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Cartoons about consumerism


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Published in: News & Politics, Art & Photos
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Cartoons about consumerism

  1. 1. How to Read a Political Cartoon  Political cartoons convey an opinion about a topic  They are a type of persuasive communication  Most political cartoons use humour for serious purposes: to make points about public figures, government decisions, or news events
  2. 2. What symbols does the cartoon use?  Cartoons use symbols, such as carefully chosen objects and people. To stand for ideas
  3. 3. What situation does the cartoon show?  Cartoons set up situations and exaggerate aspects of events to make points about issues
  4. 4. What’s the message  The message of the cartoon is the main idea or point the artist is communicating about an issue
  5. 5. Creating Political Cartoons  Cartoons should use wit and humour through exaggeration of people or events, but not just for comic effect  They should have a foundation in truth and be based on facts  Cartoons can be hand-drawn or electronically designed
  6. 6. Creating Political Cartoons  People are designed as caricatures where human features are exaggerated. People can also be depicted as animals
  7. 7. Creating Political Cartoons  Include symbols to help illustrate your theme. For example, uncle Sam = USA
  8. 8. Creating Political Cartoons  Colour, shading and size of objects can be used to emphasize a particular point  Include speech balloons, labels or captions to help communicate your ideas