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Mission Statement                                                         HGHS Summer Read  HGHS Summer Read mission is to...
Florida Teen Read – Award Winners                                                                        Maze Runner by Ja...
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HGHS Summer Read 2011-2012


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  • i picked this presentation because it don't explain what the presentation and if you were at the back of the class you could not read it .and it have to many colors it will make the audience very bored
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HGHS Summer Read 2011-2012

  1. 1. Mission Statement HGHS Summer Read HGHS Summer Read mission is to HGHS Literacy Team Initiative encourage our teens to read enjoyable, quality literature that will stimulate Disclaimer imagination, awaken curiosity, expand horizons, enhance verbal fluency, and This program is designed to entice our foster critical thinking and a lifelong love students to read. In order to engage for reading and learning. their interest and to provide a spur to critical thinking, the book selections include those that involve sensitive Guidelines issues. The content of some of the titlesBooks nominated for the HGHS Summer Read will may be more mature than youngerbe chosen to: students may have encountered. Not every book selected will suit every * Engage high school students. student. In a democratic society, a * Reflects interests of high school students variety of ideas must find voice. As a reader, teens have a choice to read the HGHS * Represents a variety of genres, formats, reading levels, viewpoints, and ethnic and more mature titles or to close the book. cultural perspectives * Include both books written for young Summer people and those written for adults. * Nominations by our faculty, staff and students Please email questions to carmenconcepcion@dadeschools.netThe copyright of the books is within the last threeyears.It is understood that all books on the list may notappeal to all teen readers; however, books selected READfor the list will be of interest to a general youngaudience and will deal with relevant issues andtopics of interest in the lives of teenagers.Students will be encouraged to read all of thebooks on the list of nominations, but it isrequired for students to read two books over 2011-2012the summer and complete a creative bookreport on each book. hghs.dadeschools.netVisit our reading blog for project ideas: 11700 Hialeah Gardens Blvd. BOOK List Hialeah Gardens, Florida, 33018 Phone: 305-698-5000 Ext. 2167 Fax: 305-698-5001
  2. 2. Florida Teen Read – Award Winners Maze Runner by James Dashner - $9.99 HGHS Award WinnersBorderline by Allan Stratton – February $8.99 Thomas awakes in the middle of a maze, with no memory. TheMuslim Sami doesn’t get along well with his father, and is very other boys have been searching for a way out for two years, andupset when his father doesn’t take him on a promised trip to when the first girl to ever arrive bears a strange message, time is Breaking Night by Liza Murray $14.99Toronto. When his father is arrested in the middle of the night for running out. Thomas realizes he may hold the answer, if he can Born to drug-addicted, mentally ill parents, Liz grew up largelybeing a terrorist, Sami decides to find out the truth. ever access his memory. neglected. More than a memoir, Breaking Night is an eye-openingReading Level: 3.0 HL560L Reading Level: 4.7 HL770L account of the realities of poverty and drug use in our cities, what it does to children, and how difficult it is to break the cycle, to The Orange Houses by Paul Griffin – October $7.99 somehow overcome the lack of options that defines poverty.Bruiser by Neal Shusterman – October $8.99 Three misunderstood teens; Tamika, half-deaf, Jimmi, an eighteen- Recommended by Mrs. Concepcion & Ms. EstradaTwins Tennyson and Bronte alternate the story of Brewster, a hugemisfit of a student who everyone thinks is a menace. Covered in year-old veteran, and Fatima, an illegal refugee from Africa, becomescrapes and bruises, Brewster looks like the poster-child for friends and struggle to survive in their racist, violent, and anti- Breathing Under Water by Alen Flinnabused children; but inside lurks the heart of someone who really immigrant neighborhood in the Bronx. Out of his desperate need for her came all the mean words andcares about the people he loves. Reading Level: 3.3 HL670L the hitting. But now Caitlin’s family has procured a restrainingReading Level: 5.2 820L order to keep Nick away, and the judge has sentenced him to Paranormalcy by Kiesten White – July $8.99 Mario Ortega’s Family Violence class, to sit around every weekDash & Lily’s Book of Dares Sixteen-year-old Evie works for the International Paranormal with six other angry guys who hit their Rachel Cohn and David Levithan – October $8.99 Containment Agency bagging and tagging paranormals, but secretly Reading Level: 2.7 510LI’ve left some clues for you. If you want them, turn the page. If you she longs to be a regular girl. When shape shifter Lend infiltrates Recommended by Mr. Binderdon’t, put the book back on the shelf, please. Lily has left a red the agency, the two of them must discover why paranormals arenotebook of challenges on a favorite bookstore shelf, waiting for being murdered, and the truth behind who Evie really is. She Said Yes by Misty Bernall $7.99just the right guy to come along and accept the dares. Is Dash the Reading Level: 3.2 HL580L An "intense and fascinating memoir" of an ordinary teenagerright guy? Or are Dash and Lily only destined to trade dares, Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi - September $9.99 growing up in suburban Colorado faced with difficult choices anddreams, and desires in the notebook they pass back and forth Nailer is trying to survive by taking apart oil tankers that have run pressures. It is only now, when the world knows Cassie Bernall asthroughout New York City at Christmas time? aground on the futuristic Gulf Coast when he discovers a clipper one of the Columbine High students killed by two rampagingReading Level: 5.5 860L ship stranded by a hurricane that is full of riches. Should he make schoolmates, that the choices she made offer a profound off with his fortune, or rescue the lone survivor, a beautiful girl relevance for us all.Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu - $8.99 who is escaping from a traitor in her family? Reading Level: 7.8 1030LLucy has a secret. Her mother is a hoarder and her house is Reading Level: 4.1 HL690L Recommended by Mrs. Cancelastuffed with garbage. When her mother dies, Lucy is scared to call911 because then her secret will be out, but the mess is too big to Soul Enchilada by David Macinnis Gill - $8.99 Eunice “Bug” Smoot’s grandfather sold his soul to the devil for a The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak $12.99handle on her own. What can she do in order to return to a 1958 Cadillac Biarritz, then reneged on the deal from the afterlife. This is a story told by Death. It is set in Germany during World“normal” life? Now a demonic repossession agent is after the car, and Bug’s soul. War II. It is also a story of a young girl, who in spite of having aReading Level: 6.0 890L Bug is about to lose her apartment and her job, wreck her car, life that no one would wish on anyone, still manages to have deliver a pizza to a dead guy, and fall in love. Will she beat the glimpses of pleasure through many small things, including the fewGirl in Translation by Jean Kwok - $15.00 books that she manages to acquire (or shall we say, steal).When Ah-Kim (Kimberly) Chang and her mother arrive from Devil? Reading Level: 4.3 HL720L Reading Level: 4.3 730LHong Kong to New York, they are forced to live in a roachinfested apartment and work at a sweatshop for hardly any pay. Recommended by Ashley AlgazeKim is great at school, but can she succeed without knowing the Split by Swati Avasthi - $16.99language or culture? Jace Witherspoon is kicked out of his house after he finally hits The Devil and Miss Prym by Paolo Coelho $13.95 back the father who has been abusing the family for years. He The characters who populate the authors fictional village, areHeist Society by Ally Carter - $8.99 shows up on the doorstep of his brother who escaped the abuse immediately thrust into the center of the timeless conflict five years earlier by running away. They are safe, for now, but their between right and wrong when a stranger bearing 2 bars of goldKat Bishop swore that scamming her way into the prestigious mother is still living with the monster that is their father. and accompanied by the devil arrives in Viscos. Will the townsfolkColgan School would be her last con, but she cannot escape fromher past. Her father is accused of stealing paintings from a succumb to temptation, confirming that man is inherently evil; orpowerful criminal, so Kat assembles a team of teen accomplices, Stitches (mature reader) by David Small - $15.95 will goodness triumph over evil?travels across Europe, and plots an impossible art heist to save her In this affecting graphic memoir, David Small tells the story of his Recommended by Carlos Concepcion & Flaviadad. horrific childhood with uncommunicative and neglectful parents, LeonReading Level: 5.0 800L who refused to tell him that the surgery he had when he was fourteen that removed most of his vocal cords was because of The Misfits by James HoweIncarceron by Catherine Fisher - $9.99 cancer. What do a 12-year-old student who moonlights as a tie salesman,Claudia is outside, hoping to escape an arranged marriage; Finn is a tall, outspoken girl, a gay middle schooler and a kid branded as ainside the prison Incarceron hoping to be the first to escape The Miles Between by Mary Pearson - $8.99 hooligan have in common? Best friends for years, they’ve all beenoutside. When they both discover a crystal key and realize they All Destiny wants is “one fair day,” and an unauthorized road trip the target of cruel name-calling and now that they’re in seventhcan communicate with the other, escape for both seems more offers her and three classmates from her exclusive boarding grade, they’re not about to take it anymore.likely, but the prison Incarceron refuses to give up its mysteries. school an opportunity to have just that. Reading Level: 6.7 960LReading Level: 3.3 HL600L Reading Level: 3.7 HL650L Recommended by Mrs. Nadel