress to build you website on, and so on and so on.Heck, I teach that class $37! For $1000 bucks I expected to learn the “how to” of eachstep in the process. Most of us have paid for training somewhere along the road thatdidn’t quite live up to the hype. Once again you can probably relate.By then I was getting desperate for internet success. I really needed to make somemoola! I had to learn the mechanics of how to put all of this stuff together on my ownbecause by then we were really broke. To make a bad situation more desperate, MrHappy had taken a 24 ft. fall on concrete, messed himself up pretty badly and was laidup for the next a year. I had no choice but to continue to stay home to care for him whiletrying to figure out how to get this freakin’ internet business to cough up a paycheck.By then I had taught myself through trial and error (and 14 hours a day seven days aweek), how to build my WordPress blog, how to use an autoresponder and how to buildan opt in page. For Pete’s sake, get some help. Don’t try to go it alone like I did. I startedtesting different ways to create income. Desperation keeps you from focusing on oneproject until you see profits. You tend to try one thing, give up on that when it doesn’tproduce fast enough, then move on to another. Bad. Bad. Bad.Finally, I found a good mentor who taught me the actual “how to” mechanics of howeverything works, how to market myself and drive traffic to my blog. Then everythingstarted to fall into place. She also taught me the importance of sticking with one thinguntil I got good enough at it to create income before I added something else into the mix.I owe her much.So, learn from my story. Don’t let desperation take over, it’s so counter productive. Finda good mentor who will help you to put the puzzle pieces together so they make sense.With the right training and guidance, plus determination, you really can find internetsuccess and build the business of your dreams. If I can do it, so can you!
  3. 3. With love and blessings,