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5 facts (drama)


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5 facts (drama)

  1. 1. Terrorist Assignment <br />Fact 1:<br />In 1995, members of Aum Shinrikyo placed bags of the lethal chemical sarin on the Tokyo subway, and twelve people died and thousands were contaminated. <br />Gay, Kathlyn. Silent Death. Brookfield, Connecticut: Twenty-First Century Books, 2001. Print.<br />This statement shows that terrorists can also kill biologically. This could have a great impact on the subway station company because since people will start being scared and the people/ citizens of the country might not want to go in subways anymore. <br />HI- I think that this terrorist attack relates to Human Ingenuity because the chemicals that had killed the people were man made products. <br />Poem:<br />Poison <br />Words that need to be spoken should not accumulate inside.<br />The hurt, pain or jealousy a person feels cannot hide.<br />Sorrow and anger can be and will be suppressed.<br />But this only leads to a person feeling depressed.<br />Anger is a deadly toxin in which the body it flows.<br />When it takes over limb by limb, everyone knows.<br />The body - The mind controls and manipulates.<br />As the poison enters the veins and circulates.<br />When the poison reaches the heart it's too late.<br />Disastrous emotions take over such as revenge and hate.<br />The antidote to cure these emotions is not so hard to find.<br />We must search to learn to control our spirited bodies and minds<br />By: Melissa Roberts<br />" Poems on Life - Poison by Melissa Roberts." Love Poetry Sad Poetry Teen Poetry and more from Passions in Poetry. Web. 29 Aug. 2009.<br />I think that this poem relates to the terrorist attack because the terrorist attack is cause by poisonous chemicals, and this poem shows HOW the poison gets into the human body, and kills the person. For example, “When the poison reaches the heart it's too late.”<br />HI- This relates to Human Ingenuity because it shows that poison is one type of chemical that was man made, and that it was made to kill. <br />Prose:<br />When you get right down to it, everything is poisonous. Water will kill you if you drink too much of it. Oxygen is a deadly poison, yet we need it to live. However, there are some chemicals that we are better off not encountering. Here's a list of the most poisonous chemicals known. Keep in mind; toxicity varies from one species to another (i.e., what may be poisonous for a mouse may be more/less poisonous to a human) and within a species (i.e., age, sex, genetics all affect susceptibility to a toxin). I've listed the name of the toxin, its source, approximate average lethal dose per kilogram of body weight (LD50), and the species. <br />" What Is the Most Poisonous Chemical Compound?" Chemistry - Periodic Table, Chemistry Projects, and Chemistry Homework Help - Web. 29 Aug. 2009.<br />I chose this prose because it gives information about the different poisonous things around us. Also, informs us about what things should be taken in limits, for example, drinking a lot of water can also cause harm. <br />HI- I think that this article relates to human ingenuity because it talks about many natural things, but however still talks about man made chemicals and poison. <br />Fact 2:<br />In total 2,993 people, including the hijackers, died in the 9/11 attack. <br />" September 11 attacks -." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Web. 30 Aug. 2009. .<br />This statement tells us about the terrorist attack in New York on the September 11th 2001. This attack was a suicide attack by the 19 Al-Qaeda. Many people died, and this attack left a big tragedy on America. This was a big impact on the Americans because their family members were killed. <br />HI- This impact of the fact that the twin towers was a very important building in New York, and was the tallest building in the world, but since it was crashed into, many people died, and the Americans were upset about losing the biggest building in the world. <br />Poem:<br />WTC 9/11 <br />Lucky Kim, my roommate, is sleeping<br />next to me after 13 hours<br />of solid television coverage.<br />She is the only person I have seen,<br />waking me up in the morning, asking:<br />" What are your plans for today,<br />because two planes just crashed<br />into the World Trade Center." <br />Lucky Kim, who works<br />at the World Financial Center,<br />stayed home today and got the news<br />between her morning run and cracking<br />open her books for study.<br />Together, we watched the news<br />and she points out her building<br />attached to the towers<br />by gory amputated bridges,<br />windows shattered, metal buckled.<br />And for hours,<br />we call her friends, coworkers:<br />Busy signals, no answers.<br />I run out for juice and donuts<br />and after that, we eat, drink<br />and lean into each other,<br />in front of the tv.<br />We only have one channel now,<br />all the rest went down with the towers.<br />And the computers and telephones join the tv<br />in a parade of whirling ineffectiveness:<br />What's happening? What's happening?<br />Heads hungry for information,<br />we dumbly watch the plane bank<br />again and again into deadly blossom,<br />listen to the survivors, watch<br />the dust people run from the rumble,<br />our hands on the phone, waiting,<br />waiting.<br />We watch.<br />All of lower Manhattan<br />all of New York City,<br />consumed in this cloud:<br />dirt, paper, plaster, people.<br />By: Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz<br />" Poems After the Attack: 'WTC 9/11'" About Poetry. Web. 30 Aug. 2009.<br />This poem connects to the fact because it’s a poem about how a person was shocked after hearing the news that the world trade center was crashed. How the two people were sitting at home after hearing about the attack, and that there was only one channel to watch after the attack had occurred. <br />HI- The impact on the Americans after the attack was very hard; the people inside the world trade were not able to escape because it was a sudden attack. This poem relates to human ingenuity because it talks about how the people were living after the attack. <br />Prose:<br />" 9/11" <br />It was September 8, 2001 and I was attending a cocktail party in New York City. The invitation had instructed the guests to come in " festive" attire. We sipped champagne in crystal glasses served on silver trays, the women's gold bracelets clinking together on their wrists, the men's gold cufflinks brushing past the poached salmon to the caviar. We balanced our china plates on our laps, admiring the collection of outsider art gracing the walls of this three-story brownstone. The rough-cut paint strokes of the grassroots pieces balanced the lines of the finely coifed hairdos of the host and hostess.<br />" Mary Swander." Beyond 9-11: the art of renewal in iowa. Web. 30 Aug. 2009. <br />Fact 3:<br />Terrorist attack in the Taj hotel in Mumbai left many dead and injured people behind. <br />" 2008 Mumbai attacks -." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Web. 30 Aug. 2009.<br />This statement shows that many were dead and injured because of the Pakistani terrorist group bomb blast in India. Many foreigners were also in this danger since the Taj hotel was one of the best hotels in India. <br />HI- since no one knew that there was a bomb inside the hotel no one was able to escape, this was a sudden event. This shows human ingenuity because the terrorist had done pretty good planning to get the bombs inside the building of the Taj hotel. <br />Poem:<br />After the explosion, the silence blithely<br />Resurrects itself. There is no report of casualties.<br />People are so used to being blown to bits these days:<br />Prayers shiver down sodden wicks on Divali*.<br />The silence is a piece of wafer. All huddle around it–<br />Afraid to eat of it. It isn't strange that deep in the ghettoes<br />Somebody should prick his ears– above the muezzin's call–<br />To plumb the soundness of the silence.<br />The sky is rigged with booby traps. Nobody mentions<br />Death by lightning. Natural occurrences are rare:<br />In life as much as in death. So long as the silence lasts<br />There is no cause for panic.<br />" Art Arena's World Poems - Between Bomb Blasts." Art Arena - Original Paintings, Creative Literature and Persian Culture. Web. 30 Aug. 2009.<br />I think that this poem relates to the subject because this poem talks about an Indian festival and bomb blast at the same time. <br />HI- human ingenuity is the fireworks and bombs that this poem talks about. They made the bombs to kill other people. <br />Prose:<br />The 2008 Mumbai attacks were more than ten coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai, India's financial capital and its largest city. The attacks, which drew widespread condemnation across the world, began on 26 November 2008 and lasted until 29 November, killing at least 173 people and wounding at least 308.<br />" 2008 Mumbai attacks -." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Web. 30 Aug. 2009. .<br />This piece of work gives the basic information of who, what, where, when, and how. I think this piece of information is very useful. <br />HI- as a result of creating all those bombs people have to regret now because so many people have died, and many people take advantage of these weapons which is very wrong. <br />Fact 4:<br />Pakistani former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto assassinated. <br />" Benazir Bhutto assassinated -" International - Breaking, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Video News. Web. 30 Aug. 2009. .<br />This statement shows that Benazir Bhutto got assassinated either by gunshot or bomb shrapnel. <br />HI- This shows human ingenuity because humans have created a machine called GUN, they have created different types of guns and people like terrorists are taking advantages of these machines to kill people they think are not right, which is just taking law in your own hands. <br />Poem: <br />The Glory of Guns<br />When the Battle Cry is spoken,<br />And the Voice of War is heard,<br />The soldiers of the Allies,<br />To battlefields do move.<br />The enemy is silent,<br />As if waiting for the sun,<br />Then they hear that awesome sound,<br />The booming of the Guns.<br />They shudder in their trenches<br />Within a gnawing fear,<br />Of knowing the Battery<br />Of 1-6-1 is here.<br />The shells come whistling all around,<br />And wreck and break and knock things down,<br />Creating havoc among the lines<br />And all that it surrounds.<br />The enemy has broken<br />In torn and tired dismay,<br />Those so inclined<br />Get down on knees and pray.<br />The Allies are victorious,<br />The enemy is on the run,<br />Once again they have been beaten<br />By the Glory of the Guns.<br />By: Gunner MR Duncan <br />" Poem - Glory of the Gun." Web. 30 Aug. 2009.<br />I think that this poem is connected to the topic because it talks about the machine called guns, and talks about killing the enemy. She had a democratic viewpoint ad the terrorists didn’t like the way she thought, so they killed Benazir Bhutto. <br />HI- the guns are not a good part of the society, the terrorist go around killing so many people and I think this is not good. <br />Prose: <br />While Bhutto appeared to have died from bullet wounds, it was not immediately clear if she was shot or if her wounds were caused by bomb shrapnel.<br />President Pervez Musharraf held an emergency meeting in the hours after the death, according to state media.<br />Police warned citizens to stay home as they expected rioting to break out in city streets in reaction to the death.<br />" Benazir Bhutto assassinated -" International - Breaking, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Video News. Web. 30 Aug. 2009.<br />I think that this prose gives the most basic information of the fact that I have presented. It shows that the police do care of the citizens in the country since <br />HI- Due to the result of what people have made there are many people who are taking advantages of the different killing machines and many are dying. Human shouldn’t create so many weapons. <br />Fact 5: <br />In 11th March 2004 there was a train bombing in Spain. <br />" 2004 Madrid train bombings -." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Web. 30 Aug. 2009.<br />In 2004 there was a terrorist bomb attack in the train, which left over a hundred dead, and over a thousand injured people back. <br />HI- Train is transport that is used a lot in western regions, terrorist takes advantage of that and put bombs in the trains so that many people die in one shot. This can be big impact on the train station, many people may not want to ride trains anymore because they might think that being on these trains can cause them harm. <br />Poem: <br />The Train Bomb<br />A year has gone by<br />I was on that train<br />I heard the blast<br />But I was riveted to my seat<br />I could neither shout nor move<br />I was choking<br />Like I had swallowed my own tongue<br />A feeling of numbness gripped me<br />Everything went blank<br />Later I woke up in a hospital bed<br />Anxious doctors peering into my eyes<br />To look for some signs of consciousness<br />I slowly stared back at them<br />I still could not speak<br />Then the tears flowed freely<br />And mother cried out – she's alive<br />Thank God she's alive <br />By: Sandra Martyres <br />" The Train Bomb by Sandra Martyres." - A Study in Diversity - News, Views, Analysis, Literature, Poetry, Features - Express Yourself. Web. 30 Aug. 2009. .<br />This poem is written by a victim in the train, who was saved, and it shows the feelings of the person during the attack and after the attack, the impact on that one person’s family is also shown.<br />HI- It talks about the different parts of the train which is manmade. All the bombs that man have created can impact on a person this way. <br />Prose:<br />In Madrid, Spain on 11 March 2004 ten explosions, packed into 13 rucksacks and detonated by cell phones, occurred on four commuter trains at the height of rush hour killing 191 civilians and injuring over 1,800. Police also carried out a controlled demolition of 3 other explosive devices. The first group suspected of involvement was the Basque ETA, however investigations later focused on the Islamic extremist Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (GICM). It was the deadliest attack on European civilians since the Lockerbie bombing of 1988. To date more than 70 men have been arrested in the bombing. <br />" Madrid Train Bombing." - Reliable Security Information. 30 Aug. 2009 .<br />This is the main information about the actual attack and how it was done. It was a very deadly attack, the terrorists had used detonated cell phones. <br />HI- This shows human ingenuity because the terrorist had designed detonated cell phones which were packed into 13 rucksacks. This way it wasn’t doubted since the bombs were actually cell phones. Everyone loves technology, but sometimes technology can turn out to be very, very dangerous. <br /> <br />