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Pana kx dt300-series


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Pana kx dt300-series

  1. 1. KX-DT300 SeriesDigital Telephones Panasonic System Networks Company of America Home and Business Communications
  2. 2. Enhanced Communications SolutionsThe perfect phone for yourbusiness ... and your budget.As a part of your Panasonic Business Telephone System,the KX-DT300 series telephones are an affordable yetfeature-rich endpoint solution.Enjoy superb voice quality and a range ofbusiness-friendly features.The KX-DT300 business telephone series from Panasonic features a sleek,modern design, outstanding voice quality and a wide range of productivity-boosting features including Bluetooth®-enabled wireless headset support,ideal for a wide range of businesses.The right choice for enhanceddesktop usability and comfort.The phones have large alphanumeric displays,programmable keys, an easy navigation key, anddouble tilt adjustment which lets you independentlyadjust the angles of the both the base and LCDdisplay for maximum visibility and utility. The KX-DT300 series is the perfect combination of featuresand functionality—and the right choice for all ofyour business communication needs.Advanced integration made easy.KX-DT300 series phones are designed for easyintegration with other Panasonic telephoneplatforms allowing easy access to the entirespectrum of phone features and applications.
  3. 3. 24-Character LCD (Except KX-DT321 Bluetooth® Module model – 16 character) (KX-NT307) Double-Tilt Design The double-tilt design lets you adjust the base unit and LCD angles to 24 Programmable match desks, tables, or any location. Keys The base unit can be adjusted in eight (Except KX-DT321 steps, and the LCD moves separately model – 8 keys) to optimize the viewing angle. Navigator Key Headset JackStreamlined communicationspower that’s better for yourbusiness.These easy-to-use, advanced business-classtelephones make for more effectivecommunications in a wide range of businesssettings, including call centers, hotel roomsand many others. Whatever your businessrequirements, look to Panasonic for a cost-effective solution that meets your constantlychanging needs.Bluetooth® capability forhands-free convenience.Select models in the series offer BluetoothCapability when paired with an optionalKX-NT307 Bluetooth Module—perfect formulti-taskers who need the ef ciencies ofhands-free operation. An optional Bluetooth Module*, KX-NT307, is available for wireless headset communication. * Compatible with KX-DT346 and KX-DT343 only.
  4. 4. Other Accessories Available:KX-NT303: 12 Key Optional Add On Bluetooth Module*KX-DT390: 60 Key DSS Console*KX-DT301: USB ModuleKX-NT307: Bluetooth Module** Compatible with KX-DT346 and KX-DT343 only. KX-NT303 KX-DT390KX-NT300 Series Speci cations KX-DT346 KX-DT343 KX-DT333 KX-DT321 Display (LCD) Lines/Characters 6/24 3/24 3/24 1/16 LCD Backlit Yes Yes – Yes Headset Jack Yes Yes Yes Yes Message Waiting LED Yes Yes Yes Yes Speakerphone Digital Duplex Digital Duplex Digital Duplex Yes Personal Speed Dial 100 100 100 100 Alphanumeric Directory Search Yes Yes Yes Yes Call Log 100 100 100 100 Function Button 24 24 24 8 Soft Key 4 4 4 – Personal Speed Dial 100 100 100 100 Interface for CTI (3rd party) USB USB – – Add-on Key Module/DSS Console Yes/Yes Yes/Yes –/– –/– Bluetooth Module (Headet) Yes Yes – – Extra Device Port (for analog device) Yes Yes Yes – Navigation Key Yes Yes Yes Yes Ringer Tone/Melody 30 30 30 8 Wall Mounting Yes Yes Yes Yes Color Black/White Black/White Black/White Black/White Panasonic System Networks Company of America Home and Home andCommunications Business Business Communications Three Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094 (201) 348 - 7000 Design and speci cations subject BTS090117BRO1 to change without notice.