Savvy investors have no need to fear china’s commodities markets, says kcomber


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CCD is a "one-stop" industry information integration platform inaugurated on the basis of Kcomber's professional knowledge and special IT technologies, and aims to help clients to obtain an overall perspective of the target industry with more convenience and save their time in information collection and desk research.

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Savvy investors have no need to fear china’s commodities markets, says kcomber

  1. 1. Savvy Investors Have No Need to Fear China’s Commodities Markets, Says Kcomber  Markets are entering a period of increasing uncertainty, but those with genuine understanding of the situation on the ground in China will reap huge rewards  Kcomber’s Consolidated Commodity Data platform offers most comprehensive, accurate information on Chinese commodities available globally [Guangzhou, 14th August 2014] The ’10 year boom’ in China’s commodities markets is over, according to many Western analysts. Among these commentators, a prevailing narrative has emerged, namely that rising but uneven demand, massive oversupply, and fallout from the on-going investigations into fraudulent use of commodities to finance transactions in Qingdao will kill off China’s attractiveness to investors. While it is true that China’s commodities markets are entering a period of increasing uncertainty, China’s leading business information firm, Kcomber, has reminded investors that this narrative is overly simplistic and based mainly on perception, and that there are still huge opportunities available for investors with knowledge of the real situation on the ground in China. David, the manager of Agricultural Department at Kcomber, commented: “To be frank, these recent pessimistic reports about the future of the commodities markets in China are as overblown as the optimistic reports being released just a few years ago. “Analysts in the West are continually expressing surprise at a new set of positive economic figures released here, and sadly that is because they simply have not taken the time to understand China’s economic reality, and instead base their predictions on abstract concepts developed to analyse developed Western economies.
  2. 2. “In many ways the commodities markets here have become more high-risk than they were a few years ago, but China’s growth rate remains robust and there are huge opportunities for savvy investors. By far the greatest risk comes from investing in China, or anywhere, without a thorough understanding of the market you are investing in.” To help investors and companies looking to deepen their knowledge of the Chinese commodities markets, Kcomber has developed Consolidated Commodity Data, a customisable ‘one-stop’ platform that not only provides clients with the most accurate, up-to-the-minute data available on their industries of choice, but also integrates qualitative research which will give insight, identify trends, and predict future market developments. Each platform is developed individually by Kcomber’s consultants to suit their clients’ needs. For more information about Kcomber and the Consolidated Commodity Data platform, please visit or call +86-20-37616606. About Kcomber: Kcomber is China’s leading provider of business information, market research, and consultancy services. Founded in Guangzhou in 2001, Kcomber’s mission is not only to provide client with the most accurate data, but to go ‘beyond information’ and give valuable, instantly actionable insight. For more information, please contact: Molly Cheng Marketing & PR Director, Kcomber T: +86-20-37616606 E: