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2011 daily announcements


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Published in: Sports, Education
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2011 daily announcements

  1. 1. BIRTHDAYS Colten Boren*Please come to the front office for your birthday sticker
  2. 2. TODAY’S LUNCH• Big Daddy Pizza• Pancakes w/Sausage• Bosco Sticks w/dip• Chef Salad• PBJ w/string cheese SIDESPotato Wedges Peaches Fresh FruitFresh Fruit Juice Milk
  3. 3. C H E E R L E A D IN G t hA 6 gr de gir int est in tyingoutfor ny a l er ed r 20 F balCheerea – Tyout st rs 11 oot l l ding r s at ndM A 22 w h mor info a fir pr ct on. ug. it e t st a ice
  4. 4. VOLLEYBALL• Vo lle yb all tryo u ts fo r 7 th & 8 th g rad e w i ll b e th i s T h u rs d ay an d F ri d ay, Au g u s t 1 8 th & 1 9 th fro m afte r s c h o o l u n ti l 4:00. P h ys i c als M U S T b e tu rn e d i n b e fo re tryo u ts .
  5. 5. TENNIS CLUB• Pick up your enrollment form for the Middle School Tennis Club at the guidance office. First practice starts Aug. 29th after school at the High School Tennis Courts
  6. 6. CROSS COUNTRY• All STUdeNTS iNTeReSTed iN RUNNiNg CROSS COUNTRY ShOUld SigN Up iN TheiR SCieNCe ClASS ON WedNeSdAY. pRACTiCe Will begiN ON ThURSdAY fROm 2:15-4:00. YOU Will Need A phYSiCAl ON file iN The OffiCe TO be Able TO pRACTiCe.