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Ever wondered how some bloggers get their blog posts to go viral? You see them everywhere and think, What the heck am I not doing to make...

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Go Viral – Blog Posts Gone Wild

  1. 1. Go Viral – Blog Posts Gone Wild! Ever wonder how some bloggers get their posts to go viral? Ready to take a walk on the wild side and see how they do it? OK, first they do these 3 important things… Use an incredible, attention grabbing headline. How do you know if it’s going to grab your readers attention? Test it on social media. Tweet and post your headline and see what kind of reaction it gets. If it gets a good response, you’ve got a winner! A little trick I use is toperuse the magazine rack in your grocery store or Walmart and jot down headlines, then change themup for your business. These are headlines that have been thoroughly tested at a cost of hundreds ofthousands of dollars or more to make sure they are going to sell magazines. Why not piggyback off oftried and proven copy?Next, write an epic post. It has to be a great post, really informative, insightful or very entertaining.Your content has to be the best you can deliver in order for it to go viral. You can’t expect anyone toshare half-a$$’d content. Make it great!Finally, as soon as you publish it, you’ve gotta start promoting the bejeebees out of it. There arethe obvious ways, like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest. All are great places to tell mankindabout your brilliant post, but that’s just the beginning.Here are a few more ideas to help you blog posts go viral… • We grow a network of online friends and colleagues as we go. Ask them to help you out and share your post on social media, refer and link to it in their blog and email. • Record it as a podcast and put it on iTunes – again, tell your followers on social media • Make a video and put it on YouTube • Host a teleseminar and/or webinar and dig deeper into the topic of the post. Educate your audience, amaze them with your knowledge on the subject. Over deliver.Get creative. By using social media to get the word out, asking your buddies to tell their followersabout it, iTunes, YouTube and an over the top webinar, you just might find your post is the next topic ofdiscussion on an authority site like Mashable. After all, they have to write about something, tooWith love and blessings,Celene Harrelson helps you take the training wheels off of your business, so you can ride like the wind!TheHappypreneur.com