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Terrorism research assignment


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Terrorism research assignment

  1. 1. Terrorism research assignment<br />Sunny Kim<br />I choose Oklahoma City bombing for my terrorism research. <br />Facts<br /><ul><li>Oklahoma City bombing terrorism happened in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 19, 1995. </li></ul>This shows me that there was big terrorism in Oklahoma. This was big issue because there was no big terrorism before. So maybe that time, people would get big afraid. <br />HI- The reason why this became big issue is because Oklahoma because it’s very big city and if terror happened then lots of people will get affect from it. <br /><ul><li>This terrorism was very important and effective terrorism until 9.11 terrorism happened.</li></ul>This shows us how much this terrorism affected to USA because 9.11 terror was worst terror in USA and they remember that Oklahoma bombing terrorism was most effective terrorism until 9.11 terrorism.<br />Community and Service- This terrorism happened almost 14 years ago but still people afraid this terrorism. Not only this terrorism, but still in USA there are lots of terrorisms. <br /><ul><li>There were 168 victims, got injured more than 680. And it damaged 324 buildings within a 16-block radius, burned or destroyed 86 cars and broken glass in 258 nearby buildings. If recover this accident, we need 652 million dollars.</li></ul>This makes us really scary because this is result of terror. Lots of people lost their lives and no hope anymore. And we cannot recover it anymore because of not money but also time. <br />HI- The murderer killed lots of people and destroyed their life. The impact of the fact is lots of terrors give damage to people. And actually, this terrorism gave too much damage to people’s life. They lost their family and still now, many people really sad because of this.<br /><ul><li>A criminal was Timothy Mcveigh and Nichols who were soldiers of USA. But they had bad feeling with government and they became members of anti-government. So finally, they made this bombing terrorism. </li></ul>This is the reason why they made this terrible terrorism. Even they were USA soldiers who mean protect USA but they were criminals of this terror.<br />Community and service- They had trouble with government in community so they made this terrorism. So I think this is really demonstrate with community and service because they didn’t have any community and service so they made this horrible terrorism. <br /><ul><li>Finally, government caught Mcveigh and he got death penalty. </li></ul>Maybe, some people think it’s obvious things because he killed lots of people. This is ending of this terrorism and make us all sad because it start with death and finish is also death. <br />Environment- From now, lots of country has banned death penalty because if we doing death penalty then people can think death is easy. In my country, it’s banned and I think we have big different from now and past. I think now, we make the world more peace but in past, it was obvious thing that criminals have death penalty. <br />Bibliography: <br />" A Decade After Oklahoma City Bombing, Domestic Terrorism Threat Still Looms." ADL: Fighting Anti-Semitism, Bigotry and Extremism. 31 Aug. 2009 <>.<br />" Oklahoma City bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 30 Aug. 2009. 31 Aug. 2009 <>.<br />Book: <br />Poem<br />In what we've done we take the greatest shame.<br />Nothing that was done to us excuses it.<br />Despite the evil of our enemies,<br />Evil never justifies more evil,<br />Perhaps because it never leads to good.<br />Each prisoner was tortured in our name.<br />No one unleashed has power but abuses it.<br />Defying friends, ignoring verities,<br />Embracing our illusions without cavil,<br />Now we must repent, as well we should.<br />Conquerors must always take the blame.<br />Each victor rules the ravaged state or loses it.<br />Demons overran Gesthemanes<br />As we washed our hands, too few to handle<br />Yearnings that would turn our dreams to blood.<br />Taylor, Barry War poem of 2005.<br />Bibliography: Taylor, Barry . " In what We've Done We take the Greatest Shame." Poems for Free -- Poetry, Poems, Free for Personal or Non-Commercial Use. 31 Aug. 2009 <>.<br />I think this poem is really fit with my terrorism issue because in this poem, we can see ‘nothing that was done to us excuse it’. When I read this line, I felt like there is no hope anymore. And ‘Yearnings that would turn our dreams to blood’ means still there are selfish mind between people. <br />HI- I think this is human ingenuity because each person sometimes, they should have some selfish feeling. And they create the fight between people. Now lots of people hit each other and say bad word. I think people cannot control their own selfish mind but it is really sad because human create the fight which makes destroy people’s life. <br />Prose<br />It was one of the darkest days in American history. On April 19, 1995, a powerful bomb ripped through the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, claiming the lives of 168 people and injuring hundreds more.<br />Bibliography: Harpo production. " The Oklahoma City Bombing -" - Live Your Best Life - . 31 Aug. 2009 <>.<br />I choose this article for my prose because this is most simple but has good summarized what happened in there. It shows when it’s happened, what they used for destroy Oklahoma, where they made this terror and damages they made.<br />HI- Two men just destroyed lots of people’s life. 168 are number of people that they killed or make get injured. They used bomb for terror and human creates bomb. So all of this terror, human created and I think it’s demonstrated with HI. <br />