Field Book Project SPNHC 2012


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  • Martin Gorman. Alaska.Empetrumnigrum
  • Waldo Schmitt. US Ex Ex. Smithsonian-Bredin.
  • Carl Heinrich
  • Green = GormanYellow = HellerPink = US Ex Ex
  • Partners contributing records.Partners conducting pilot projects to explore connections between field notes, specimens, and published literature.
  • digitization, preservation, and Islandora
  • Field Book Project SPNHC 2012

    1. 1. C. Sheffield and R. Russell
    2. 2. Examples of field books
    3. 3. Examples of field books?
    4. 4. And this.
    5. 5. Related projects
    6. 6. Related Cataloging Practices MARC 15.4% No answer Dublin Core 33.3% 10.3% EAD 12.8% Specify Local 2.6% Schema ICMS 17.9% 7.7%…or not.
    7. 7. Information Needs• Geographical location – 67%• Environment and habitat descriptions – 41%• Species information – 33%• Specimen / museum collection info – 26%• Narrative or historical information – 15%
    8. 8. Existing Standards• Collection Level: Natural Collections Description (NCD)• Item level: Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS)• Archival Authority Control: Encoded Archival Context (EAC)
    9. 9. Metadata! EAC Organization NCD CollectionOrgId: EACO9 CollectionId: NCDC78Name: Smithsonian Institution, Title: Frederick Coville,National Museum of Natural History, field books, 1890-1924Department of Botany Owner: EACO9 Creator: EACP173 Description: The collection consists of EAC Person Covilles field notes from botanical collecting and observation efforts in …PersonId: EACP173Name: Coville, Frederick(Frederick Vernon), 1867-1937Dates: 1867-1937 MODS ItemBiographical history: Frederick Vernon MODSid: MODSI1281Coville, botanist and blueberry Collection: NCDC78breeder, was born in New York and Title: Field notes, Death Valleyeducated… Expedition, 1891 Dates: 1891.05.10-1891.07.30EAC Expedition Creator: EACP173ExpId: EACE0017 Expedition: EACE 0017Name: Death Valley Expedition Abstract: This item contains narrativeDates: 1890-1891 notes and lists of botanical specimensDescription: The Death Valley Expedition collected or observed during Covilleswas the first biological survey to … research in Death Valley . …
    10. 10. But field books from that expedition are also in my collections…
    11. 11. How will we bring them together?
    12. 12. Connecting Content 12
    13. 13. Partners
    14. 14. Next Steps• Test ingest process with partners• Iterate, iterate, iterate• Open the Registry for additional partners• Ongoing development of tools and features
    15. 15. Project TeamPrincipal Investigators Project Advisors & SupportRusty Russell Ricc FerranteAnne Van Camp Tammy PetersProject Staff Sarah StaudermanCarolyn Sheffield Nora LockshinSonoe Nakasone Kristen TyreeLesley Parilla Kira CherrixEmily Hunter
    16. 16. Funding
    17. 17. Thank youWebsite: Contact: Carolyn Sheffield,