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The Rise of SoLoMo in Local Advertising Budgets


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SoLoMo, Social Local Mobile Advertising has altered the marketing landscape for local advertisers. See how the trends impact budgets and strategies on a local level.

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The Rise of SoLoMo in Local Advertising Budgets

  1. 1. SoLoMo Social, Local, Mobile AAF Luncheon, San Angelo, March 26
  2. 2. The Rise of Mobile The smartphone has evolved from phone to communication tool, to connected device, to 3rd screen .
  3. 3. Mobile/Tablet Operating System Market Share
  6. 6. Platform Agnostic Design The Message & The Medium
  7. 7. of mobile internet users go online mostly using their phones, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. 34% Source: Pew Research, 2013
  8. 8. Mobile Trends The shift from desktop to mobile, whether smartphone or tablet, is happening across a variety of activities, including social networking and digital video viewing. Source: eMarketer March 2014
  9. 9. Total time spend on mobile devices (other than phone calls) has increased from 24 minutes to more than 2 hours in three years. Source: eMarketer March 2014 Mobile Trends
  10. 10. Mobile Ad Spend In 2014, mobile ad spend is on pace to rise 75.1% to $31.45 billion, accounting for nearly one- quarter of total digital ad spending worldwide. Source: eMarketer March 2014
  11. 11. $8.76 $17.96 $31.45 $45.85 $61.40 $77.67 $94.91 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Mobile Internet Spending Worldwide, 2012-2018 Billions and % change Mobile internet ad spending % Change Note: includes display (banners, video & rich media) and search; excludes SMS, MMS, P2P messaging- based advertising; includes ad spending on tablets. Source: eMArketer, March 2014 119.5% 105.0% 75.1% 45.8% 33.9% 26.5% 22.2%
  12. 12. Mobile… Social. Source: eMarketer March 2014 In 2012, Facebook accounted for just 5.4% of the global advertising market. In 2013, that share increased to 17.5%. In 2014 it is predicted to rise to 21.7%.
  13. 13. Mobile… Local. As the number of visitors to sites via mobile devices continues to grow, local search plays an even more significant role.
  14. 14. Mobile… Local. Consumers’ number one activity on mobile devices is search. nearly 86 million people now seek local business information on their mobile phone in the U.S. alone. Source: ComScore study 2013
  15. 15. Mobile… Local. As the mobile market continues to grow, businesses of all types need to fundamentally rethink how they engage with local customers. Source: ComScore study 2013
  16. 16. Mobile… Local. Mobile phone searchers over-index in saying they found maps, driving directions, and distance to the business helpful features on mobile sites. Source: ComScore study 2013
  17. 17. Email Marketing 72% Events 59% Online Ads 57% Offline Ads 47% Social Media & Social Ads 73% Channels in Which Hypergrowth SMBs* in North America Have Increased Spending % of Respondents Note: *that have experienced significant increase in overall revenue vs. prior year. Source: Linkedin *Priming the Economic Engine: How Social Media is Driving Growth for Small & Medium Business (SMBs) In partnership with TNS, Feb 12, 2014. A 2013, 73% spend increase by SMBs in social media and social ad space points to the local growth and penetration in local markets by social mobile Keep an Eye On Small Business!
  18. 18. Social…LocalSmall, local businesses have found the value of using SM to reach out to their local market. With geo-fencing and niche targeting capabilities, mobile and social provide accurate, affordable inventory. Geo-fencing is a system that allows advertisers to pick highly specific points of longitude and latitude to put a “fence” around, and target. Real-time insight across hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet devices lets us anticipate and influence audience behavior.
  19. 19. Geo-fencingThe precision that geo- fencing gives advertisers is extremely useful for local, social reach. A local business can target areas of community congregation such as sporting events, conventions, mall s, concert halls, and/or all of their respective parking lots.
  20. 20. Case Study Whole Foods needed a local, mobile solution to increase awareness and drive visitors to store Grand Openings.
  21. 21. Working with our mobile ad publishers, Broad Street created rich media ads targeted at a 5 mile proximity to new stores.
  22. 22. Users had the option to “click to call” or to find driving directions in their native map application.
  23. 23. Results: 1.2 million customers reached Source: ComScore study 2013 6,840 customers engaged with the ad unit 1,845 customers called or looked for directions All within a 5 mile radius of the store.
  24. 24. Charlie Ray President (512) 275-6227 @BroadStreet Broad Street Co. 2905 San Gabriel Street Suite 300 Austin, Texas 78705 164 Market Street Suite 266 Charleston, SC 29401