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  1. 1. Gd 11 Accounting?Are you intersted in an online class in semester 2 run by Mr Daguay.Please speak to Mr Murray.
  2. 2. SENIOR GIRLS VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS Practices this week Wednsday and Friday .Please pay Mr Polasek if you have not already.
  3. 3. Students attending Water Treatment Plant on weds please return permission forms ASAP.
  4. 4. JUNIOR GIRLS VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS Practices this week Wednesday and Friday .
  5. 5. Dodgeball Dodgeball teams are posted outside the Phys. Ed. Office Please listen for further announcements about upcoming tournaments
  6. 6. Christmas Concert is in 2 weeks. Come out and support our performers!
  7. 7. COMPUTER PROGRAMS Gs 10-12 sign-up if your interested in writing your own programs ,sign up for the tour of Code in the library.
  9. 9. $5.00 Special ,chicken quesadilla with rice or wedge fries. $6.00 Special, mashed potato bowl with popcorn chicken and gravy. Both specials come with jet juice or bottled water. Soup today chicken noodle.
  10. 10. OK SKIERS! All skiers meet Mr Morris in the lobby at 2.30 for dryland. Please bring forms!!
  11. 11. Students!!! Please remind parents no parking at Clearview Meadows at the end of the day. If they park there they may be ticketed as it’s a NO PARKING ZONE!!!!
  12. 12. LIBRARY GROUP!!!! Meet today at 11.10 in the library seminar room. New members welcome!!
  13. 13. YOGA! Will run after school this week at 2.45 in the library ,for those who wish to learn how to practice.
  14. 14. RAY’S PLACE IS COMING TO SCI!! If your thinking of scholarships and bursaries,take part in RAY’S PLACE SCHOLARSHIP and BURSARY WORKSHOP SERIES! Sign up in Guidence today, they take place at lunch Dec 5th,12th 15th.