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So you think you know libraries


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For Science Online 2010.

Published in: Education

So you think you know libraries

  1. 1. So you think you know libraries Dorothea Salo University of Wisconsin
  2. 2. If this is your idea... ... please to be leaving the 1950s, kthx. Because we have.
  3. 3. If this is your idea... ... please to be leaving the 1950s, kthx. Because we have.
  4. 4. Is this your student? Librarians can help.
  5. 5. We teach • How to choose a decent topic • What appropriate sources are • Where and how to find them • When and how to cite them • ... yes, including use of reference managers! • Pro tip: If librarians aren’t helping with your research-methods course, why not?
  6. 6. Come prepared! • Give the librarian your assignment. • Preferably well in advance! • (Pro tip: the librarian can help you write it!) • Pick a time for the librarian’s visit close to when students will start work. • Pro tip 2: is your librarian in on curriculum discussions? Why not?
  7. 7. Is this your digital bookshelf?
  8. 8. We have an IR for that. • Preprints/postprints (no more email!) • Posters and slidedecks • Conference papers and proceedings • Theses and dissertations • ... and other student research • No 404s, no more format worries, no messing with web servers.
  9. 9. Come prepared! • Bring your CV. • Dig through your hard drive for manuscripts, slides, whatever. • Just burn them all to a CD. • Think about how to engage your students... • ... and get their permission. Students own copyrights too!
  10. 10. Librarians can help save your cows! ... er, your research data.
  11. 11. Data?
  12. 12. Charts and graphs are DEAD data
  13. 13. Charts and graphs are DEAD data Killed! Cut in pieces! Ground up! Unrecognizable! Not revivable! Not reusable!
  14. 14. Save the cows! ike it l ” is ab s. XM into L cow PD F to gers y Ka l> g ur l ae0509.htm e rtin hamb ich sg0 onv ting “C ver —M607/m 00 v/2 co n /x ml- de hi ves ar c l. o rg/ . xm / /l ists ttp: <h
  15. 15. Cows are dumb. They will not save themselves.
  16. 16. Got a question about information policy? Seriously, who doesn’t?
  17. 17. Librarians live information policy. • Can I put this on my website? • Can I reuse this in my article? • What does this publishing agreement mean? Can I fix it? • Who’s liable if I... • Pro tip: Add a librarian to policy committees. Much less confusion.
  18. 18. But, Dorothea, What if my library doesn’t do these things? (... are you sure about that?)
  19. 19. Start conversations ... with your colleagues too!
  20. 20. Credits Old-school librarian: Confused student: Messy bookshelf: Cows: Graph: Hamburger: Beware of the cow: Confusing sign: Conversation with cow: Wink:
  21. 21. Thanks! This presentation is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license. and see you ‘round!