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The sinking of the eastland


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The sinking of the eastland

  1. 1. The Sinking of the Eastland Author: Jay Bonansinga By: Carlie Brown
  2. 2. The Eastland• Launched on May 6, 1903• Overall length – 275’ 0”• Beam (width) – 38’ 0”• Water compartments filled carry 800 tons of ballast• Twin screws, driven by 2 powerful triple expansion engines, supplied with steam from four Scotch boilers
  3. 3. The Eastland• St. Joseph-Chicago Steamship Company was the ship owner in 1915• Purchased vessel simply to generate profit• Issues of safety and seaworthiness played minor role in company decisions
  4. 4. Eastland Dangers • Top heavy due to the increased amount of life preservers, rafts, and boats the ship carried • Ship burned 5 tons of coal per hour • Renovations of the forward dining room – addition of concrete • No keel
  5. 5. 3 Maritime DisastersTitanic in 1912 Eastland in July 1915 Luistiana in May 1915
  6. 6. Western Electric Company• Western Electric Company invited all of its employees and their families to the annual picnic on July 24, 1915• Implied that it was highly encouraged to attend• Large amount of women employees during this time period
  7. 7. Sinking of the Eastland • July 24, 1915 • 2500 passengers • 70 crew members • Death count: 844
  8. 8. Local Response• Divers sent in to • Increased law rescue bodies dead enforcement to secure and alive site and reduce thieves• Facility established at • American Red Cross a local company to and other health officials house fatalities assisted
  9. 9. William Moorhouse• Chicago’s Commissioner of Public Works• Stand in Mayor at time the Eastland sank• Immediately released relief funds and closed city• Arranged a command post• Took charge in emergency relief for Eastland disaster
  10. 10. Indictments• Recovery – blame • Jury returned verdict needed to be placed placing blame on 6 men• Investigation was ordered • William Hull• Federal Grand Jury • Captain Harry Pederson Indictments – 10 different • J.M. Erickson individuals • Robert Reed• Charges – “conspiracy to • J.C. Eckliff defraud the federal government by • W.K. Greenbaum preventing the execution of marine laws, and for criminal carelessness”
  11. 11. Shaping Future Emergency Management Planning• The Eastland, Titanic, and Luistania were the basis for maritime laws and regulations• Importance of supplies and readiness plans• The Eastland was purchased and was used for future testing for ship safety• The importance of integrated emergency management instead of different levels of government working against each other
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