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20130226 oe randlibrariespresentation_cd_tm

  1. 1. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? Todd M. Mundle, University LibrarianCaroline Daniels, Systems, Web & Interlibrary Loan Librarian Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  2. 2. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? Splitting the hour in two: 1. ‚Exercising New Opportunities – Embracing the role of Librarians and Open Textbooks‛ 2. ‚Leveraging Tradition – A practical look at the Tradition of Accessibility and Functionality with Open Textbooks‛
  3. 3. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? Exercising existing roles Selection – finding, evaluating and selecting open resources as is done for cost resources Description – metadata and resource description
  4. 4. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? Varying existing roles Storage and management Institutional repository options Digital or information literacy Helping users find and evaluate OERs
  5. 5. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? Exercising new opportunities Scholarly Publishing Librarians can help by contributing their own OERs to the commons; screening for, indexing, and archiving quality OERs; using OERs in their own teaching; and participating in discussions leading toward responsible intellectual property policies and useful standards. (ACRL Forum – 2009 ALA Midwinter Conference) (Belliston, C. Jeffrey. ‚Open Educational Resources: Creating the instruction commons‛. C&RL News, May 2009 Vol. 70, No. 5 http://tinyurl.com/yhoezak )
  6. 6. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? Exercising new opportunities Support and Author Education Provide services to faculty and students to support OA Exercising author rights Copyright and managing intellectual property rights Promoting open licences http://scholcomm.acrl.ala.org/ • Authors rights • Repositories • Economics of publishing • Scholarly publishing • Data management • Take action
  7. 7. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? Exercising new opportunities Advocacy Why OA, OER and open textbooks are good Championing OA and OER Promoting open licences Working with faculty and student groups: Making textbooks affordable – Student PIRGs project http://bit.ly/S7q4q5
  8. 8. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? Exercising New Opportunities Leveraging Traditional Roles Source: image.ask.com
  9. 9. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? 5 Traditional Reasons to involve Librarians at the early stages: 1. Addressing accessibility, retrieval, and functionality issues at the onset of the project could prove invaluable 2. Knowledge of student ‘finding’ habits is high amongst librarians 3. Librarian relationships with access providers could prove useful to project outcomes 4. Masters at collaboration across sectors and institutions 5. They are eager with a high attention to detail, and will make strong partners!
  10. 10. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer?Metadata Having standardized Metadata helps libraries organize the collections so that they are accessible from many different avenues: • Through discovery layers • Through our library catalogues • Through our finding aids like subject guides • Through Google Scholar links personalized to the student’s home Library Metadata also allows libraries to share the records for their own collections.
  11. 11. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer?
  12. 12. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer?Functionality ‚The textbook market is ripe for technologically and economically disruptive models‛ Rasche, G., and Shanks, S. (2011). Chapter 7: Water on a hot skillet. Library Technology Reports, 47(8), 52-57. • Platform neutrality vs. Device momentum • Chapter accessibility? Downloadable? Mobile capabilities? • Leverage software for format flexibility – i.e. Adobe Digital Editions
  13. 13. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer?Stability • Platform stability – who will house the textbooks? • Permanent URL’s for each record (part of Metadata) • Multimedia – standards?
  14. 14. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer?Collaboration Q. How many librarians does it take to launch a provincial chat service? A. 250+ and a consortia, and BCcampus • Librarians are born collaborators and rely heavily on each other to extend their own services • Examples: Interlibrary Loans, AskAway, WriteAway, CUFTS Open Access collections, LibGuides …
  15. 15. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer?Challenges • Scalability and stability – long term plans for collection growth and new project partners • Shift in mindset – traditionally bookstores have managed textbooks rather than libraries; being involved at the onset will allow librarians to take on a champion’s role.
  16. 16. Librarians and OER: What’s on offer? Questions? Todd M. Mundle todd.mundle@kwantlen.ca Caroline Daniels caroline.daniels@kwantlen.ca